First time playing? : The Basics



- Quest is proceeded by a specific storyline of TOS and is carried out missions from the NPC.

- You can see the quests from the [Quest information window] by pressing the [F5] key.

- Rewards such as equipment, silver, EXP, and EXP Card will be given when clearing the quests.

- You can receive a special reward via [Wings of Vaivora] NPC by clearing every quest in a specific storyline.

- [Main Quest] marked with the yellow flag is combined with each [Episode], a big group. A special reward can be received once per team when clearing every quest in the Episode. 



Tutorial - Create Character

- Moroth Embassy in Kingdom is a tutorial area where players can level up their character. This area can be played only when creating a new character.

- Character with level 440 will be created when selecting the Moroth Embassy in Kingdom.

- You can receive reward for clearing achievement 'Start of the Adventure, Faster Growth' from Achievement [F4] UI by clearing [Revelator of Moroth(15)] in Moroth Embassy in Kingdom quest.

  >Reward: Title 'Start of the Adventure, Faster Growth', Quest Clear Scroll - EP12, Level Jumping Card (Lv.460)

※ You can start [Revelator of Moroth(15)] from the [Orsha Port Entry Officer] NPC after completing Revelator of Moroth(14).

- If you use every Achievement Reward, you can start the Episode 13-1 with Lv.460 chararcter.

※ You can play the [Lv.1 West Siauliai Woods Start] that you can start from Lv.1 character, after completing the Moroth Embassy in Kindom Tutorial.

- Following functions cannot be used during the tutorial quest.

> Contents Status Board, Goddess Equipment Management, World Map Token Travel, Summon by the Guild Master, Team Battle League, and Personal Housing.



Quest information window

[Manage Quest]

- Press [F5] and the Quest window will pop out.

- Quest status can be checked by clicking the [Available], [In Progress], and [Abandoned] checkboxes.

- Search the quest you want to play by typing the name of the quest in the [Quest Search Window].

- You can see the quest that suits your level by selecting the [Recommende] section.

- Check the settings by clicking the [Quest Display Settings].


[Register/Remove the Quest Objectives]


- [Quest Objectives] is on the right side of the screen.

- Check the checkbox on the left side of the quest from the Quest window to register the quest to the Quest Objectives on the right side of the screen.

- You can register up to 5 quests in the Quest Objectives.

- You can remove the quest from Quest Objectives by clicking the check from the checkbox at the Quest window.


[See Quest Details]

- You can see the details such as quest level, reward, and so by clicking on the quest.

 - You can see the quest area by clicking the [Check Quest Location] icon.

 - You can see the lines of the quest NPC by clicking the speech bubble icon.

※ You can give up or check the lines from the quests other than the quests in progress.


[Abandon / Restart the Quest]

- If you wish to give up the quest, click [X] icon from the Quest window [F5].

- Once you abandon the quest, it disappears from the Quest Objectives.

- You can restart the quest by clicking Abandon Quest, and then the Restart icon.



Proceed Quest

- You can see the quest that can be proceeded in the area by clicking the [M[ key.

- Each quest can be checked by the appearance of the flags.

※ Quest Incomplete: Place where you receive a reward and complete the quest.

- Blue flag quest can proceed when one of the following conditions is met.

▶ Have a character who've cleared Episode 10

▶ Character level 390 or higher


- You can teleport to the place where the Complete NPC is by the [←Backspace] key or by clicking on the icon on the Quest Objective.





- The main quests are combined into [Episode].

- You can see the Complete Reward and the quests in the Episode by clicking the [Episode], the first tab of the Quest window.

- You can see the list of quests in the Episode by clicking the [Quest List] below the Episode.

- Completed quest is checked, and the details about the quest will appear when you click the arrow on the right side of the ongoing quest. 

- Complete reward can be checked by clicking the Treasure Box icon() on the right side of the episode.

- Clear reward can be received only once per team, and the CLEAR mark will appear after you receive the reward.



Reward from Wings of Vaivora


- Additional reward can be received via [Wings of Vaivora] NPC in Klaipeda and Orsha by clearing a certain quest.

- Reward can be received once per character, and cannot be restored.

Quest Reward Amount
Mysterious Slate (2) Silver Anvil (14 Days) 1
The Hidden Sanctum's Revelation (1) Multiply Token (14 Days) 2
The Demons' Goals
 Urgent Repair Kit
Basic Warp Scroll
This is Only the Beginning
 Urgent Repair Kit
Basic Warp Scroll
The King of the Great Humans Silver Anvil (14 Days) 1
Goddess Gabija Skill Reset Potion (14 Days) 1
The Dimensional Crack (1) Multiply Token (14 Days) 2
Dead of the Dead (4)  Urgent Repair Kit 4
For the Guidance of Souls Basic Warp Scroll 4
Revelation of Fortress of the Land Stat Reset Potion (14 Days) 1
Wandering Spirits (2) Silver Anvil (14 Days) 1
The Revelation of Kalejimas Multiply Token (14 Days) 2
Incident on Triple-Layerd Castle Wall (2) Silver Anvil (14 Days) 1
Alarm Installation (2)
 Urgent Repair Kit
Basic Warp Scroll


Emergency Quest


- Emergency Quest proceeds when defeating monsters in a certain area, and a reward is given when completing the quest.

※ Challenge monster is excluded.

- There are no daily limits on Emergency Quest.

- Emergency Quest ends (give up) when moving the map/channel, or selecting the character.

- Unable to do the Emergency Quest with the party.

- Class EXP is not given when completing the Emergency Quest.



- [Emergency Quest] starts when defeating a certain monster in the area. EXP of character and one of the following rewards will be given when reaching the goal.

Blessed Shard
Lv.430 Awakening Abrasive
Sandra's Detailed Magnifier
Sandra's Magnifier
Attribute Point 100



- Following item can be received when clearing the Emergency Quest in the area.

Talt x2
[Lv.460] Sandra's Detailed Magnifier
Blessed Shard x2
Lv.430 Awakening Abrasive
Attribute Point 100 x2
[Lv.460] Sandra's Magnifier
Kingdom Reconstruction Coin x20
Lv1 EXP Cystal x3



- Character with Lv.450 or above can start Episode 14-1.


Talt x3
Blessed Shard x2

Goddess Token (Gabija): 100 x7
Goddess Token (Gabija): 100 x10
Goddess Token (Gabija): 100 x30
Enhance Aid(Untradable) x1
[Lv.460] Enhance Aid(Untradable) x2
Attribute Point 500 x1



※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications.