First time playing? : The Basics

Basic Attack / Grow Character

Basic Attack


- You can attack with a basic attack by pressing the Z key.

- If you are controlling with the mouse, you can attack with a basic attack by clicking on the enemy.

- You can fix the target by pressing the Ctrl key.

- You can face the target by pressing the Space key.



Sub Weapon

- You can attack the enemy with a sub-weapon by equipping a Sub Weapon.

- The effect of the sub-weapon will be activated when using the sub-weapon with a special function.

▶ You can use the sub-weapon by pressing the C key.


Grow Character

You can grow the character in various ways.

Hunt Field Monsters Hunt the monsters in the normal field and gain EXP.
Challenge Mode - You can enter once per day by defeating the monsters with purple effect at normal fields with Lv.100 or above.
- There are 7 stages in total. The higher the level, the stronger the monsters get, but you can acquire more EXP than in the normal field.
Hunting Grounds Monsters that are more powerful than the normal fields appear, but you can acquire more EXP.
Level Dungeon You can enter via Sentinel Rian in Klaipeda. EXP will be given as a reward for each stage.
Mercenary Post Missions You can enter via Receptionist Ramda NPC in Klaipeda. EXP will be given as a reward for missions.
EXP Card - You can level up by using the EXP Card, given as a reward for clearing the quest.
- You can receive EXP Card via Wings of Vaivora NPC by reaching a certain condition.
Daily Quest Receive and clear the daily quest from Receptionist Donnes NPC in Klaipeda to receive EXP.


[Grow Character - Basic]


1. You can grow your character by defeating monsters in normal fields.

You can obtain more EXP by entering [Challenge Mode] in normal fields with level 100 or above once per day.

2. In Hunting Grounds, where monsters are stronger than the normal fields, you can grow your character faster.

3. You can grow your character fastly by completing the missions or by entering the Instance Dungeon.

You can enter Instance Dungeon 3 times via Sentinel Rian NPC in Klaipeda, and receive mission 3 times per day via Receptionist Ramda NPC in Klaipeda.


4. If the level gap between the character and the monster is more than a certain level, the EXP penalty will be applied.

[When the level gap between the character and monster is within 30]

EXP will be given without penalty.


[When the level gap between the character and monster is above 30]

Decreases EXP by 2% per 1 level.

EXP will not be given when the level gap is 81 or above.


[Grow Character - Special]

1. You can level up with EXP cards obtained from completing quests.

2. You can obtain EXP cards from Wings of Vaivora NPCs as a reward for completing map exploration or defeating a certain number of monsters.

▶ Wings of Vaivora NPC is in Klaipeda and Orsha.




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