First time playing? : The Basics

Create a Team/Character

1. Choosing a Team Name

- The first time you enter the game, you need to choose a 'team name' that represents all your characters in the server.

- Your 'team name' will appear after the 'character name' of your characters, and only the team name will show in the chat and other game interfaces.

Ex) If you are [Team Name: Leaf / Character Name: Green], in the game, your character will appear as 'Green Leaf', with your team name 'Leaf' displayed in chat windows.


- For your team name, you can only use alphanumerical characters and no spaces.
(Length limitations can also be applied to your team/character name.)


- Once you save your team name it can not be deleted, and 150 TP is required to change the name.


2. Changing the Team Name

- You can change the team name from the [Change Lodge] at your Lodge.


- 150 TP is required to change your team name


- When changing the team name from A to B, A will become unoccupied right away, open to be used by other players.


3. Changing the Character Name

- You can change the name of the character by clicking the name of the character at the Character Info [F1].


- Type the character name you wish to change to and click OK.


- 9 TP will be consumed to change the name of the character.

▶ TP used to change the character name will not be refunded.


4. Creating a Character


- The game allows you to create a maximum of 4 characters. (Companions will also take up character slots.)

- You can create a character by clicking the [New Character] at the bottom of your lodge.


- Choose a starting class to create your character.

- You can choose between Swordsman, Wizard, Archer, Cleric, or Scout. [Click to check out the classes!]

- To create a new character or adopt a new companion when you already have 4 characters, you must purchase a character slot by consuming 33 TP.

- Your lodge can contain a maximum of 40 characters/companions.

- Each page of your lodge holds a maximum of 16 slots.


- For your character name, you can only use alphanumerical characters and no spaces.
(Length limitations can also be applied to your team/character name.)

- Your character can have the same character name as a different player, but two characters within the same team can not share a single name.

- You can reuse the name of a deleted character without any limitations, such as cooldown.


5. Deleting a Character

- Click the [Delete Character] button at the bottom of the Lodge to delete a character. 


- All equipment must be removed from the character to delete it.

- The character can be deleted without a cooldown after removing the equipment.


6. Deleting Team

- All characters and companions in the server must be removed to delete the team. 

- [Delete Team] button will show when clicking the [Team Info] without any characters or companions in the lodge.


- Please note that all data will be deleted and can not be restored.

- Deleting Team can only be done once in 30 days.



※ The content below is subject to updates and modifications.