First time playing? : The Basics



-Companions follow your character, help out in combat and gain Exp to level up.

-Companions can grow to a maximum level 470.

- You can use the shop via Companion NPC in Klaipeda and Orsha.

 - You can adopt a companion or purchase pet food via Companion Shop.



1. Adopt Companion


- Companion can be created as the number of character slots. (if you have 4 character slots, you can create 4 companions)

- Companions other than Velheider/ Hoglan can be mounted without having Companion Riding attribute. (you can mount by pressing Alt + ↑)

- Only the Falconer class can use Hawk / Toucan.

- Only a certain class can attack while riding a companion. Other classes cannot attack while riding a companion.

- You can get Companions by following ways.

> Companion Trader NPC :Velheider / Hoglan / Hawk

> TP Shop: Penguine / Battlebird 

> Timed TP Item (Rocksodon / Christmas Sled / Fairy Cardinal / Golden Dog / Dionys Cub / Teeny Chick / Lucky Golden Pig

> Guild Quest: Guinea Pig

> Mercenary Badge Shop: Lesser Panda

> Medal of Honor: Boruta Shop: Toucan / White Guinea Pig

> Event: Pengmarine / Leaf Penguin / Winter Penguin

> Adventure Journal Reward: Baby Pig / Armadillo / Dodo Bird / Spotted Baby Pig


2. Train Companion

- Use silver to train your Companion via Companion Trader NPC.

- Press (+) of the category you wish to train and press save to increase the stat.

- You can easily check the total cost before saving the changes and you can reset the change by pressing the reset button next to the Save button.

- The training fee increases as the level increases.


3. Companion Equipment

- Companion can equip weapons and armors.

- You can see the number of equipable weapons and armors via Companion Info.

- You can see the Companion Info by pressing [F9] key or by Menu▶ Companion Info.

- Each companion has a different number of available Weapon and Armor.

- You can check the number of equipable equipment via Companion Info (F9).



① The weight of weapons and armor equipped to the companion is included in the character's weight.

② Equipment that is untradable or bound cannot be equipped to the companion.

③ Companion cannot equip equipment that has a higher level than the companion.


4. Companion Stat

- There are stats that can be trained and stats that cannot be trained but that can be acquired by the equipment.

Stats that can be trained
HP Affected by HP and CON
Attack Affected by Physical Attack and STR
Physical Defense Affected by Physical Defense
Magic Defense Affected by Magic Defense
Accuracy Affected by Accuracy and DEX
Critical Rate Affected by Critical Rate
Evasion Affected  by Evasion and DEX


Stats that cannot be trained
But can be acquired by equipment
STR Affected by STR
DEX Affected by DEX
CON Affected by CON
INT Affected by INT
SPR Affected by SPR
Block Penetration Affected by Block Penetration
Block Affected by Block
Critical Attack Affected by Critical Attack
Critical Evasion Affected by Critical Evasion
AoE Attack Ratio Affected by AoE Attack Ratio
AoE Defense Ratio Affected by AoE Defense Ratio


5. Bring Along Companion


-Only Hunter classes can perform attack skills while mounted on a companion.

-You can associate or disassociate companions and characters at the [Lodge].

-Only some classes can mount certain companions in battle.

- You can change/deactivate the companion at the [Lodge] or in the Companion Info (F9). [Lodge Guide]

- Most characters can only be followed by one companion at a time.

- However, Falconer characters can, under the right circumstances, be accompanied by two companions, eg. Hawk and Hoglan, or Hawk and Velheider.

-  ※ Characters cannot be followed by two companions of the same kind or both Hoglan and Velheider at the same time. 

- Classes that learned the Companion Riding attribute can use an attack skill while riding the companion.

※ Classes that learned the Companion Riding attribute: Cataphract, Schwarzer Reiter, Lancer, Hackapell, Sheriff

- Companion purchased via TP shop can be mounted even when you don't learn the attribute. However, you cannot use the attack skill while riding on it.


- You can summon and dismiss the companion in-game.

- Even when you didn't bring along the companion from the lodge, you can see the list of companions you have by pressing Companion Info (F9).

- Right-click on the companion you want to summon.

- You can dismiss the companion by clicking the list of companions in Companion Info, or by pressing Shift + R key. 60 seconds of Cooldown will be applied to the dismissed companion to be re-summoned. You can change the dismiss shortcut key in key settings - Combat - Return Companion.

- You can drag the companion icon from the Companion List and register to the quick slot.


- You cannot summon or dismiss Hawk/Toucan in-game.


- You can turn your companion to the rest mode by pressing the switch in the [Companion Info].

- Companions you've purchased from the TP shop have a special bonus buff.

ex) Penguin - Increases Physical Defense and Magic Defense of character



6. Interact with Companion

- You can interact with your companion by pressing the Space bar key while facing the companion or by pressing Alt + shortcut key.

- If you bring along a companion, the companion's STA is consumed and the speed rapidly drops when it becomes 0.

- You can recover the STA by feeding the Companion.

- You can purchase Companion's food via Companion Trader NPC.

- HP will be fully recovered and some of STA will be recovered when you feed the Companion.


- Guinea Pig's food (Alfalfa) can be purchased via Companion Trader NPC in Klaipeda and Orsha.



7. Change Companion Name

- You can change the name of the companion by pressing a pencil icon in the Companion Info (f9).

- 9TP will be consumed when changing the companion's name.

- If you enter the current name or prohibited word, the name won't be changed.



8. Convenience


(1) Auto Attack ON/OFF Function
- When the Auto Attack is ON, companion attacks the monster.
- When the Auto Attack is OFF, companion don't attack the monster. However, companion of Hunter/Falconer class attacks the monster even in the OFF status.
- You can set in Companion Info (F9), or by entering '/autoattack on' or '/autoattack off'.


(2) Call function

- Enter '/come' and the companion will come to your location.



9. Mount


- Mount is a content-oriented means of transportation and can be mounted by using 'Summon Mount' skill of Common skill [F3].
▶ Corresponding skill does not appear when 1 or more Mount is not registered.

- Only one Mount can be summoned at a time, and there is no limit on the level to mount.
- 'Summon Mount' skill cannot be used while combat or jumping.

- Summoning the mount is canceled when the character is hit while summoning or when moving during summoning.

- For mount class, you can have effect that increases Movement Speed of Mount (+8) by using 'Summon Mount' skill when mounted on the companion. Other additional effect does not apply and the mounted companion does not change the appearance of the Mount.
▶Targeted Class: Cataphract, Templar, Lancer, Hackapell, Schwarzer Reiter, Sheriff

- Every skill cannot be used while summoning the Mount. (includes the Mount class)

- You can register Mount by using [Mount Voucher] and can Mount you have can be checked via Companion[F9].

- Every character in the team can use the registered Mount.

- Selected Mount in the [List of Mount] is summoned when using ‘Summon Mount’ skill. To change the Mount, summoned Mount needs to be canceled and re-summon the Mount.
※ When changing the Mount, 30 seconds of Cooldown is applied.

- You can cancel the summon by re-using the 'Summon Mount' skill to dismount from the Mount.
- When the character becomes incapable of combat or enters the Heroic Tale, the Mount will be canceled.

- You cannot use Mount in GTW.

- Mount can be received by clearing Achievement/Title.

Achievement/Title Condition Obtainable Mount
Title [Silver Tongue] Clear Heroic Tale 200 times within 10 minutes Mount Voucher - Nautilusnail
Title [Executor] Clear Bounty Hunt 500 times Mount Voucher - Coggybird
Title [Snake Tamer] Clear Saint's Sacellum (Party) 150 times Mount Voucher - Ashlion

※ Can be obtained once per team, [Mount Voucher] can only be transferred via Team Storage.

- Additional effects applied when using the Mount are as follows.

Mount Effect Additional Effect
Nautilusnail Movement Speed +8 Final Damage against Bounty Hunt Wanted monster + 50%
Damage received from Bounty Hunt Wanted monster - 20%
Coggybird Damage against Bounty Hunt Boss +20%
Ashlion Battle against Wanted monster nullified by a 25% chance during Bounty Hunt