First time playing? : The Basics

Benefit for New/Returning Savior

Benefit for New/Returning Savior 

- Benefit that helps the new/returning savior adjust the game will be provided.

- Standard for New/Returning savior is as follows.

▶ New Savior: Player who plays the TOS for the first time

   ▶ Returning Savior: Player who has been logged out for more than 30 days.



New/Returning Savior Attendance Check


- If you are the New/Returning Savior, [New/Returning Savior Attendance Check] will be in progress besides the usual Attendance Check.

- You can see the Attendance Check UI by clicking the [System Menu] on the right bottom side of the screen.

- Attendance Check begins from the first logged-in date and lasts for 30 seconds.

- You can receive every reward for the Attendance Check if you log in for 14 days within 30 days.


New/Returning Savior Buff

- For New/Returning Savior, you can receive [New/Return Buff Activation Scroll] from [Wings of Vaivora] NPC in Klaipeda and Orsha.

- Scroll item remains for the New/Returning Savior period, and you can use the buff by right-clicking on the item.

- Buff lasts for 4 hours, and you can apply the buff again by right-clicking on the item.

- There is a party buff besides the buff applied from the Scroll. The following buff is applied when there are 2 or more party members in the party.



TP Shop for New/Returning Savior

- You can open the TP Shop by clicking on the TP icon. The TP icon is on the left side of the minimap in Klaipeda, Orsha, and Fedimian.

- If you are a New/Returning Savior, a special section will be created in the TP Shop.

- Items you can get from Rookie Player/Returning Player TP Shop.

Item Cost Purchase Limit
Token 49TP 1
[New/Return] Reset Item Box (1 Day)
Use to obtain all of the following items.
- Selected Class Skill Reset Potion (1 Day) x3
- Selected Class Attribute Reset Potion (1 Day) x3
- Arts Reset Potion Class Selection Box (1 Day) x3
- Vasilisa Equipment Bound Removal Scroll (1 Day) x8
- Isidavie Accessory Bound Removal Scroll (1 Day) x3
- [Lv.470] Accessory Type Change Tome (1 Day) x4
- Goddess'/Demon God's Armor Extract Voucher (1 Day) x4
- Vaivora Extract Voucher (1 Day) x2
- [LV10 Ark] Extract Scroll (1 Day) x1
- [Lv.460] Equipment Type Change Tome (1 Day) x8
- Skill Gem Extract Penalty Remove Voucher (1 Day) x1
- Fire Flame Earring Team Bound Scroll (1 Day) x1

- This section is where new/returning saviors can purchase items at a cheaper price during the period. This section disappears when the new/returning savior period ends.



Content Invitation


- 'Content Invitation (31 Days) will be given to the New/Returning saviors' inventory when logging in the game.
- The function automatically activates. The content you can participate in will be guided and you can move to the content area when meeting the condition (level, gear score) of certain content.

※ Guide UI will not appear during minigame/content/scene/auto match.

- When clearing the content that has been guided by the invitation, 5 times more of the content's reward and additional reward will be given.(per team)

※ Items that can be obtained by chance are excluded from the content's reward x5 times.

Content Entry Level Gear Score Additional Reward
Lv.400 Level Dungeon 400 4500 [Event] Combat Support Box x5
[Event] Instanced Dungeon Reset Voucher x5
[Event] Instanced Dungeon Multiply Token x10
Enter the Lv.440 Challenge Mode (Solo) 400 3657 Mercenary Badge Voucher : 5000 x2
Enter the Lv.460 Challenge Mode (Solo) 440 5187 [Event] Challenge Mode One Entry Voucher x10
Res Sacrae Raid Auto Match (Normal) 458 7000 [Event] Res Sacrae Raid: Auto Match (Hard) One Entry Voucher x3
[Event] Res Sacrae Raid: Auto(Hard) Add. Reward Voucher x3
Sole Hunt (Tel Harsha) 440 5100 [Event] Sole Hunt One Entry Voucher x10
Demonic Sanctuary (Auto Match) 458 7200 [Event] Demonic Sanctuary: Auto Match One Entry Voucher x3
Challenge Mode Auto Match (Party) 440 7000 [Event] Challenge Mode One Entry Voucher x20
Division Singularity (Auto Match) 450 7200 [Event] Division Singularity One Entry Voucher x5
Saint's Sacellum: Goddess (Solo) 460 7200 [Event] Saint's Sacellum (Auto/Solo) One Entry Voucher x3

※ Additional rewards can only be moved to Team Storage.
※ Although you don't participate in the content of Content Invitation, you can check it by using [Content Invitation] from the inventory.