!New: Official Discord is Here !

By STAFF_Brand

Sep 7th, 2022


Greetings Saviors!


We are now opening our official Discord!

This is an invitation to join our Discord ▶ Click here to join:)

* Our official Discord is yet a test run. Please join us and feedbacks are always welcome! 

(You can give us feedback via the Feedback channel in the discord.)




Tree of Savior Official Discord offers the following activities:


- Latest game news and events from News channel

- Recruit and join Guilds, gather parties by server

- Exclusive events for Discord users (Click here to see the ongoing events)

- Hang with saviors who use equal language to talk about content and other stuff 




Rules for Discord


To make a healthy Channel, we highly suggest that you keep the following rules: 

1. No inappropriate words. 
2. No spamming
3. No insults

※ Any toxic behaviors against other users or guilds will be restricted.
※ The rules can be added by circumstance. 

If you violate the rules, you will be sent to Time Out Chair and won't be able to use voice and text chat (available reading and listening only) for a certain period.




Apply for Moderator


Do you want to be a Moderator of our official Discord channel?

Please apply for the Moderator!

Click here to apply:)


- What does the Moderator do?

▶ Manage Webhooks

▶ Delete/pin Messages of other members

▶ Manage public/private threads

▶ Manage Discord Events

▶ Manage Voice Chats (Mute/deafen other members, move other members to other voice channels)



※ The results will not be posted, but the authority will be applied to the selected saviors :)

※ The Moderator role will be deleted once the moderator violates the terms or intentionally use the role for profit-seeking or inappropriate activities.

※ The authority of the Moderator role can be changed.




We look forward to your joining and hope you enjoy your time in our official discord!


※ Discord mentions for GMs are closed.