First time playing? : The Basics

Lodge and Team Level

1. Basic information

No. Menu Description
1 Character Slot Management Create/delete/change the order of character.
2 TP Information Amount of TP in possession. 
3 Team Level Team level.
4 Mailbox Check the mails. N icon will show when there is a new mail. 
5 Team/Lodge Information Check the current team EXP or purchase Lodge Background.
6 Companion Slot Delete a companion or select a character to accompany the companion.
7 Logout Move to the server selection screen.


2. Team Lodge and Info

- Your team level is determined by the level of the characters in your lodge.

- Your characters receive additional EXP depending on your team level.

- You can check your team level and EXP bonus under [Team Info] at your lodge.

Starting from team level 2, you get 1% more EXP with each team level.

- You can reach a maximum team level of 100. (EXP gain of the companion increases as well.)

- Team level buff will appear after your team reaches team level 2.


3. Changing Lodge

- Under [Change Lodge], you can purchase new lodge skins using TP.

- You can place your characters according to the number of characters listed after changing the lodge appearance.


4. Selecting and deleting companions

- Companions take up character slots just like regular characters. (This means that you need at least one character slot available in order to adopt a new companion.)

- At your lodge, you can select, unselect, and delete the companions.

- You can check the Companion accompanying a certain character by the icon beneath the Character Info.

- Click the white arrow(→) on the right of the Companion to stop accompanying.


- Companions not associated with any character are displayed on the right side of the screen.


- Click the companion and Bring Along to accompany a character in the lodge again.

- Only a single companion can accompany a character at a time, but Falconer can accompany two under certain conditions.


- To delete a companion, disassociate it from the characters and click the [X] button.


5. Mailbox

- From your message box, you can read messages sent by GMs and retrieve attached items. (Players cannot send messages to another player's message box.)

- You will see an [N] over the mailbox icon whenever there is a new message.

- Click to select each item individually or click to select all items.

- Choose a character to retrieve the selected items by clicking .

- The items will be sent to the inventory of the character that retrieved them.

- Click the trash can icon to delete a message.



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