First time playing? : The Basics



- You can keep the items you possess via [Storage Keeper] NPC in Klaipeda, Orsha, and Fedimian.
- There are Personal Storage and Team Storage.


Personal Storage

- 60 slots are given, and 20 silver will be consumed when storing or retrieving item.

- There are no limits on Personal Storage except for timed/quest items.

- Press [Expand Storage] to expand 10 slots by consuming 20 TP. You can expand up to 100 slots.



Team Storage


- Characters in the same team can share the items via Team Storage.
- 5 slots will be given and can be expanded up to 62 slots by using Silver/Token/Collection/Adventure Journey.

  (5 slots + Silver 9 slots + Token 30 slots + Collection 11 slots + Adventure Journal 7 slots)

- Number of trades of the Token effect won't be counted when moving items to the Team Storage.

- You can change the name of the tabs by right-clicking on the tab.

- Only items that can be traded via Team Storage can be transferred to Team Storage.


[How to expand the slots of Team Storage]

1. Purchase slots with silver (Max. 9 slots)

▶ The cost of expanding is fixed to 2,000,000 silver from the 5th slot)

2. Use Token (30 slots increased by Token effect)

3. Effect of completing a certain collection (Max. 11 slots)

4. Increase slots with 'Team Storage Expansion Voucher +1' obtained from Reward of Adventure Journal - Growth/Exploration (Max. 7 slots)



[Benefits by using Token]

 - Additional 30 slots will be given. You can use 35 slots in total.

- 4 [Additional Storage] will be opened. There are 70 slots in additional slots without expanding.

- You can store silver to Team Storage when using the Token, and can be stored for up to 2,000,000,000

- Silver stored in Team Storage can be retrieved by every character in the Team.

[Items that can be transferred to Team Storage]



[Items that cannot be transferred to Team Storage]

- When you try to move the item that cannot be transferred to Team Storage, following message will appear.






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