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1. TP TP TP are Tree of Savior Points you can use in each server. Obtained Via TP are obtained by accumulating free TP over time, as event rewards, or by purchasing TP bundles from Steam. TP Merchant There is one in each city. You can purchase Tokens and other consumable items from them. Token An item which applies beneficial effects to all the characters in your team. (1) What are TP? TP are points you can use to change your team/character name, purchase TP items, among others.  (2) Obtaining TP 1) Free TP -You will accumulate 1 TP every 4 hours, even when you aren't logged in.  -TP will only start to accumulate after you have a team created in a server, however. -Your account will accumulate a total of 5 TP for free. -After you have accumulated 5 free TP, it will stop accumulating. -To check how much TP you have, see the lower section of your inventory or your lodge. 2) Purchasing TP   STEP 1 : Selecting and purchasing the product for your regional server -First of all, you must select and purchase a TP Bundle that is usable on your regional server. For instance, if you play on the NA servers(Klaipeda or Orsha), you should be purchasing one that states ‘Exclusive for North America’.  -Please remember that you should be selecting a region that matches the server you play on, not where you are playing from. For instance, if you are playing from the US, but are playing on SEA servers(Telsiai or Varena), you should be purchasing items that read ‘Exclusive for South-East Asia’.   STEP 2 : Claiming the TP in-game -Now it’s time for you to claim the TP that you purchased. DO NOT go looking for it in your mailbox since it will not be there. That is where you get items from DLC products, events or compensation. -Instead, you should go to the small TP icon next to your minimap. Once you open it, you should see your TP there. If you don’t see it appear within 24 hours, please make sure to contact us via the Ticket Support System and we’ll be more than happy to help. -You will be able to claim your TP once you click on the ‘Use’ button. Another important thing to note is that you will NOT be getting an item to gain the TP. Your TP will be added to your remaining TP balance automatically. (3) TP Merchant -Every city as a TP Merchant from whom you can purchase Tokens, premium hairstyles, megaphones and other TP items. -When browsing premium hairstyles and costumes, you can click the Preview button to see what they look like on your character. ※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications. 2. Token -Tokens are items that apply beneficial effects to all your characters in the same server. -Tokens can be purchased from the TP Merchant NPC in cities (Klaipeda, Orsha, Fedimian). -Upon using a Token, its effects will be applied to all the characters in your team for 30 days. -If you have a Token active, an icon will appear in the upper-left corner buff menu. -You can use another Token even if you already have one Token active. -Using more than one Token at once will multiply its remaining time and trade count, but all other benefits will not stack. -There is no limit to the number of Tokens you can use at once. -When you attempt to use another Token, you will see a warning message asking you to confirm whether you want to use it. ▶ Token Benefits -Increases EXP gains from hunting monsters by 30% (stacks with EXP Tome effetcs). -Reduces Market commission fee from 30% to 10%. -Increases the maximum number of items you can list at the Market (from 1 to 10). -Allows you to learn attributes instantaneously. -Increases the movement speed of all your characters in the server by 3. -Allows you to use 18 premium gestures. -Allows you to use the team storage. ※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications.

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Instanced Dungeons

1. Introduction -Instanced dungeons are maps in which you can play in parties of up to 5 people. -Type /indun in the chat bar to display information about instanced dungeons. -Regular instanced dungeons can be played up to 2 times a day (the time resets at 6 AM). -However, Earth Tower, Saalus Convent, Uphill Defense Mission and Former Fantasy Library have a limit of 1 entry per day. -Token users are given one extra entry per day for instanced dungeons and missions. -Instanced dungeons matching your character's level are displayed in green. -Hover the mouse cursor over an instanced dungeon to display its location. -The entire map may not display if it is not yet 100% explored. ※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications. 2. Level requirements and location Name Entry Level Location (see image) Underground Chapel Dungeon 50 Tenet Garden, Novaha Assembly Hall Historic Site Ruins 80 Zachariel Crossroads, Bellai Forest Monument of Desire Dungeon 110 Fedimian Suburbs Fallen Legwyn Family Dungeon 140 Forest of Prayer Hollow Thorn Forest 170 Forest of Prayer Archmage Tower Dungeon 200 Fedimian Suburbs Catacombs Underground Dungeon 230 Fedimian Blue Fortress Dungeon 260 Inner Enceinte District Castle Dungeon 290 Svalphinghas Forest Former Fantasy Library 315 Zima Suecourt -Different instanced dungeons will become available to your character depending on their level. -The Former Fantasy Library instanced dungeon can only be accessed after clearing the main quest in the Zima Suecourt region. ▼ Underground Chapel Dungeon in Tenet Garden (Lv 50) ▼ Underground Chapel Dungeon in Novaha Assembly Hall (Lv 50) ▼ Historic Site Ruins Dungeon in Zachariel Crossroads (Lv 80) ▼ Historic Site Ruins Dungeon in Bellai Rainforest (Lv 90) ▼ Monument of Desire Dungeon (Lv 110) ▼ Residence of the Fallen Legwyn Family (Lv 140) / Hollow Thorn Forest (Lv 170) ▼ Archmage Tower Dungeon (Lv 200) ▼ Underground Catacombs Dungeon (Lv 230) ▼ Blue Fortress Dungeon (Lv 260) ▼ Castle Dungeon (Lv 290) ▼ Former Fantasy Library (Lv 315) ▼ Earth Tower (Lv 260) ※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications. 3. How to enter -Every instanced dungeon has an entrance that allows you into the map. -Make sure not to confuse instanced dungeon entrances with guild towers.  -Go near the entrance and press the Spacebar to enter. -There are three ways to enter an instanced dungeon.   ① Create a party with other players and enter.   ② Enter alone as a one-player party. ③ Get matched automatically with other players in a party and enter.   -If you're not already in a party, choose the 'Auto Match' option.   -After the matching process, you will automatically enter the dungeon. -This option matches players in servers of the same region. -You will not be able to 'Like' or trade 1:1 with other characters in instanced dungeons and missions entered via Auto Match. -After entering a dungeon via regional Auto Match, your server will display under your team name. ※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications. 4. Auto Match Requirements [Dungeons] Initial matching level gap Max. level gap after 5 mins Max. 20 levels apart 30 levels apart [Saalus Convent/Earth Tower] Initial matching level gap Max. level gap after 5 mins Max. 20 levels apart 30 levels apart [Mercenary Post/Uphill Defense] Initial matching level gap Max. level gap after 5 mins Max. 10 levels apart 15 levels apart ※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications. 5. Rewards and EXP bonus (1) Rewards -After defeating the final boss monsters in dungeons, you can receive cubes. -Any cubes you receive can be opened by clicking them from your inventory. (2) Party EXP bonus ① Regular party bonus -2 players (180%), 3 players (220%), 4 players (280%), 5 players (350%) -Additional bonuses are added according to the class of each party member. -A bonus of +10% is applied when there are at least 3 players of different Rank 1 classes. -A bonus of 50% is applied when there are at least 4 players of different Rank 1 classes.   ② Party auto match system   -The class bonus does not apply to auto-matched parties. -Instead, EXP gains increase to 600% when playing an instanced dungeon or mission in a 5-player party. -If, after the party is matched, one or more members leave the party or move to a different map, the EXP bonus will be applied as +120% per party member. -No bonus is applied to single-player parties. (However, party EXP bonuses only apply when the party is set for equal distribution.) ※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications. 6. Daily entries and reset -The period for entering instanced dungeons resets every day at 6AM (server time). -With an Instanced Dungeon Reset Voucher, you can reset your daily entries to play again. -Using this item will revert your available number of entries back to 2. -If your game crashes and you are forced out of the dungeon, you can enter it again and be placed in the same party. -You can re-enter a dungeon only if both of the following requirements are met. ① One or more party members are still inside the dungeon.  ② You haven't turned off the game before attempting to re-enter the dungeon. ※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications.

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Team Battle League

1. What is the 'Team Battle League'? -The 'Team Battle League' is PVP content where you can enjoy combating players that are from the same regional servers. You will not be able to battle players from different regions. -It is open for 4 separate sessions each day which are an hour long : (EDT) 4 a.m., noon, 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. -Only characters that are over Rank 5 will be able to participate, but anyone is free to spectate. -Please note that the rankings are reset every Monday at midnight (EDT). -ou will be able to check any 'Team Battle League' related contents by pressing the icon indicated in the image below. [Point Shop] -The Point Shop is where you can use the points acquired from the 'Team Battle League' to purchase items. -You can purchase items with the points acquired from the 'Team Battle League'. ※ The contents above may be changed as results of patches. 2. How to Participate -The 'Team Battle League' icon will appear next to the minimap when a new session is about to begin. -There are 2v2 and 5v5 matches. However, please note that only 5v5 matches will count towards your ranking. -You will automatically be moved to the 'Team Battle League' zone once the opponents are decided and all of the combatants are ready. -The battle will begin as soon as the [Battle Start] notice appears. -Please remember that you will not be able to use crafted scrolls. ※ The contents above may be changed as results of patches. 3. Checking Results -The 'Team Battle League' operates on a best of three system. -Your team will receive a yellow orb located next to the round number for each victory. -Everyone will be moved to Klaipeda after the rounds are over. 4. Checking Ranks -You will be able to check your records and rankings after participating. -ur 'Team Battle League' score will always be marked on the Adventure Journal rankings. Top tier players will have rankings assigned to them and different icons will be added in front of their Team names. -You can also check 'Team Battle League' information from the 'Team Battle League' NPC named Valis who can be located in Fedimian. ※ The contents above may be changed as results of patches. 5. Battle Points -You will receive 10 Battle Points for a win and 5 Battle Points for a loss. -You may earn up to 50 Battle Points per day and will be able to purchase items such as EXP Cards with those points. -You will only be able to purchase 1 EXP Card per day. The EXP Card level will differ according to your character's level. ※ The contents above may be changed as results of patches. 6. Team Battle League's Specatation or Specatation Mode -You will be able to watch battles in real-time without participating by [Spectating]. -You will also be able to [Spectate another player] if you are knocked down during combat. -You will be able to chat anonymously while you spectate, but players in the arena will not be able to see it. -However, please note that you cannot use any skills when you are spectating. -You are able to select characters you wish to spectate from by clicking on them. -There is no limit on how often you can switch, so you will be able to learn from the plays of others. -You will be able to stop spectating at any time by pressing [Exit Spectator Mode] or wait until the battle is over to be automatically disconnected. ※ The contents above may be changed as results of patches.