Just getting started? : Developing Your Character



-Right-click on a character and select Like! to increase the closeness level between characters.
-You can right-click on a character and select Character Info. to view how many Likes they have.


-Characters that have given each other Likes have a higher chance of meeting each other in automated matching.
-You can press [F1] to open your character window to see how many Likes you've got.




Adding a Friend

1. Right-click on a character and select Friend Request.


2. You can also right-click on a character name in the chat window to add a character as a friend.
3. You can also send others Friend Requests by pressing [F7] and clicking the Send Friend Request button from the Manage tab.


4. Type the Team Name of the character you want to add and click OK.



-If you have an incoming Friend Request, you will be able to see it on the mange tab of your Friends window opened by pressing [F7].
-You can see whethere your friends are online or not from the List tab of the Friends window.
-Ticking the Show Online box will only display the friends that are currently online.



-Blocking will block all chat from a character that has been blocked.
-Press [F7] to open the Friends window and right click on the character you want to block.
-You can also right-click on the character's name in the chat window to block them.
-You can also type '/block TeamName' in chat to block any messages and alerts from the target Team.


Friendly Duel

-You can challenge other characters to a Friendly Duel.
-Righ-click on a character and click Friendly Duel Request.
-When the opponent accepts, a Friendly Duel will begin.



-You can display a preface by typing !! and typing a sentence you want displayed in the chat window.
-Typing !! in the chat window again will remove the preface from display.
-Your preface can also disappear when moving to a different zone or logging out of the game.
-You can use symbols as well as letters for your preface.



Block Preface

-You can block a character's preface from showing by right-clicking on a character and clicking 'Block Preface'.
-Clicking 'Unblock Preface' will display the character's preface again.
-Blocking of a preface will be reset when moving to a different zone or logging out of the game.