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Beauty Shop

Get ready for the makeover of your life at the new Beauty Shop in Klaipeda!

The Beauty Shop is a new hotspot for all things cosmetic coming soon to the city of Klaipeda, where you can try on and purchase new hairstyles and costumes with the help of the shop’s resident beauty experts.

-The Beauty Shop is all the way up in the northern section of Klaipeda, near the Krivis Master.
-The Beauty Shop consists of two separate floors, with a barbershop on 1F and a fashion boutique on 2F.

1. 1F - Barbershop

-The Beauty Shop’s first floor is managed by Henry and Anabell Swyn, the brother and sister in charge of hairstyle and color.
-Anabell is the expert on female hairstyles, while Henry takes care of male customers.

The Barbershop offers the following services:

-Change Hairstyle: Lets you change your basic hairstyle into one of the new designs. This is a one-time procedure (not an item). You can dye your basic hair or wear a wig on top of it to change the appearance of your hairstyle.
-Purchase Wig and Dye: This option lets you purchase the hairstyles (wigs) and dyes currently available at the TP Shop.
-Purchase Lenses: This option lets you purchase the colored eye lenses currently available at the TP Shop.
-Check Coupon Book: Every time you change or dye your hairstyle at the barber shop, you get a new stamp on your coupon book, which gives you different discounts depending on the number of stamps you collected.


Change Hairstyle

-First, select the hairstyle then choose your preferred color. Let’s go for the pink ombre.
-This option alters your basic hairstyle (your “real hair”), which can be dyed or covered with a wig. 
-While wigs can be equipped, unequipped and kept in your inventory, hairstyles are not an item and can only be changed at the barber shop.
-If you feel like another hair makeover, all you need to do is head to the Beauty Shop again for a hairstyle change and/or dye! 

Here’s how much each procedure will cost you:

-Change Hairstyle: 37 TP (hair)
-Change Color: 17 TP (dye)
-Change Hairstyle and Color: 37 TP (hair) + 17 TP (dye) = 54 TP


Coupon Book

-Interact with the hair stylist NPC to open your Coupon Book.
-Every time you use the ‘Change Hairstyle’ option, you get one stamp on your Coupon Book. The stamps you collect can be exchanged for different discounts at the Beauty Shop. To get the best deal, you need to save up to 15 stamps (the stamps are consumed when you exchange them).

2. 2F - Boutique

-On the second floor of the Beauty Shop, you’ll find Kastytis waiting for you.
-You can purchase costumes and Goddess’ Blessed Cubes from Kastytis.
-Let’s try getting the Psychokino Special Costume.
-This character is not a Psychokino, but she can still wear the costume because it fits all female characters in the Wizard tree.

-All costumes that are currently Circle 3-exclusive become available to all characters of the corresponding class tree, making them that much more accessible.
-Special costume skill motions, however, are only available for characters of the costume’s class (as they currently are).
-The Goddess’ Blessed Cubes now sold periodically at the TP Shop will start to be released at the Beauty Shop instead.

Previewing Goddess Cube Costumes

1) Talk to the Kastytis and select the Purchase Cubes option.
2) Click on Investigate under the image of the Goddess Cube and the Cube Item List window will appear.

3) Click on the Preview icon next to the costume you want to try on.
4) Preview items will be added to the Preview and Purchase window.
5) Click on Try On button next to your character model.
6) Now you will be able to freely walk around the Beauty Shop in your fabulous new look!

3. Sparkling Buff

-Every time you step inside the Beauty Shop, a ‘Sparkling Buff’ that makes you shine and sparkle all over is applied to your character.
-When you buy a product from the Beauty Shop, the buff changes to a 30-minute duration that gives you not only the sparkling effect but also +1 movement speed, +50 Looting Chance and +10% provocation per attack!


4. Barber Shop - Pocket Wig

-  Pocket Wig is an itemized product that sells hair which can be treated in Change Hairstyle. 

- The method of using the Pocket Wig is the same as the Wig item, and the dye color can be applied only with the color included in the Pocket Wig.
- Each Pocket Wigs have different colors and types that can be applied.