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Personal Housing

Personal Housing

- Personal Housing is a team base content that allows you to decorate your own Housing and collect housing points to use various functions of Personal Housing contents.
※ Following contents can be changed according to the updates. 


1. How to use Personal Housing

- In order to use the private housing, activation of Personal housing is required once per team at first and once it’s done, you can come and go to activated Personal Housing freely. 
- Personal Housing item will be given as a reward if you activate the Personal Housing.
- Players with a team level of 10 or above can use the ‘Personal Housing’ button in the three cities, Klaipeda/Orsha/Fedimian to open the Personal Housing Board and access various functions.

- Personal Housing can be activated by clicking the (My House) button in Personal Housing Board

- Activation of Personal housing is required once per team at first, Personal Housing item will be given as a reward if you activate the Personal Housing.


2. Move to Personal Housing 


- If you want to move to your own or another person's personal housing, click the post or (My house) button on the Personal Housing Board, and click the ‘Move to Housing’ button.

- You can also right-click the user’s character you want to move to, and click to 'Move to Personal Housing' button. 


3. Decorate Personal Housing 

- Personal Housing consists of three types of items: [Furniture], [Wall], [Carpet] and it can be used as decorations. 
- [Furniture], [Wall Decoration] items can be purchased by silver in [Furniture Shop] inside Personal Housing. 

※ Guild Housing button cannot be used due to deactivation.

- Item purchased through [Furniture shop] can only be sold in [Furniture Shop] and will be paid with a voucher as the same quantity of the sale price.
- In the case of [Carpet], you can obtain it with a certain chance by using your Personal Housing Point through the [Housing Helper Kupole] NPC.
- The acquired personal housing items can be placed in edit mode or by right-clicking the item in the inventory. Placed items can be moved or removed in edit mode, and all items can be removed by clicking the Dismantle All button. Removed items will be back in inventory.

- [Wall Decoration] type items can only be placed in the wall and can be placed on the location(floor) where you want. The floor can be changed by ctrl + moving the mouse wheel up and down.
※Some items can only be placed in designated directions.
- [Carpet] type items can be additionally placed with furniture type items in the installed position after installation.
- Groups are set for each furniture, and the number of furniture that can be placed is decided by the group. Groups are set for each furniture, and the number of furniture that can be placed is determined according to the group.

- Decorated items can be saved and recalled in real-time by using [Page Function].

- You can change the background of the Personal Housing, and it can be purchased by silver. Purchased background can be changed by See Background function.


4. Use Personal Housing Points 


- Private housing has the following points

Personal Housing Points If Personal Housing is activated, you get 10 points per 30 minutes when login, and if you collect certain points, it can be exchanged with House Setup Support. Personal Housing Points can be collected up to 1,000 points per team.
Placement Points This is a point to be renewed when installing a Personal Housing item. When a certain number of items are accumulated, the level of the individual housing increases, and decreases when it falls.  Placement points can be found in the tooltip of the Personal Housing item.
Personal Housing Level Personal Housing Level increases when a certain number of Placement Points are accumulated.
This adds functions that can be used by Personal Housing Points. 

※ Check the Personal Housing Points by the /personalhousing Command.

5. Personal Housing Board

- You can promote your own Personal Housing by using the Personal Housing Board and easily visit friends’ and guild members’ Personal Housing.

- When you enter Klaipeda/Orsha/Fedimian, the ‘Personal Housing’ button on the left side of the minimap will activate, and you can click on it to use the Personal Housing Board. Also, you can right-click the character to move to the target's personal housing through the ‘Move to Housing’ menu.

- Each field’s recommendation houses such as likes and the most visited house can be checked by the House Recommended tab on Personal Housing. You can also visit other user’s Personal Housing by searching the team name even if the user is not connected to the game.

- When you select the My House tab, you can check your personal housing information and choose a public option. In addition, the contents that can be checked with /personalhousing command can be checked at a glance through the corresponding function.
- Go to your own Personal Housing by clicking ‘Move to Housing’ button.

- Personal Housing posts can be edited by clicking Edit button.
- Register the thumbnail images you edited yourself through import. Or, you can shoot a random Thumbnail that meets the standard by Film.
- If you post Thumbnail images, Personal Housing post titles, Streaming Channels, etc. that are inappropriate for the purpose of the content, they may be edited or deleted without prior notice.
- Thumbnails can be saved and imported in the UploadThumnail folder where the game is installed.

- To use the Personal Housing Board inside the Personal Housing, select the personal Housing Board button in the edit mode inside your own Personal Housing.