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Content Point Shop

Content Point Shop


- Collect [Content Point] by clearing contents and purchase various items from [Content Point Shop] operated by [Magic Association] in Klaipeda and Orsha.



Content Point


- Weekly point acquisition and total point status can be checked by the command /totalPoint

Where to get points Amount
Level Dungeon 10
 Unique Raid 20
 Unique Raid: Solo  20
Legend Raid 50
Legend Raid: Solo 30
Uphill Defense Mission Normal Difficulty: stage 10 or above 5
Hard Difficulty: stage 5 or above 20
Very Hard Difficulty: stage 5 or above 50
 Saalus Missions 10
Mercenary Post Missions 5
Challenge Mode Clear stage 5 or above 5
Clear stage 6 or above 20
Clear stage 7 or above 30
Challenge Mode : Division Singularity 20
Gemstone Feud 200
Team Battle League 100

- [Content Point] can be shared with the team and can be obtained up to 5,000.

- Weekly acquisition limit resets every Monday at 6:00 am (server time).




- Points Exchange function is added on the Content Point Shop. You can exchange particular items into Content Points in the Magic Association of each town.


[Location of Magic Assosiation]


▲ Magic Association in Klaipeda                                               ▲ Magic Association in Orsha 


Exchangeable Item Obtainable Points
  Blessed Shard 20
  Magic Stone 200
  Practonium 200
  Mystic Tome Page 200
  Goddesses' Blessed Gem 200
  Refined Moth Talc Powder 300
  Brikynite 300
  Refined Heart of Glacia 300
  Scorched Valuable of Tel Harsha 300

※ Content Points you earn from exchanging the item do not count in the weekly acquisition limit.

※ [Moth Talc Powder], [Heart of Glacia] items can be exchanged to points after changing the items into [Refined Moth Talc Powder], [Refined Heart of Glacia] by right-clicking the items.



Use Content Point Shop


- Talk to the [Magic Association] NPC in Klaipeda and Orsha and click [Content Point Shop].

- Items on the [Content Point Shop] will be updated regularly.


[List updated: Scheduled maintenance on March 30, 2021]

- Every item from [Content Point Shop] can only be moved to [Team Storage].

- [Chat Balloon] item will be applied to every character on the server, and [chat Balloon] can be set via Character Information(F1) per character.

- Emoticon can be shared by the entire team once you log in to the character that owns the emoticon after the scheduled maintenance.
(ex: If A character owns the emoticon, A needs to be logged in after the maintenance so that B, C character can also use the emoticon.)


※ The contents above may change due to the update.