Want to experience more? : Other Gameplay Features


1. Creating/disbanding a guild

NEW Guild Emblems
- Emblems are images you can associate with your guild. They appear next to the guild name.
- To register an emblem, go to the Guild menu > Settings > Enter image > Open folder and select your image file.
- Emblems must be in PNG (32 bit) format and sized 64x64.
- After registering an emblem, you will not be able to change it for another week.
- The first emblem can be registered for free. Changing it consumes 12,000,000 Silver (subtracted from the guild funds).
- Uploading inappropriate images as emblems can result in account restrictions.

NEW Guild Funds System
- Each guild will have a "vault" with funds that can be deposited by any guild member.
- For now, you will not be able to withdraw guild funds (they can only be spent).
- We have plans to introduce ways to withdraw guild funds in the future.

Guild Creation Now Available to Any Class
- Any character of level 40 and above can create a guild at the Templar Master Knight Commander Uska for a fee of 1,000,000 Silver.
- Guild content/actions non-Templar guild masters CANNOT access:
  Transfer guild / Guild events / Territory Wars / Guild growth / Neutrality / Guild Hangout
- Guild content/actions non-Templar guild masters CAN access:
Guild emblems / Deposit guild funds / Guild chat / One-line Message Board / Guild news / Guild notes

-Your basic maximum number of guild members is 25. With the 'Increased Maximum Members' attribute, however, you can add +1 member per attribute level to your guild.

(After all bonuses, guilds can grow up to a maximum of 40 members.)

-At the Guild Hangout, Templar characters can pass on the role of guild master to another character.

-※ Upon transferring the position of guild master to another character, the position cannot be transferred again for 7 days.


[Disbanding a guild]

-Guild masters can right-click their own team name on the guild member list to disband the guild.

-Guilds cannot be disbanded during a war with another guild.

-All guild members must be expelled from the guild before it is disbanded.

-There is no waiting time required for creating another guild after a first one is disbanded.

-When creating a new guild, the previous guilds' EXP and level will not transfer into the new guild.


※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications.

2. Joining/abandoning a guild

[Joining a guild]

-Guild masters can right-click a character to invite them to the guild or type '/guildinvite ' followed by the team name in the chat window to send an invitation.

-Characters who receive the guild invitation can accept it to join the guild.

-Creating or joining a guild makes all characters in your team a part of the guild.

-There is no system to request to join a guild.

-Players can join a guild even when the guild is at war.


[Abandoning a guild]

-Click your team name on the list of guild members to abandon the guild.

-Guild masters can also expel members from their guild.

-Members can abandon a guild even if the guild is at war.

-After a guild member abandons the guild, their guild EXP remains, but their name is deleted from the contribution list.

※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications.

3. Transferring guild authority

-Guild masters can access Guild Authority to allow another guild member to invite and expel players.

-The guild member who receives this authority, however, cannot expel the guild master.


-Members with guild authorities can click the name of character to expel them.


4. Guild Tower/Hangout

[Building the Guild Tower]

-Guild masters can purchase a 'Guild Tower' item for 100,000 silver.

-Right-click to use the guild tower item from your inventory in a field and create a guild tower on that spot.  Guild towers cannot be created near NPCs.

-Created guild towers have a duration of 7 days, after which they will disappear.

-All guild members can create guild towers.

-The same guild cannot have two towers at the same time. When a new tower is created, the previous guild tower disappears.


[Tower Functions]

1) Warp: Transports members between the camp and activated regions for a small silver fee.

2) Personal storage: Connects to the storage NPC to allow access to your character's personal storage.

3) Upgrade guild: If the guild master's tower skill is of level 3 or higher, guilds can use Talt for various upgrades. Each guild level grants your guild one attribute point you can use to upgrade the maximum number of members and add new features like farming and taming.

4) Guild events: Starting at guild level 4, guilds can use items called tickets to play guild events.

5) Hangout: Guild members can move to the guild hangout when the guild tower or the guild tower skill are of level 5.

6) Remove tower: Guild masters can remove the guild tower.


-Guild members can use the guild hangout when the guild tower or the guild tower skill are of level 5.

-The guild hangout can be accessed via the guild tower.


5. Farming

[How to grow crops]

-You can purchase 'Dilgele Seeds' from the Templar Master or obtain them from guild events and plant the seeds at your guild's hangout.

-First, you will need to learn the guild farming attribute.

-The higher the level of this attribute, the more crops you can grow at once.

-Use the seed item to plant the seeds.

-You will need to water and take care of the crops until they grow.

-Water the crops by using the 'Watering Can' (C key).

[Harvesting crops]

-The crops will be ready to harvest 5 hours after being planted.

-Grown crops can be harvested by anyone. Once harvested, they will be transferred to the inventory of the character that harvests them.


-The crops can die if they are watered either too often or not enough.

-When the water gauge reaches its maximum, you need to water the crops within 2 hours and 10 minutes to prevent them from dying.

-However, you mustn't water them more than 2 times when the water gauge is at its maximum.

-Dead crops get counted as growing crops as well, so you will have to remove them manually in order to grow new ones.

6. Guild companion

[How to obtain a companion egg]

-Companion eggs can be obtained from guild events. Use the companion egg to hatch and raise the companion at the guild hangout.

[Raising a guild companion]

-Learning the taming attribute allows you to raise guild companions.

-The higher the attribute level, the more companions you can raise at once.

-Guild companions look different from other companions, and they give you different effects as well.

-They can be trained like regular companions for a silver fee, however.

-After using the egg item, a baby companion will hatch from it.

-To raise the baby companion, you must feed it and look after it.

[Adopting a companion]

-Baby companions become fully grown 5 days after they are hatched. Once they grow, they are ready to be adopted.

-Grown companions can be adopted by anyone.


-Your baby companion can die if you feed it too much or not enough.

-When the food gauge reaches its maximum, you need to feed the companion within 23 hours and 49 minutes to prevent it from dying.

-However, you mustn't feed it more than 2 times when the food gauge is at its maximum.

-Dead companions get counted as growing companions as well, so you will have to remove it manually in order to raise a new one.

-If you are raising multiple companions, the food you put out will be eaten by the companion that is closest to your character.


7. Guild events

-Starting from level 4, guilds can use tickets (guild event points) to play guild events.

-There are 12 boss hunting events, with raid events and others being added in the future.

-There's a limit to the number of members that can participate in guild events, although you can still play the event with less than the maximum members.

-The guild event can only start once the guild master and all participating members gather in the designated location.

-Through guild events, you can obtain different items useful to the guild (crop seeds, companion eggs, etc.).


-Every day at 6AM (server time) the guild receives its daily ticket(s).

-The amount of tickets received will be equal to the guild level (eg. guild level 5 → 5 tickets).

-Daily tickets cannot be saved for the next day.

[Guild storage]

-Any items received through guild events will appear in the guild storage, from where they can be distributed to guild members.

-Items distributed from the guild storage will be sent to the corresponding guild members via the message box at the lodge.


8. Guild wars

-You declare war on another guild by interacting with their guild tower.

-Guilds that are at war can destroy each other's guild towers and PvP with members of the enemy guild in open fields.

-The battle begins 1 hour after war has been declared.

-After 1 hour of war, guilds can cancel the war at the enemy guild's tower.

-The remaining time of war and name of the opposing guild are displayed in the guild info UI.

-If a guild tower is destroyed as result of a guild war, the guild will not be able to create another tower for 24 hours.

-After the war, the same two guilds cannot go to war with each other again for 1 week.

-You can declare war to up to 3 guilds at a time.

[Guild Neutrality]

-In the Guild IU you can check the "Declare Neutral Status" box to change the guild's status to Neutral.

-In Neutral Status, the guild cannot declare nor accept declarations of war.

-Neutral Status cannot be selected during a Guild Battle.

-Only 7 days after Neutral Status has been declared can it be lifted.

-Neutral Status will remain unless changed by the guild.

-Neutral Status can only be changed by the guild master.