Attention All Returning Saviors!


Jul 9th, 2019


Greetings, Saviors!

TOS has undergone extensive changes since the arrival of our Re:Build update and still continue to change to this day. So we have prepared a comprehensive guide for all Saviors returning to the game after a long hiatus. Have a read to see all the new features that you may be missing out on!








1. Class Level / Equipment / Attribution Points



- All characters’ Class Levels have been reset and the Class EXP of all characters have been refunded as [Class EXP Recovery Cards], which can be found in your character’s [Market Retrieve] tab along with the character’s previously equipped items.
- All invested Attribute Points have also been refunded so you can re-invest them to suit the changes made to different class’ skills.



2. Instance Dungeon Usage Report


- Entry counts for instance dungeons will now be displayed on the [Instance Dungeon Usage] UI for each of your characters in your Team Lodge. 



- The Instance Dungeon Usage window displays the remaining entry counts for each of the instance dungeons for each of your character from the moment of your character’s last log-in.
- Please take note that the entry counts displayed here will not be automatically updated unless you log-in with the specific character.



3. Quest UI [F5]


- You can now better sort your available quests using the new quest view filter and also choose which quest objectives you want to be displayed by ticking the box to the left of the quest list.


Previous Quest UI / New Quest UI



4. Exclusive Rookie/Returning Savior TP Shop


- You will be able to gain access to the exclusive Rookie/Returning Savior TP Shop if your account is new, or you do not have a log-in history for over a 30-day period.



- The Rookie/Returning TP shop is available for a 30-day duration from the moment you first log-in or the moment return to the game.





1. Level Dungeon


The entry requirement for Level Dungeons have been streamlined to levels 50, 130, 200, 270 and 330.


Level Dungeon cubes will now only drop [Talt] and [Monster Cards] of boss monsters. Other items previously available from Dungeon Cubes can be acquired by hunting field monsters instead. 



2. Uphill Defense


You can now enter the Uphill Defense mission 4 times a week. 



- Uphill Mission now has two difficulty modes available to choose from: Normal and Hard. Completing the Uphill Defense mission in Hard difficulty will reward players with more Uphill Defense points and higher grade Gem Abrasives.






5-Star Gem Abrasive x2


6-Star Gem Abrasive x1


- Players no longer have to retrieve rewards for every stage they clear and instead be rewarded after the mission has ended. 
- The entry count for Uphill Defense mission will only be deducted when the mission is over (either complete or failed), at the point which you can claim your reward from [Sister Lhasa] Uphill Defense Entry Count will be deduct once the Uphill Defense is over (cleared or failed), and you can retrieve clear reward from [Sister Lhasa] NPC.




3. Remnants of Bernice Dungeon


The participation reward for Remnants of Bernice Dungeon has been changed.




Dimensional Potion

Remnants of Bernice Coin


- The Remnants of Bernice Point Shop has been added and can now be accessed through the [Oracle Master] NPC in Klaipeda where you can spend your Remnants of Bernice Coin to obtain various reward items. 



4. Challenge Mode


- Challenge Mode can now only be entered when in a party and there is also a 10-party entry limit per channel. 



- If you or all other party members abandon a party during Challenge Mode, the Challenge Mode will end and you will not be able to re-enter the Challenge Mode session you were participating in. 
- Entry Count is only deducted after your rewards have been obtained and the items and EXP points will be issued all at once after the Challenge Mode has been ended.
- Note that you will not be able to receive any rewards when failing a Challenge Mode session and your entry count will remain unchanged.
- Players can now randomly obtain [Recipe - Legend Raid Portal Stone] by completing the Challenge Mode up to stages 6 and 7.


[Legend Raid Portal Stones] are items that grant you additional entry to Legend Raids after your weekly entry counts have been used up. 



5. Earth Tower


- Earth Tower is now divided into 4 Lolopanther and 4 Solmiki areas. You can now freely choose which area of the Earth Tower you want to enter. 



- Players will no longer be able to obtain Silver for defeating Earth Tower bosses and Lolopanther bosses will no longer reward players with Symbol items.





1. Gemstone Feud


- The level required for entering Gemstone Feud is now 300. 
- You will be allocated into a random Gemstone Feud session regardless of the area you’ve entered from and will be returned to the city in which you entered the Gemstone Feud session.





Entry Time

Feud Time

Session 1

21:10~21:15 EDT

21:10~21:25 EDT

Session 2

21:30~21:35 EDT

21:30~21:45 EDT


- Bonus [Mercenary Badges] are now issued to top 5 ranked players in a session but players will not be able to receive Mercenary Badges if they have failed to gain at least 10 points. 
- The points earned by defeating the boss monster will not be added to the player’s individual points.



2. Borutos Kapas


- Borutos Kapas is a GvG raid where you and your Guild must fight against opposing Guilds in a free-for-all battle to bring down the terrible Dragon Boruta.
- Borutos Kapas sessions are open daily from 22:00 ~ 02:00 server time in Sulivinas Lair, which can be accessed through the Kupole Kaze NPC in Vedas Plateau.
- Each Team is given a 1-hour entry limit per day and will be automatically returned to Vedas Plateau after their 1-hour duration is over.
- The 1-hour entry limit begins counting down once the player enters Sulivinas Lair and the duration count is continued even while the player is outside of Sulivinas Lair.
- Players will be returned automatically to Kupole Kaze in Vedas Plateau when failing to select a respawn point for a 30-second duration after becoming incapable of combat



Guild Rewards

Individual Rewards

- Rewarded to the top 5 Guilds with the highest contribution points.

1) Shining Boruta Cube

2) Boruta Seal (random class)

- Participation rewards can be obtained by earning individual contribution points.

- Special rewards are given to players with the top 30 individual contribution points.

1) Boruta Cube

2) Medal of Honor: Boruta





1. Ichor Transmutation


- Ichor Transmutation is a system that lets players extract Ichors with a 100% chance. 
- The success rate of the Transmutation process depends on the potential of the items used as ingredients.
- If you use 3 items with full potential, the success rate will be 100%.
- Failing the transmutation process will destroy all items used as ingredients. 
- Using 3 different items will yield a random Ichor from one of the 3 items used for the transmutation.



Transmutation Requirement: Magic, Rare, or Unique items of Lv. 350 and above.
Location: [Teliavelis] NPC in the city of Fedimian
Required Items: [Ichor Transmutation Kit], [Sierra Powder]



2. Unequipping Ichors


- Players can now remove equipped Ichors from items.
- The bonus stats from Ichors will also be removed from the item and Ichors will be extracted into their original forms. 



Location: [Teliavelis] NPC in Fedimian
Cost: [Item Level x 10,000 Silver]



3. Awakening


- The new [Awakening Abrasive] item has been added to the game.
- You can gain higher stat bonuses when an [Awakening Abrasive] is used to Awaken an item. 



[Lv.400 Awakening Abrasives] can be randomly obtained by hunting monsters in fields or in Challenge Modes. 




Barynwell 27 Waters

Maven 31 Waters

Maven 32 Waters

Northern Parias Forest

Central Parias Forest

Southern Parias Forest

Inner Wall District 10

Outer Wall District 11

Outer Wall District 13

Outer Wall District 14

Outer Wall District 15


* Locations in gold are accessible through Goddess Statue warps.



4. Item Set Stats


- Players can use the [Pamoka Solution] to add set stats to Velcoffer or Savinose set equipment. 
- Adding set stats to items now has a 100% success rate as long as you have the required number of Pamoka Solution. 



Purchasable from: [Alchemist Master Vaidotas] NPC in the Miner’s Village





1. Guild Hangout Raid


- Players can now participate in the Guild Hangout Raid through the Sage Envoy NPC who appears in the Guild Hangout once a Guild reaches Guild Level 5.
- Players will need to be the Guild Master or be given the authority by the Guild Master in order to start the Guild Hangout Raid.
- Silver can be claimed as the raid reward from the Sage Envoy NPC and can be earned in amounts proportionate to each player’s accumulated contribution. 
- The total amount of Silver acquirable is dependent on the Guild level and contribution rank.



2. Hunting Grounds - Irredian’s Shelter


- New Lv. 390 Hunting Grounds has been added in the northern area of Spell Tome Town in the [Magija Slove Square] area.



- Players can defeat a certain number of monsters to open a portal leading to a boss monster for a Solo Raid. 
- The Solo Raid can be played 5 times per week per Team. 



3. Tomb of the White Crow: Unique Raid




Tomb of the White Crow: Unique Raid


[Shadowmancer Master] NPC at [Rasvoy Lake]

Level Requirement

Character Level 400


Raid Portal Stone x6


- Players must complete the prerequisite Lv. 400 quest [From a Mistake to a Threat] before being able to participate in the Tomb of the White Crow raid. 
- Each additional entry consumes 1 extra Raid Portal Stone and the amount of Raid Portal Stones required is reset every Monday at 6 AM server time.