First time playing? : The Basics

UI and Basic Info

1. Basic information

No. Name Description
1 Character Info Displays the team name, HP/SP, stamina and character level.
2 Monster Info Displays monster’s type, HP, level and name.
3 Event Info Clicking the button will display the current ongoing events.
4 Channel Selection / Minimap You can click on the window at the top to change channels and also check the minimap here.
5 Main Menu Icons The main menu icons are displayed at the bottom.
6 Quickslot Skills and items can be registered for quick use.
7 Character / Class Levels Displays the character’s current character and class levels.
8 Chat Window Displays chat messages.
9 Buff Window Displays the buff effects that the character is under.

2. Quests

(1) Quest progression

-Press the [M] key to check whether there are any quests available at your current map.

-The color of the flags and check signs show you the progression stage of the different quests in the corresponding map.

※ Check signs mean that the quest is ready to be completed.

Once a quest is complete, you can press [←Backspace] or click the button on the quest instructions to teleport to the corresponding NPC.

-When a quest is in progress, the icon in the instructions will display a progress bar showing how far along you are in the quest goal.


-The quest flag icon also acts as a compass that points towards the quest area.


(2) Show/hide quests

-Press [F5] to open the Quests window.


-Clicking the check box in front of the quest name will make them appear in the quest instructions section.


-​You can have up to 5 quests displaying in the instructions section.

-Uncheck the box next to the quest name to hide it.

(3) Quest details

-Press F5 to view all your available quests.

-Click on a quest to check its level, rewards and other detailed information.

-Click on the speech bubble to read the NPC dialog again.

※ You can check the NPC dialog and abandon quests which you have already started.

(4) Abandon/restart quests

-If you want to abandon a quest, press [F5] to open the Quests window and click the [X] button on the corresponding quest.

-After abandoning a quest, it will disappear from the instructions section.

-To restart a quest, click the Restart button after you abandon it.

3. Chat

(1) Basic chat UI

No. Menu Description
1 Lock Chat Window Locks the chat window in its current size.
2 Save Settings Saves the chat window settings.
3 General Displays the contents of general chat.
4 Shout Displays the “Shouted” chats.
5 Party Displays the chat between Party members.
6 Guild Displays the chat between Guild members.
7 Whisper Displays the 1:1 chat with another player.
8 Group Displays the chat between designated chat groups.
9 System Message Displays system messages.
10 Combat Message Displays combat messages.
11 Chat List Click to manage created or joined chat groups.
12 Chat Settings Allows you to set up chat notifications and display settings.
13 Add Chat Window Adds a new chat window.
14 Expand Window Click and drag to resize the chat window.
15 Lock Scroll Clicking on the button will make the chat window automatically scroll to bottom when a new message is displayed.


(2)Chat Settings

No. Menu Description
1 Chat Display Settings - Displays the saved chat display settings by number
- Only the chat for the icons that have colors will be displayed in the corresponding window.
2 Chat Window Settings - You can set the transparency and font size of the chat window.
- Untick the box for chat balloons and speech balloons will not be displayed when players chat.
- Untick the box for shouts and player’s shouts will not be displayed on the top of the game screen.
3 Chat Notifications Set notifications for when a friend or guild members connect to the game.
4 Combat Message Settings Tick the boxes for combat messages that you want to have displayed or disabled.


(3)Add Chat Window

- Players can have upto a maximum of 3 chat windows on display.

- You can have each chat window to display selected chat messages.
- Pressing Shift + Tab on your keyboard will let you switch between the different chat windows.
- You can resize all three chat windows.


(4)Creating Group Chat

- You can create up to 50 different group chats and the maximum number of people that can enter a group chat is limited to 20.

- You can send whispers in the 1:1 menu of the Group Chat UI.
- When you want to whisper a friend, you can do so in the Friends menu.
- In the ‘Group’ menu, you will be able to use the following functions:
  1)Insert Invite Tag [icon]: Like with party invite tag, you can share your group chat to invite others.
  2)Invite [icon]: You can invite individual players by entering their Team Name.
  3)Member List [icon]: You can check the list of players currently in the group chat and see their connection status.

- You can double click the top of the Group Chat window to minimize or open the window.
- Each Group Chat windows can be customized to different settings.


(5)Chat Shortcuts
Command Description
/s General chat
/y Shout
/p Party chat
/g Guild chat
/w TeamName Send whisper

- You can use various commands using [/command] to easily switch between different chats.
- Shouting will consume a [Megaphone] item when used.


(6)Using Emotes

- Clicking on the smiley icon to the right of the chat window lets you use various emotes.
- Clicking on the emote will insert the selected emote into the chat window.
- You can add new emotes earned in the game to the available list of emotes.
- Right-clicking on the acquired emote from the inventory will add the new emote automatically to the list.


(7)Linking Item Info in Chat

- You can link item image and information into chat with [Ctrl + Left Mouse Click].
- Clicking on the displayed icon image in chat will display item information.

※ The content below is subject to updates and modifications.

4. Map

(1) Mini map

-The mini map shows the location of your character.

-You can click [+] to zoom in and [-] to zoom out the mini map.

-Click the [M] on the mini map or press the [M] key to see the name and full map of your current region.

(2) World map

-Press the [N] key to see the world map.

No. Description
1 Click on a region or the X button to close the World Map (Esc key shortcut).
2 You can zoom in and out on the map (max. 4x, min. 0.25x).
3 Your latest warp zone.
4 Your current location.
5 Recommended dungeon(s).
6 Enter the name of a region to search its location.

-The names of the regions will appear in different colors according to their level.

Color Level
White Regions under your level
Blue Regions 1 to 20 levels above your level
Green Regions 21 to 40 levels above your level
Yellow Regions 41 to 60 levels above your level
Orange Regions 61 to 80 levels above your level
Grey Regions 81 or more levels above your level

-Hover the mouse cursor over regions your character has visited to display the corresponding map and available quests.

-The outlines of each map are revealed according to how much your character has explored of it.

-In maps your character has yet to explore, only the available quests will be visible.

※ Maps will only show quests of regions up to 10 levels above that of your character.

(3) Map penalties

-When your character becomes incapable of combat in maps with 4 or more stars (★),you may lose items like gems, boss monster cards, blessed shards, goddess' blessed gems, hammer of dismantlement, spell rod, etc.

※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications.

5. Stamina

-The diamond icon in the upper-left corner of the screen represents your stamina.

-When you're low on stamina, your character cannot run and will walk instead.


-Destroying the [Tree Root Crystals] spread throughout the fields can recover the stamina of your character and that of all characters nearby.


-Stamina can also be recovered by consuming [Stamina Pills], which are sold by Item Merchant NPCs in cities.

6. Goddess Statues

-In the game, you will come across statues of Goddess Vakarine and Goddess Zemyna.

-Approaching a statue of Goddess Vakarine will activate a portal that can teleport you to other regions.

-You can warp freely between statues of Goddess Vakarine in different regions for a silver fee.


-Worshipping a statue of Goddess Zemyna will give your character a one-time Status Point.



※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications.


7. Quick slots

-Quick slots are used to register items that can then be accessed via shortcut keys.

-To lock your quick slots, click the [lock] item next to them. Click again to unlock the quick slots.

-With your quick slots locked, you will be unable to remove items and skills from them or register new ones.

-You can click the [+] and [-] buttons to expand or minimize your slots. The interface will display a maximum of 4 rows, totalling 40 quick slots.

※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications.

8. Weapon swap

(1) Basic UI and how to use

-After you learn Weapon Swap, you can use the [Alt]+[Z] keys to switch between two weapons.

(2) Learning Weapon Swap

-The Weapon Swap attribute can be learned from your class master after your character meets the right requirements.

※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications.

9. Game settings

-Press [ESC > Game Settings] to access screen, sound, UI mode and other settings.

-Under UI Mode you can choose your preferred controls.

※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications.