First time playing? : The Basics

TP/Exchange Shop

TP/Exchange Shop

 You can enter the TP Shop by clicking the TP icon next to the minimap in towns.

- You can purchase Premium Items, use Exchange Shop, and move to the Beauty Shop via TP Shop.

- You can purchase items with Exchange Medals, or exchange items for medals at the Exchange Shop.





(1) What is TP?

TP is a point that you can use to change your team/character name, and purchase TP items or so. 

TP TP is a Tree of Savior Point you can use in each server.
Obtained Via You can obtain TP by accumulating free TP over time, as event rewards, or by purchasing TP bundles from Steam.
TP Merchant TP Merchants are in each city. You can purchase Tokens and other consumable items from them.


(2) Obtaining TP

1) Free TP

- You will accumulate 1 TP every 2 hours, even when you aren't logged in. 

※ However, TP will only start to accumulate after you have a team created in a server.

- Your account will accumulate a total of 5 TP for free.

- After you have accumulated 5 free TP, it will stop accumulating.

-To check how much TP you have, see the lower section of your inventory or your lodge.


2) Purchasing TP


STEP 1 : Select and purchase the product for your regional server

-First of all, you must select and purchase a TP Bundle usable on your regional server. For instance, if you play on the NA servers, you must purchase one that states ‘Exclusive for North America’. 

-Please remember that you should be selecting a region that matches the server you play on, not where you are playing from. For instance, if you are playing from the US, but are playing on SEA servers(Telsiai or Varena), you should be purchasing items that read ‘Exclusive for South-East Asia’.


STEP 2 : Claim for the TP in-game

- Click the TP icon next to your minimap. Once you open it, TP that you've purchased will appear. If you don’t see it appear within 24 hours, please make sure to contact us via the Ticket Support System and we’ll be more than happy to help.

- You will be able to claim your TP once you click on the ‘Use’ button. Once you click the Use button, your TP will be added to your remaining TP automatically.


※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications.



Exchange Shop


- Exchange Shop is a shop where you can purchase items using Exchange Medals.
- You can earn Exchange Medals by exchanging items you've obtained through Goddess' Blessed Cubes.


[Making the Exchange]

1. Click on the Exchange Shop tab from the TP Shop window.

2. Click 'Exchange item for medals' to see the items that you can exchange.


Exchange Medals (Market)


1. Go to the [Market] via Market NPC in each town or by clicking the icon next to the minimap.

2. Click the [Hair Accessories] category and see the registered accessories.

3. Hover the mouse at the registered items to see if 'Can be exchanged for 17 medals at the Exchange Shop' is stated on the tooltip.

4. Purchase the item and receive it via [Retrieve tab].

5. Open the [TP Shop] and exchange it for medals!

※ There won't be extra medals even if you've enchanted the accessory.


※ Other items besides Hair Accessories can be exchanged for medals if 'Can be exchanged for medals at the Exchange Shop' is stated on the tooltip.



※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications.