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Facebook: Goddess Blessed Screenshot - TOSummer

Greetings Saviors!   The Goddess Blessed Screenshot event is here:)   Take a screenshot of your character in the TOSummer Costume and participate in the event to get awesome rewards!       Period   From July 29, 2021 To August 15, 2021 at EST 23:59       Who can Participate   - All saviors       How to Participate    STEP 1. Go to the event post uploaded on Facebook. [Link]     STEP 2. Leave a comment in the post.   - The comment must include the following:    1) A screenshot of your character wearing the TOSummer Costume Rank S or A.    (Must show your team name on the screenshot)   2) The correct server/team name of the character. (Must match with the screenshot)   ※ Pressing ‘Like’ and 'share' on the event page on facebook will increase the winning chance!       Reward   - Reward will be given to 10 saviors in total by random.   Rewards: Attribute Point Box (S rank)       Beach Fireworks Box x1 (Trade X, Team Storage O)       TOSummer ALL Costume Box x1 (Only contents can be traded)            - Winners will be announced on the event page on August 17, 2021. - Following rewards will be given to 10 users on August 18, 2021.       Important   - Characters on the screenshots must wear at least 1 TOSummer costume from Goddess Blessed Cube. (Rank B, C, and costumes from Demon God's Temptation are excluded) - Screenshots of the winners can be uploaded on our website and Facebook winner announcing post. - Rewards will be sent to the Mailbox and be deleted after 2 weeks. - Incorrect server/team name of the character will not be counted. - Changing the team name before/after the winner announcement will not be counted. - Screenshot must contain the team name of your own. - Inappropriate comments including things such as slander, insults, and hate speeches will not be counted. - Any participation after the event period will not be counted.

July 29th, 2021
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[UPDATE] Known Issue: July 27, 2021

Greetings Saviors,   The following issues have come to our attention:   [Fixed] - 2021 Botanic Seal cannot be acquired from the Summer Beach Package. - The tooltip of the Summer Watermelon Package is misinformed. - The name of the package in the game is miswritten to 2021 Fumitsuki.     We will fix the issues above as soon as possible and for those who haven't received 2021 Botanic Seal from the Summer Beach Package, it will be given within today.   We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding.   If you have any inquiries, please submit a ticket.   Regards, IMC staff  

Known Issues
July 27th, 2021
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[UPDATE] Scheduled Maintenance for July 27, 2021

Greetings, Saviors!We would like to announce the details of our weekly maintenance for (July 27, 2021). Make sure to check below for the maintenance schedule and patch notes.Please note that other issues and bugs are also being worked on even if they are not mentioned below.

Patch Note
July 27th, 2021

Attention All Returning Saviors

TOS has undergone extensive changes since the arrival of our Re:Build update and still continue to change to this day. So we have prepared a comprehensive guide for all Saviors returning to the game after a long hiatus. Have a read to see all the new features that you may be missing out on!