First time playing? : The Basics

Premium Items


-Tokens are items that apply beneficial effects to all your characters in the same server.

-Tokens can be purchased from the TP Merchant NPC in cities (Klaipeda, Orsha, Fedimian).

-Upon using a Token, its effects will be applied to all the characters in your team for 30 days.

-If you have a Token active, an icon will appear in the upper-left corner buff menu.

-You can use another Token even if you already have one Token active.

-Using more than one Token at once will multiply its remaining time and trade count, but all other benefits will not stack.

-There is no limit to the number of Tokens you can use at once.

-When you attempt to use another Token, you will see a warning message asking you to confirm whether you want to use it.

▶ Token Benefits

-+50% EXP from hunting monsters{nl}(Stacks with EXP Tome effects)

-Reduced Market commission fee (30% -> 10%)

-Able to register items in Market outside min./max. price limits

-Able to list up to 10 items on the Market

-Able to retrieve Market silver instantaneously

-Movement speed +3

-Able to use Premium Gestures

-Team Storage slots +30

EXP Tome


-EXP Tome is an item that increases your EXP gain and stamina recovery.
-It can be purchased from the TP Merchant Leticia and can be used by right-clicking on the icon.
-EXT Tome's effects last for an hour and its buff duration only runs out while you are logged in.
-X4 and X8 EXP Tomes' buff duration does not decrease while you are in non-combat areas(e.g. Klaipeda, Orsha, Fedimian).
-Timed EXP Tomes can also be used in making X4 and X8 EXP Tomes.
-When EXP Tome is in use, its buff icon will be displayed on the upper left corner of the game window or in your Character window, which can be opened by pressing [F1].


[EXP Tome Effects]
-EXP Tome: EXP gains +30%, Stamina Recovery X2
-X4 EXP Tome: EXP gains + 150%, Stamina Recovery X5
-X8 EXP Tome: EXP gains + 300%, Stamina Recovery X9
* EXP Gained from EXP Cards are not increased with the use of EXP Tomes


[Making X4 and X8 EXP Tomes]


-You can purchase recipes for X4 and X8 EXP Tomes from the Item Merchant in Klaipeda and Orsha.
-X4 EXP Tome will require 4 EXP Tomes and X8 EXP Tomes will require 2 X4 EXP Tomes to make.
-After purchasing the recipe, press the [Insert] key and click on the Item Crafting icon on your quick slot.
-Right-click on the empty slots of the Item Crafting window to add the required ingredients and click on the Craft button.

Enchant Scroll


-Enchant Scroll is an item that adds a random stat bonus to a hair costume.
-Up to 3 stat bonuses can be added per hair costume.
-Right-click on the Enchant Scroll to use then click on the item you want to enchant.
-If you have more than one Enchant Scroll, you can apply stat bonuses to the same item again by clicking the "Enchant" button.
-Added stat bonus will be displayed on the item description window after use.

Mysterious & Artisan Magnifier


-Magnifiers are items that re-identify an already identified weapon.
-Magnifiers are special in that it can also change the number and the group of stat bonuses an item has.
-Mysterious Magnifier and Artisan Magnifier can be purchased from the TP shop.
-Right-click on the Magnifier icon to use.
-Add the item you want to have re-identified to the Magnifier window and click the Re-Identify button.
-Click Yes after you have read the warning window and the changed bonus stats will be displayed.
-Magnifiers do not consume Nucle Powder, Sierra Powder or Silver when used.
-Mysterious Magnifier's change the bonus stats but you cannot revert back to the old bonus stats the item had.
-Artisan Magnifier is the same but it lets you pick whether you want to keep your old bonus stats or accept the new stats that have been added.
-The Artisan Magnifier will lock your item until you have chosen which bonus stat you want to have for the item.

Instance Clear Voucher


-Instance Clear Vouchers are items that let you clear an instanced dungeon on use.
-Instance Clear Voucher(1 star) may be dropped by killing monsters.
-You must use the voucher with the star level corresponding to the dungeon you want to clear.
-1 Star Dungeons: Underground Chapel
-2 Star Dungeons: Historic Site Ruins, Monument of Desire
-Right-Click on the Instance Clear Voucher with the corresponding star level after you enter an instanced dungeon to use.
-All monsters in the dungeon will be defeated when the voucher is used.
-You can create an Instance Clear Voucher(2 stars) using 3 Instance Clear Vouchers(1 star).
-You can buy the recipe for Instance Clear Voucher(2 Stars) from the Item Merchants in Klaipeda, Orsha and Fedimian.
-After purchasing the recipe, press the [Insert] key and click on the Item Crafting icon on your quick slot.
-Right-click on the empty slots of the Item Crafting window to add the required ingredients and click on the Craft button.