First time playing? : The Basics

Daily Quests/Missions

1. Daily Quests and Party Quests

-Starting at level 100, you can receive daily quests and missions at the Mercenary Post.

-The Mercenary Post can be accessed from the city of Klaipeda.


▼ Location of the Mercenary Post in Klaipeda


-Daily quests and mercenary missions can be each be played 2 times a day. The daily count is reset every day at 6 AM (server time).
※ When you accept a quest or a mission today and complete it the following day, you will only be able to do 1 remaining quest/mission for the day. (E.g. After accepting a mission on Friday and completing it on Saturday, you will have only 1 more mission to do for Saturday)

-NPC Receptionist Donnes will give you daily quests.

-NPC Receptionist Liam will give you party quests.



-Upon completing the quest, you can receive your reward from the respective quest-giver NPC.

-Rewards for the daily quest changes depending on whether its a weekday or a weekend.

-Monday to Thursday: added 400 Silver * character level.

-Friday to Sunday: 100 Attribute points x1 for levels 100-299, 100 Attribute Points x2 for levels 300 and up (+1 extra for level 360 characters).

-Party quests can only be played when in a party.

-Party quests can only be accepted by the party leader, and Receptionist Liam will suggest different missions according to the progress of the party quest.

-Rewards for the Party Quest vary from quest to quest.


2. Mercenary Post Missions

-There are 4 different missions you can play through Receptionist Ramda at the Mercenary Post.

-First, select a mission and choose whether to enter with your premade party or with an automatched party.

-Mission information will be displayed on the mission UI or by typing '/indun' on your chat window.

-You can enter mercenary missions the same way you enter instanced dungeons.

-Through Mercenary Post missions, you can earn silver and Mystery Cubes.

-Mercenary Post mission entries can also be reset by using an Instanced Dungeon Reset Voucher item.

※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications.


3. Saalus Convent Mission

-Saalus Convent missions can be played at the Saalus Convent starting at level 240.

-Talk to Sister Aiste in the Saalus Convent area to start your mission.

-There are three missions in Saalus Convent: Canyon Area Mission, Royal Mausoleum Mission and Castle Mission.

-You can choose to either enter with your premade party or with an automatched party.

-When the party is ready, you will be entered into a random mission out of the 3 available.

-Saalus Convent Mission can be played once per day. The daily count is reset every day at 6AM (server time). 

-You can obtain Saalus Cube x2 and Cube of Blessing x2 by defeating the mission's final boss.

-The entry count will go down only after you've obtained a Saalus Cube after clearing the mission.

-Monsters other than final bosses will no give EXP or drop Silver and miscellaneous items.

-All characters will receive a Blessed Shard x1 by successfully completing Saalus Convent missions.

-Every day, up to 3 characters in your team will also receive 'Sister Aiste's Gift, which can get you Blessed Shard x2.


※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications.