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NEXT Project #2 : New / Adjusted Contents and System

    As we mentioned in the last post, we are going to talk about the contents in this posting.   NEXT Project #1: Details about Goddess Equipment System       Episode 13-2     Tremendous Kruvina Walls appeared in the Paupys Crossing after the Beholder’s army invaded Orsha. The wall is covering the road to the Ashaq Underground Prison just like hiding a secret behind the back.    Saviors headed to the Ashaq Underground Prison with the hero Pajauta, who has been led by fate. And, you face the terrible brutality in there that the beholder has committed to humans.     Unexpected Reunion   Couldn’t access the Ashaq Underground Prison 1F which was blocked by the tremendous Kruvina Walls, but saviors entered the Ashaq Underground Prison 2F by the Side Road. Along with Pajauta's precious fate she met here, saviors should follow the traces of the royal officials of the kingdom that were kidnapped in the past.     Demon Lord Back from the Death   This is the normally unknown Secret Space of Ashaq Underground Prison.  Its past use is unknown, but the Ashaq Underground Prison Containment Area is now being used as a containment station to control Beholder’s subjects. The powerful Demon Lord who once followed Giltine is back from death through the merciless experiment of the Beholder and threatens the saviors.     Encounter the Beholder   Saviors chase the Beholder and arrive at Ashaq Underground Prison 1F. The Beholder throw saviors off the chase but leads the saviors. What will be the purpose of the Beholder? Chase the Beholder and find the answer.     Episode 13-2 is a scenario quest that can be carried out with Episode 13, and can be progressed simultaneously from level 450 regardless of area’s level.       Goddess Raid [Saint's Sacellum]     Saint's Sacellum is the first main content of Goddess Raid that combat with Vasilisa to obtain materials for Goddess equipment crafting and enhancement.  Saint’s Sacellum has Normal (Auto Match) and Hard (Party) just like Demonic Sanctuary, and Entry Voucher, which can be obtained in Normal mode is needed to enter Hard mode.     Saint’s Sacellum : Normal (Auto Match)   Normal Raid has an entry limit per character, but Goddess rank equipment is needed as entry condition. Since this is the beginning of transition to the Goddess, we decided to change the existing Legend to Goddess. If the next level of Goddess Raid comes out in the future, you can proceed with the Goddess equipment that will be updated this time.  Vasilisa Scale, obtained from the raid, is the main material of this equipment. It is used commonly in crafting, Enhancement, Awakening, etc, and can be traded via market. In Normal raid, 2 times of entry limit is given per character and additional entry voucher can be purchased via Mercenary Badge Shop. Because the Mercenary Badge is the team's property, you can play it with the character you want. The cost of the Entry Voucher increases per purchase.     Saint’s Sacellum : Hard (Party)   You can play Hard raid by using Voucher Recipe obtained via Normal raid. Because this Voucher can be traded via market, you can sell it and obtain silver if you cannot play with a party, and you can play it with the character you want since it can be moved to the Team Storage.  Title will be given when you clear the Hard raid, and more Vasilisa Scale and additional items can be obtained.     Category Saint’s Sacellum Normal (Auto Match) Saint’s Sacellum Hard (Party) Entry Condition Goddess rank Weapon/Armor every part Gear Score Gear Score Entry Count 2 times per character X (Entry Voucher x1 will be given per team on the first update) Additional Entry Purchase Voucher at Mercenary Badge Shop : 1st Purchase: 10,000 Badge : 2nd Purchase: 20,000 Badge : 3rd Purchase: 30,000 Badge : 4th Purchase: 40,000 Badge ... Use Voucher Main Item you can get Vasilisa Scale x16 (100%) Hard Voucher Recipe (20%) Voucher Recipe x48 (100%) Silver Chest (100%) Enhancement Supplement (low chance) First Clear Title (Only 1 party) Clear Title       Unknown Sanctuary   Unknown Sanctuary is a new content like Sole Hunt where you can obtain material for a new equipment system and main materials. Monsters at Unknown Sanctuary are enhanced by the Curse of Sanctuary, so it can’t be defeated by normal attacks like it does to the normal field monsters. Grace of Sanctuary is needed to nullify the Curse of Sanctuary and hunt the monster, and this effect can be applied for a certain amount of time by using silver via the  Entrance NPC.    <Entrance NPC of Unknown Sanctuary in Kirtimas Forest>   Entrance NPC of Unknown Sanctuary is in Kirtimas Forest and you can have Grace of Sanctuary that lasts for 1 hour by purchasing 1,000,000 silver.     <New Guild Housing: Dungeon Management Office>   If you install Dungeon Management Office by consuming Guild Mileage, you can install Unknown Sanctuary Entrance NPC when you succeed in seizing Champion's League. (Consumes Guild Funds) Entrance NPC installed in the town by the guild is lasted until the next Guild Territory War. Every user including the guild member can have the cost of Grace of Sanctuary decreased by 50% and can actually enter. The profits will be given to the corresponding Guild.     <Hunting monsters at Unknown Sanctuary>   Unknown Sanctuary consists of the 1st floor and 2nd floor with powerful monsters. 1st floor is a normal monster area that can be played only solo, 2nd floor can also be played solo, but party play may be more suitable since there are boss monsters. In Unknown Sanctuary, you can obtain silver when defeating monsters and consumables to upgrade Goddess equipment such as Goddess Enhance Supplement, Lv 460 Awakening Stone, Magnifier, etc can be obtained by chance. Also, Vaivora Vision is dropped with a higher chance than the normal field. If you get lucky, the main consumables needed for the Evolve System which is applied from this Goddess equipment, can be obtained. Every seasonal consumable obtained from the Sole Hunt can be traded in the Market.       Heroic Stage     [Heroic Stage] is a non-specification casual content, which is processed by clearing stage. You can purchase entry voucher from Mercenary Badge Shop and enter via Contents Status Board(F10)- Dungeon tab.       In the Heroic Stage, existing property, type, Armor type is not affected and you can choose the property that will be applied in the contents. Points obtained by playing the contents can be used for upgrading the equipment, or purchasing buff at Buff shop and upgrade. Aslo, buffs can be crafted into more powerful, higher buffs. Monsters appearing at Heroic Stage change the property and buff frequently. From time to time, saviors will challenge the stage in an advantageous position.   You can receive Token of the Goddess (Gabija), Unidentified Mystic Tome, Attribute Points, etc as clear reward, and special items can be received for weekly ranking reward which will be added in the future.         Challenge Mode Adjustment   Challenge Mode will be adjusted.     Challenge Mode (excludes Division Singularity) will be changed from monsters created in a certain range of the character to finding monsters in a new map every day and defeating them. Monsters will be created according to the number of party members, an average of level, etc, and individual/party buff will not be given.  Reward also changes. Silver obtained when clearing the Challenge Mode decreases, and will be substituted with Token of the Goddess (Gabija) (Division Singularity included) . Other than that, the drop of Vaivora Vision that can be expected when defeating Elite Monsters, Nucle Powder and Sierra Powder are the same as it is now.    The Auto Match party Challenge supports two levels Lv 400 or higher and Lv 440 or higher, and a Challenge Mode for solo play (Lv 440 or higher, with an Assister) is provided.   Challenge Mode processed by the portal created in the field won’t provide party play anymore. Field Challenge is not processed with only Solo (+ Assister).  Resources such as Silver and Vaivora won’t be obtained but Mercenary Badge and High EXP will be given.       Bounty Hunt   Written Order items can be received in the new field, Ashaq Underground Prison 1F, 2F, and Containment Area. New contents Bounty Hunt will be started when you use this Written Order item to the Wanted Board at each town.     Bounty Hunt is a Solo play and the goal is to complete the mission by starting from the town and reaching another randomly selected area within the time limit. During the Bounty Hunt, every quick-moving function (Token move, Contents Status Board, Portal Shop, Warp Scroll, etc) cannot be used and must move to the point by yourself.       When moving the field, the wanted monsters also block the way. You cannot move to the next area during the combat, so you need to defeat them quickly.       When you reach the target area, you will encounter a special boss monster that only appears in Bounty Hunt. When you succeed in defeating the boss monster, the Bounty Hunt ends and you can receive the reward. Token of the Goddess (Gabija), Breath of Power, Lv.460 Aether Gem Fragment, Lv.460 Aether Gem Socket Key, etc can be given as a reward.     Remnants of Bernice Dungeon   Remnants of Bernice Dungeon will be reorganized with a new progression.     Current Remnants of Bernice Dungeon is progressed by clearing as many stages as you can for 15 minutes and set rank. Reorganized Remnants of Bernice Dungeon will be changed to selecting the stage and process only the selected stage based on the highest stage of yours.   The highest stage does not reset and you can try on up to 6 more stages from your highest stage. The stage continues up to 3 minutes and monsters appear multiple times and when you defeat every monster before the next creation time, the next monster will be created immediately.   The ranking of the succeeded stage will be recorded as the following criteria. The previous ranking will be reset as the procedure is changed.   1st When the succeeded stage is high 2nd When the time spent for clearing the stage is fast 3rd Order registered in the ranking       With the reward obtained from the Remnants of Bernice Dungeon, Aether Gem obtained from the Bounty Hunt can be enhanced. You can enhance the Aether Gem via Kupole NPC appearing when clearing the Remnants of Bernice Dungeon with no cost and you can try 3~5 times per time. Chance to succeed the enhancement increases when clearing higher stages compared to the Aether Gem. Additional Entry Voucher for Remnants of Bernice Dungeon can be purchased in Mercenary Badge Shop.     Aether Gem   Collect the Aether Gem Fragments obtained from Bounty Hunt and use it to obtain an Aether Gem. Fragments can be traded in the market, but the Gem is bounded as a team. Aether Gem can be equipped 1 per equipment, and Aether Gem Socket Key and Golden Socket, Arch Stone Fragment is needed as a material.        Token of Goddess Shop     Token of the Goddess (Gabija), which can be obtained from various contents, is the main consumable for this season (Vasilisa). You can purchase various items that can upgrade the Vasilisa equipment.   When the new level’s equipment is updated in the future, the new Token of the Goddess and item shop will open. Previous season off shop can be used with lower cost.       Unique Raid Deletion   As turning into the Goddess Equipment system, Unique Raid, Unique Raid: Solo where you can obtain Fixed Stat Ichor will be deleted.     Entry Level Unique Raid Name 330 Former Fantasy Library 330 First Shelter 380 Magic Research Facility 380 Asiomage Testing Grounds 380 Astral Tower Closed Quarters 400 Tomb of the White Crow 420 Lepidoptera Junction 440 White Witch’s Forest   Contents above will be removed from the Contents Status Board and the Raid area will remain as the quest area.   Fixed Ichor (Extracted from Unique equipment) which cannot be used to Goddess, cannot be obtained anymore, and remaining soul stone can be exchanged to Mercenary Badge by right-clicking. Following items can be purchased via Mercenary Badge Shop.     Appearance Equipment* Asio Weapon Wastrel Weapon Masinios Weapon Moringponia Weapon Vaivora Weapon Recipe Moringponia Unique Accessory Monster Card Prodigious Kugheri Balzermancer Card Demon Lord Froster Lord Card Wastrel Card Asiomage Card Ignas Card Skiaclipse Card Tantalizer Card Glacia Card * Skiaclipse Varna weapon, Glacia Legenda weapon which can be obtained via Legend raid will be changed so that the appearance of the weapon can be changed.       TP Shop Update   TP Shop is changed as follows.     Premium Discount Skill Reset Potion Attribute Reset Package Stat Reset Potion   Class Change Voucher Lv 1 Class Change Voucher Lv 2 Class Change Voucher Lv 3 New Class Change Voucher Lv 4 Arts Reset Potion Profession Selection Box Arts Reset Potion Profession Selection Box x3 +1 Weapon Type Change Tome Premium Reset Package Selected Class Skill Reset Potion Selected Class Attribute Reset Potion Premium Enhancement Supplement Premium Enhancement Supplement x10 +1 Premium Enhancement Supplement x100 +10 Engraving Slot Expansion Voucher (30 days) Engraving Slot Expansion Voucher (60 days) Engraving Slot Expansion Voucher (90 days) x32 EXP Tome Package Consumable Off Sale Mysterious Magnifier Mysterious Magnifier x10 + 1 Artisan Magnifier Artisan Magnifier x10 + 1 New [Lv.460] Mysterious Magnifier [Lv.460] Mysterious Magnifier x10 +1 [Lv.460] Artisan Magnifier [Lv.460] Artisan Magnifier x10 +1 [Lv.460] Sandra's Magnifier [Lv.460] Sandra's Magnifier x10 +1 [Lv.460] Sandra's Detailed Magnifier [Lv.460] Sandra's Detailed Magnifier x10 +1 Miracle Seeds Goddess Sculpture Motion Emoticon New Cheer Up Wave Pose Beyond Imagination Dab Dance Want Some? Home Run Chin Up Baseball Squats Gangster Wiggle Hammer Dance Cheer Speech Bubble New Kepa Speech Bubble (30 days) Tini Speech Bubble (30 days) Popolion Speech Bubble(30 days) Cherry Ice Cream Speech Bubble (30 days) Blueberry Ice Cream Speech Bubble (30 days) Rolling Door Speech Bubble  (30 days)   Because it may be confusing due to the system change, the Leticia’s Secret Cube on the corresponding month won’t be on sale. Please be noted.       Other Adjustment   Free installation of Refreshment     Squire’s Refreshment will be changed to be able to be installed independently regardless of the location of the base camp (including extension of the period), and it also can be installed in towns.     Goddess' Grace item renewed   3 Legend rank items from the Goddess Grace Offering are changed. Newly added item, Gabija’s Authority (Working title) is a collection item that can only be obtained via Goddess Grace.     When you collect all 3 Gabija’s Authority items and complete the collection, stat applied to all characters in the team increases. Collection items can be traded at the market.   Just like the seasonal coin Token of the Goddess (Gabija), Gabija’s Authority collection is a seasonal item. On the next equipment season, new Goddess’ Authority collection will be added and the Goddess Grace item will be changed. Gabija’s Authority can be obtained from Goddess Grace, but after the season, it will be added to the Season Off Shop after the season so that anyone can purchase it with a reasonable price. (10,000 Token of the Goddess (Gabija) each).   Besides that, the items of the Goddess Grace will be updated according to the new system.     This concludes the NEXT Project #2 : New / Adjusted Contents and System.    The next post will be NEXT Project #3 : Adjustment for Team Battle League & PVP, and Afterward updates.     Thank you.      ※ The system, item name, value in this post may be added, changed, or removed during the actual updates.       Summary of Contents and Rewards     Contents Summary Saint's Sacellum Normal (Auto Match) How to Play : 2 times per character weekly : Purchase Entry Voucher at Mercenary Badge Shop   Reward : Vasilisa Scale - Trade O : Saint's Sacellum Hard Entry Voucher Recipe - Trade O Saint's Sacellum Hard (Party) How to Play : Consume Saint's Sacellum Hard Entry Voucher   Reward : Vasilisa Scale (100%, x48) - Trade O : Silver Chest : Lv 460 Enhancement Supplement Box - Trade X : Title Unknown Sanctuary (Sole Hunt) How to Play : Enter by purchasing buff with silver via Entrance NPC at Kirtimas Forest : Enter by purchasing buff with silver via Entrance NPC that guild who seized the town installed   Reward - Each monster drop item : Lv 460 Evolution Stone - Trade O : Lv 460 Artisan Magnifier - Trade O : Lv 460 Sandra's Detailed Magnifier - Trade O : Lv 460 Enhancement Supplement - Trade O : Lv 460 Goddess Enchant Jewel - Trade O : Lv 460 Awakening Abrasive - Trade O : Silver : Boruta Seal, Fragment / Arch Stone, Fragment : Vaivora Vision - Trade O Heroic Stage How to Play : Purchase Entry Voucher from Mercenary Badge Shop   Reward : Token of the Goddess (Gabija) : Attribute Point : Unidentified Mystic Tome Challenge Mode (Auto Match) How to Play : 1 time per character daily Lv 400 Party Mode Lv 440 Party Mode Lv 440 Solo Mode (+Assister) : Purchase Entry Voucher from Mercenary Badge Shop   Reward : Token of the Goddess (Gabija) : Silver : Nucle/Sierra Powder : Vaivora Vision (Defeat Elite) Challenge Mode (Field) How to Play : Once per character daily :Purchase Entry Voucher from Mercenary Badge Shop : Only by Solo Play   Reward : High EXP : Mercenary Badge : Nucle/Sierra Powder Bounty Hunt How to Play : Use Written Order (Dropped in new field)   Reward : Token of the Goddess (Gabija) : Breath of Power : Lv 460 Aether Gem Fragment - Trade O : Lv 460 Aether Gem Socket Key - Trade O Remnants of Bernice How to Play : Once per team weekly :Purchase Entry Voucher from Mercenary Badge Shop   Reward : Use Aether Gem Enhancement     

Developer's Blog
June 23rd, 2021
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TOS Support Guild

Greetings saviors,    We are going to announce [TOS Support Guild] and [Guild Vice-guild Master Selection]. Have your full attention please:)!!       TOS Support Guild     ■ Summary   TOS Support Guild is a systemized guild that helps the savior understand the Tree of Savior, and to make them enjoy together. The purpose is to make new/returning saviors to naturally join the regular guild and ultimately activate the community, which is the key of MMORPG. The goal is to enable new/returning saviors from the Support Guild to naturally join the regular guild and ultimately revitalize the community, the core of MMORPG.     ■ How to join TOS Support Guild   Join Automatically With the TOS Support Guild update, every team that meets the following condition will automatically join the Support Guild. ① Every team who have logged in within 3 days and have no record of abandoning the Guild ② New team created after the update How to Join Find [TOS Support Guild] in [Guild Promotion Board(Alt+R)] and click [Apply to Join].   - You can register more fastly when you click ‘Check online members with authority to accept applications’ and whisper. - Registration may be restricted when you have a history of violating the operating policy.     ■ FAQ   Q. Who is the Guild Master of the Support Guild? Although the GM is set as the Guild Master due to the system configuration, the Vice Guild Master is responsible for the actual operation and management of the guild.  The Guild Master(GM) will not be involved in any issues except for major issues related to Vice Guild Master selection and operation, and will only monitor the Support guild so that it can be operated according to its purpose. In addition, all records (including authority usage and chat) of the Guild Master(GM) will be kept and inspected and thoroughly managed so that there are no incidents.   Q. Can Support Guild also participate in competitions with other guilds such as Guild Territory War? You cannot declare Guild Territory War and other combats since the purpose of the guild is to help saviors to understand and adjust to the game and since there are too many members. Guild Quest: Sulivinas Lair is also not available as it is difficult to distribute the reward fairly.   Q. I was invited to the Support Guild automatically (or joined by registration) but want to move to another guild. There are no penalties(time limit on rejoining) when leaving the Support Guild. You can leave the guild whenever you want. Also, you can rejoin the Support Guild even after you leave the guild.     ※ Guild members who haven’t logged in for 90 days or more will be abandoned every scheduled maintenance. ※ In cases that goes against the purpose of the Support Guild such as, repeated joining-abandoning guild, intentional profit-seeking behavior, and impolite behavior within the guild, there may be restrictions on service usage according to the game policy.(ex;Expelled and permanently banned from the Support Guild) ※ Re-joining the Support Guild is available after 1 week of abandoning the guild.           Vice Guild Master Selection Support Guild is run by selecting one Vice Guild Master for each world. Vice Guild Masters will share their experience and knowledge about TOS, process various contents, and support the fun and activities that can be enjoyed in the TOS community.     ■ Vice Guild Master’s Role   As the main operator body of the TOS Support Gild, Vice Guild Master helps new/returning saviors who joined the guild settle down and play various guild events     ■ Vice Guild Master Selection   Number of Recruitment 1 per each server (Total 4) Recruit Period June 21, 2021 ~ July 6, 2021 Announce Date July 12, 2021 Activity Period July 13, 2021 ~ September 10, 2021 ※ Can be continued according to the Vice Guild Master's intention and activity records after 2 months. Benefit 3,000 TP [Event] will be given every month ※ The benefit of Vice Guild Master is changed from 2,000TP to 3,000TP. (edited: June 24, 2021) ※ After reviewing the Vice Guild Master’s activity record, it’ll be given separately on the second Friday of the month and the fourth Friday of the month. Qualification - Savior who can consistently log in during the activity period (7/13~9/10) - Savior who has a wide knowledge of the game - Savior who can help guild members understand, adapt, and settle in the game - Savior who has no record of sanctions due to violating the Policy Preference - Savior who has experience of online cast - Savior who has been a Guild Master in TOS or other MMORPG How to apply - Reply to the following Survey (Google account is needed for the survery)  → LINK ※ There may be a brief meeting in-game after the selection. Important ※ Guild Master(GM) is not involved in any issues except for the major issues such as Vice Guild Master selection and operation-related issues, and will only monitor the Support Guild to make sure it is operated according to its original purpose.  ※ All records (including authority usage and chat) of the Guild Master(GM) are kept/inspected/managed thoroughly. ※ Total activity period may change due to application status.             Vice Guild Master Activity Guide   Necessary Activity   1. Log in to TOS 3 days or more per week   2. Accept applications of Support Guild when logged in to TOS a. Approvement route: Alt+G Guild → Settings → Applications b. Newly created teams will be automatically added to the guild, but other saviors need to be approved manually. c. Every applicant must be approved. (However, if it is judged that the purpose of applying  is clearly to make conflict/dispute, it may be rejected.)    3. Play Guild Quest 2 times or more per week a. How to play Guild Quest: Guild Tower → Guild Quest → Select the Guild Quest you want to play → Go to the Guild Quest area → Enter via Guild Quest pillar after recruiting (space bar) b. Sulivinas Lair and Demonic Sanctuary cannot be played. Selective Activity 1. Answer the questions related to playing the game to solve guild member’s curiosity about the game   2. Check Guild Community a. Reply to inquiries about the game b. Questions frequently asked by the guild members can be saved in the Community section to help the players.   3. Activate the Guild Chat a. You can bring energy to the guild chat window by saying hello to the guild chat when you log in or log out, or when other users log in. Important Guild Territory War, Guild Wars, Guild Quest: Sulivinas Lair, Demonic Sanctuary cannot be played. - You cannot declare Guild Territory War and other wars since the purpose of the guild is to help saviors to understand and adjust to the game and since there are too many members.  - Sulivinas Lair and Demonic Sanctuary are also not available as it is difficult to distribute fairly.       Guild Quest TIP   1. Guild Tower Location: West Siauliai Woods 1 channel, near Statue of Goddess Vakarine (the location may change) 2. How to create Guild Tower: Talk to Uska NPC at Klaipeda → Buy Guild Merchandise → Purchase ‘Build Guild Tower’ → Use the item in the installation location 3. If the participation rate is low, guide the progress and reward. - Guild Boss Raid: Click the Participate button, move to the location and defeat the boss monster together! - Guild Mission: Click the Participate button, move to the location and clear the mission! - ‘Guild Foundation’ repetitive quest is cleared when clearing Guild Quest twice a week.       This concludes the announcement of TOS Support Guild. We look forward to your support and participants:)   Thank you.  

June 24th, 2021
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[UPDATE] Scheduled Maintenance for June 22, 2021

Greetings, Saviors!We would like to announce the details of our weekly maintenance for (June 22, 2021). Make sure to check below for the maintenance schedule and patch notes.Please note that other issues and bugs are also being worked on even if they are not mentioned below.

Patch Note
June 22nd, 2021

Attention All Returning Saviors

TOS has undergone extensive changes since the arrival of our Re:Build update and still continue to change to this day. So we have prepared a comprehensive guide for all Saviors returning to the game after a long hiatus. Have a read to see all the new features that you may be missing out on!