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Wings of Vaivora NPC

Wings of Vaivora NPC

- You can obtain various rewards from Wings of Vaivora NPC.


- Wings of Vaivora NPC is located at Klaipeda and Orsha.
- You can check the location of the NPC from the find NPC function in the World Map[N]-(Klaipeda/Orsha).

Klaipeda Orsha


New/Returning Savior Buff Activation Scroll

- New/Returning saviors can receive a [New/Returning Savior Buff Activation Scroll](30 Days) from the [Wings of Vaivora] NPC.
- When using the [New/Returning Savior Buff Activation Scroll], a useful buff is applied for 4 hours and you can re-apply the buff by right-clicking the item again.
- The scroll can be used by right-clicking and a special buff is applied additionally when in a party with 2 members or above.

Character Buff
Party(2 or above) buff
HP+(Character Level*10), SP+(Character Level*4) [New/Returning Saviors] Looting Chance +2000
Movement Speed +3 [Current Saviors] Looting Chance +1000
Physical/Magic Attack+(Character Level*10) [Common] EXP gain +50%
Physical/Magic Defense+(Character Level*10)  -


Wings of Vaivora Coin Shop

- You can exchange the [Wings of Vaivora Coin] obtained from the Attendance Check reward with various items.

- Items sold at the Wings of Vaivora Coin Shop can be changed.


Rewards for Exploring Map/Quest Progress

- You can receive [EXP Card] as a reward from the Wings of Vaivora NPC when completing the Map Exploration or hunting the monster a certain amount of times.


- You can activate the Goddess Statue of certain areas according to the quest progress and receive an additional reward by completing certain quests.


- Reward is given once per character and can not be restored.

Clear Reward Quantity
Mysterious Slate (2) Silver Anvil (14 Days) 1
The Hidden Sanctum's Revelation (1) Multiply Token (14 Days) 2
The Demons' Goals Urgent Repair Kit 2
Basic Warp Scroll
This is Only the Beginning Urgent Repair Kit 2
Basic Warp Scroll
The King of the Great Humans Silver Anvil (14 Days) 1
Goddess Gabija Stat Reset Potion (14 Days) 1
The Dimensional Crack (7) Multiply Token (14 Days) 2
Dead of the Dead (4) Urgent Repair Kit 4
For the Guidance of Souls Basic Warp Scroll 4
Revelation of Fortress of the Land Stat Reset Potion (14 Days) 1
Wandering Spirits (2) Silver Anvil (14 Days) 1
The Revelation of Kalejimas Multiply Token (14 Days) 2
Incident on Triple-Layered Castle Wall (2) Silver Anvil (14 Days) 1
Alarm Installation (2) Urgent Repair Kit 3
Basic Warp Scroll


Kedora Merchant Support Supplies

- You can receive EXP Card and Attribute Points when reaching Lv.40/75/120/170/220/270/315/350/380/420/440.

40 LV3 EXP Card(x5) x55
75 LV3 EXP Card(x5) x19
120 LV7 EXP Card(x5) x34
170 LV7 EXP Card(x5) x23
Attribute Points 1,000 x1
220 LV11 EXP Card(x10) x10
Attribute Points 1,000 x2
270 LV11 EXP Card(x10) x17
Attribute Points 1,000 x2
315 LV14 EXP Card(x5) x17
Attribute Points 1,000 x2
350 LV15 EXP Card(x3) x23
Attribute Points 1,000 x2
380 LV15 EXP Card(x3) x56
Attribute Points 1,000 x2
420 LV16 EXP Card(x10) x15
Attribute Points 1,000 x2
440 LV17 EXP Card(x10) x33
Attribute Points 1,000 x2


Growth Equipment

 - You can receive this items via NPC Wings of Vaivora without any limit.


- [Growth] equipment is 16 Enhancement 10 Transcendence by default and the equipment’s level advanced along with the wearer until Lv.440.
- Random Stat and Fixed Stat will be applied according to the type of equipment set selected(Physical/Magic).


>[Growth] Equipment Set (Physical): [Growth] Armor Set Selection Box (Physical), [Growth] Main Weapon Selection Box (Physical), [Growth] Sub Weapon Selection Box (Physical), [Growth] Accessory Box
>[Growth] Equipment Set (Magic): [Growth] Armor Set Selection Box (Magic), [Growth] Main Weapon Selection Box (Magic), [Growth] Sub Weapon Selection Box (Magic), [Growth] Accessory Box

※ Cannot Dismantle/Enhance/Transcend/Extract Ichor/Extract Weapon Appearance/Change Weapon Appearance/Awaken/Enchant


※ The above information may be subject to change with future updates