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[COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance for June 20, 2017

Greetings, Saviors!We would like to announce the details of our weekly maintenance for (June 20, 2017). Make sure to check below for the maintenance schedule and patch notes.Please note that other issues and bugs are also being worked on even if they are not mentioned below.

Patch Note
June 20th, 2017
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Leticia's Secret Cube Item List: Updated June 20

  ※ IMPORTANT: Please note that your character must be above Level 40 to use this content.      

June 19th, 2017
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Irregular DPK Issue Processing Complete

Greetings, Saviors! We have completed the investigation on all accounts affected by the DPK errors and returned to normal the remaining accounts where trading restrictions were still in effect. We have also seized any items related to the DPK errors. This includes crafted items, Gems with enhanced levels, traded items and all items which may have been transformed by, exchanged with, or used in conjunction with the affected items. Some accounts were found to have committed serious offenses and were therefore restricted from accessing the game (see Restricted Accounts). Restricted Accounts The players below were found to have given away or otherwise circulated via trading large amounts of affected items, for which they have been restricted from accessing the game. 30 DAYS: M*z 15 DAYS: F***ir T**ja K****Roots R****Ge G*****oria We will not provide compensation to the accounts restricted. Special Compensation To players in the B and C groups, we have sent special compensation equal to the one initially provided to players in group A (see here for an explanation of the three groups). Please check the Message Box in your lodge and receive the compensation items until June 21, 2017. We will now be accepting tickets concerning the results of the investigation. Kindly contact us via the Support page should you have any questions or requests. Thank you once again for your patience and understanding during the process of investigation. We'll keep working to ensure a more stable service for TOS.

June 14th, 2017

Genklas Metai

Genklas Metai was one of the Masters living in the Fallen City until Medzio Diena, when he moved south to the Area of Ruins where he currently resides. Genklas is actively engaged in keeping the art of falconry alive, especially after Fiona Ieva took over the role of Hunter Master without possessing as much expertise in the field as her predecessor. Putting the focus of falconry on communing with the hawk rather than taming it, Genklas is a man of good-tempered nature and immovable patience. He believes sensibility to be extremely important in falconry: in fact, it’s not uncommon for hawks to abandon less-conscious masters. On seasoned falconers like Genklas, this sensibility applies not only to the condition of the hawk, but to every aspect of life.