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Known Issues: May 17, 2018

Greetings, Saviors. The following issues have been recently reported:   1) Earth Tower Instability - Several players have reported crash and disconnection issues throughout Earth Tower. We are currently looking into the source of this issue and we will update this announcement once we obtain more details about the errors reported. If you are encountering this issue, kindly report it through a Support ticket along with the following information: 1) Did the crash/disconnection happen only to you or to all party members at the same time? 2) At what time and where did the issue happen? 3) Your location, PC specifications, internet connection and other details you may be able to provide. 4) Your lastreplay file (Steam/steamapps/common/TreeOfSavior/release/replay/lastreplay). Thank you for your patience and understanding.   Please let us know via Support Ticket if you are experiencing other problems. When reporting issues, please be as detailed as possible. Screenshots, character/team/server/class details and timestamps would be greatly appreciated. The more information we have on a specific issue, the quicker it will be resolved.

Known Issues
May 17th, 2018
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NEW! Rainbow Trek

  Greetings, Saviors! Rainbow Trek is a new platform-based event where you jump from step to step to the sound of Tree of Savior’s most heroic soundtracks until the precious treasure at the end of the rainbow! Join this festival of light and sound in your favorite TOS city destinations!   Event Period FROM the scheduled maintenance on May 23, 2018 TO the scheduled maintenance on June 19, 2018 Who Can Participate - Characters of all levels How to Participate STEP 1. Head over to your nearest Event Notice Board to join in and select one of three destinations: Rainbow Klaipeda, Rainbow Orsha or Rainbow Fedimian. - In order to display all game elements correctly inside the event map, please turn on the ‘Show Other Character's Effects’ option under your Game Settings beforehand. - Make sure to turn up the volume, because each Rainbow city has its own powerful soundtrack to keep you going! STEP 2. When you arrive at your destination city, you have 60 minutes to follow the colorful steps all the way to the end of the rainbow and get your treasure! See the Rewards section below for details. - You can also use the teleportation devices inside the event map to go back to the corresponding save point. STEP 3. If you already got your treasures from one city, try the other two! Each Rainbow city gets you a different hidden reward, and you can complete all three of them every day with all your characters (resets at 00:00, server time). Rewards 1) Step Rewards Along the rainbow steps in every city you will come across three different points where you can get Attribute Points: 100 x1! 2) Goal Rewards After reaching the end of the rainbow, you will find a treasure containing Enchant Scroll (14 Days) x2 and Blessed Shard x1! 3) Hidden Rewards Every time you get your goal rewards, there is a chance the treasure will also yield a bonus prize that varies from city to city! - Rainbow Klaipeda: Golden Anvil (14 Days) x1 - Rainbow Orsha: Attribute Points: 500 (14 Days) x2 - Rainbow Fedimian: Challenge Mode One Entry Voucher (14 Days) x1 Important - Inside the event maps your character cannot attack nor use skills. - Movement speed inside the event maps is applied the same for every character (including mounted characters). - You can right-click the Rainbow Trek buff in the corresponding UI (upper left-hand corner) to exit the event map before the 60 minutes are up. - If you failed to reach the end of the rainbow, you can re-enter the same map and try again (on the same day). - Items with time limits (14 Days) are untradeable and cannot be transferred via Team Storage.

May 17th, 2018
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[NA] Territory Wars Second Beta Test

Greetings, Saviors! After the first testing period in April, we’re getting ready to start another round of official Territory Wars beta tests in [NA] Klaipeda. The process will be similar to the first week of testing, with 6 days of GTW sessions and multiple rewards for participation and feedback. If you’re interested in joining, make sure to read the entire announcement for all the gameplay changes and feedback/reward details.   Testing Schedule This Territory Wars test is scheduled to take place from May 23 to May 28, 2018 (6 days). Like the last tests, the sessions will only be available in [NA] Klaipeda , and they will open every day from EDT 22:00 to 23:00.   GTW Gameplay Changes The following are changes that were made to the Territory Wars system after the first round of tests. Anything not mentioned here should behave in the same way as in the previous testing period. If you need a refresher on the basics of GTW, click here to watch our video released in April. Spot Areas - Galeed Plateau and Inner Wall District 8 will be replaced by Aqueduct Bridge Area and Baron Allerno. Safe Zone We created a Safe Zone for the first version of GTW in order to prevent players from being attacked right after entering the Spot Area, but we found two problems with it during the first tests: 1) Skills could be used inside the Safe Zone to block other players. 2) Skills could be used inside the Safe Zone to attack players as soon as they step out of it. Because of these issues, we have removed the Safe Zone and replaced it with a system where, upon entering a Spot Area, your character will now gain momentary invincibility. The invincibility buff will disappear after 5 seconds if you move, or if you use an attack or skill. If your character remains motionless after entering the Spot Area, the buff continues to stay active. Keep in mind, however, that you will not be able to use Dispeller or Omamori items while the invincibility buff is enabled. Amplifiers - Destroying an Amplifier will now grant your guild a bonus of +5 points for every point obtained inside the Spot (10 stacks maximum). - Destroying an Amplifier will also grant members of your guild +5 movement speed and a 30% damage increase in PvP combat (does not stack). - The Amplifier buffs remain active until a different guild seizes the Spot. - Amplifiers will now respawn not only when a different guild seizes the Spot, but also 3 minutes after being destroyed. Boss Monsters During the last period of tests, one problem stood out to us regarding boss monsters: the boss in Inner Wall District 8 would occasionally enter the Safe Zone near the entrance to Steel Heights, becoming impossible to attack. To address issues like this, we have improved boss monster AI and adjusted the buff rewards as follows: - Defeating a boss monster will now not only reduce damage taken by 30%, but also give you immunity to knockdown and knockback. - Boss monsters will now appear in intervals of 10 minutes. Tree Root Crystals Tree Root Crystals will now appear in different color variations all over the Spot Area. Each color of Crystal grants you a specific type of buff when destroyed.   Speed Crystal - Drastically increases your movement speed. - Duration 5 seconds. Regeneration Crystal - Immediately restores 30% of your HP and SP, then 500 of each every second. - Duration 30 seconds. Attack Crystal - Increases the damage you deal and the damage you receive by 50% each. - Duration 30 seconds. Defense Crystal - Reduces the damage you receive and the damage you deal by 50% each. - Duration 30 seconds. - Tree Root Crystal buffs will not stack with each other. - Each buff is automatically canceled when you abandon the Spot Area map. - The new Tree Root Crystals will generate randomly every 120 seconds. Respawn Location If you become incapable of combat inside the Spot Area map, you can now choose to respawn not just in the nearest city, but also in your Guild Tower (if your guild has one) or a player’s Base Camp (if a Squire in your party has one installed). Also, respawning in your nearest city will now automatically transport your character to the Goddess Statue for convenience. Points UI - The guild currently seizing the Spot will no longer display in the points UI. - Guilds with 0 points will also not display in the UI. - Guilds with the same number of points (if 1 point or above) will display in order starting from the guild who last acquired or lost points. Results UI - Corrected the graphics to display in English as intended. Templars - Templar characters can now use the Warp To Guild Member skill to move inside the Spot Area as well.   Participation Rewards 1) Guilds that have participated at least once in a Territory Wars session during the test period: - [Event] Talt x300 (sent to Guild Storage) 2) Individual players that have participated at least once in a Territory Wars session during the test period: - Instanced Dungeon Multiply Token (14 Days) x4 - Goddess Sculpture (14 Days) x5 - Jumbo Dumpling (14 Days) x10 3) Guilds who have their first victory in the Territory Wars during the test period: - Recipe - Raid Portal Stone x10 (untradable, must be retrieved by a guild member at the Event Notice Board before the next Territory Wars session) 4) Daily attendance reward for individual players (received every day that you participate in at least one Territory Wars session): - Emergency Repair Kit x10 (untradable) 5) Five-day attendance reward for individual players (received after you participate in at least one session per day for five days): - Territory Wars Tester Armband (30 Days) x1 - Emergency Repair Kit x30 (untradable) These rewards will be sent during the testing period as soon as the requirements for the corresponding reward are met, via your Message Box (except for guild rewards). Remember that timed items are untradable and cannot be transferred via Team Storage.   Feedback & Bonus Rewards Players participating in the Territory Wars test period are invited to leave their feedback about the new content through either our official forums or the Territory Wars survey linked below. Forum: [Gameplay Feedback >> Territory Wars] - make sure to create a NEW THREAD in the section Survey: [Guild Territory Wars Feedback] - answers accepted from May 24 to 29, 2018 ONLY We will be granting additional rewards to participants who contribute with good quality feedback through those channels. 1) Players who participate in the feedback survey: - Miracle Seeds x5 Conditions a) Your provided account/spec information must be accurate. b) Your participating character must be of level 100 or above. c) You must complete all the questions in the survey. 2) Players who leave good quality feedback in the forums: - Keistas Bravery Potion x20 - Keista Protective Potion x20 Conditions a) Your provided account/spec information must be accurate. b) Your participating character must be of level 100 or above. c) The content of your feedback must be at least 50 words long (excluding account/spec information). d) Your post must obey the forum's Conduct Guidelines. 3) Top 3 players who leave good quality feedback in the forums: - Title - No. 1 Territory Wars Tester x1 - Territory Wars Tester Armband (90 Days) x1 Conditions a) You must have completed the feedback survey. b) Your provided account/spec information must be accurate. c) Your participating character must be of level 100 or above. d) The content of your feedback must be at least 50 words long (excluding account/spec information). e) Your post must contain at least one suggestion to improve the fun or balance aspect of Territory Wars gameplay. f) Your post must obey the forum's Conduct Guidelines. Only [NA] Klaipeda teams are eligible for feedback rewards. These will be sent after the end of the testing period (TBA) via Message Box. Teams eligible for feedback rewards will be individually selected by the Staff according to the conditions mentioned above. Remember that timed items are untradable and cannot be transferred via Team Storage.

May 18th, 2018

Quick Guide: New Classes & Main Changes

The Goddess will be delighted to hear of your return! Here are some of the main changes that happened in recent months. Read through them and you will feel your power returning to you.