Got the basics down? : Useful Functions For Everyone




- Assister is a content to achieve and grow monsters that aids in battle direct and indirectly.
-The achieved Assisters can be summoned in Casual Raid, Remnants of Bernice Dungeon, and Weekly Boss Raid and fight alongside battles. The character’s stats can be increased by growing and combining the Assisters.
- Assisters take the figure of miniature boss monsters, and can be achieved in card form.



※ The following content can be adjusted after updates. 



Starting Assister


- Start [Assister Quest] by visiting the NPC [Geraldasia] in [Klaipeda] with a character over Lv. 100. Assister Cabinet will unlock when the quest is cleared.



- The limit in level only exists for unlocking the cabinet for the first time. Using and applying the Assister does not have a level limit.
- Assister cabinet is shared by the team when a single character in the team completes the Assister quest.
- The shortcut to the Assister Cabinet is Alt + T.



- The background color of the Assister indicates the original power grade. The grades are divided into Normal, Magic, Unique, and Legend which affects how the Assister performs in battle.
- Assisters can be evolved by fusing 3 Assisters of the same kind and grade and can be evolved until 3 stars maximum. The star under the Assister image, stats, and number of skills increase by evolution.


Achieving Assister​

- Achieve Assister by consuming the Assister cards.



- Assisters can be achieved from the Assister Card Album, and the Assister Card Album can be used via Assister Card Album button in the Assister Cabinet.



- Only 1 of the 5 can be chosen and obtained by using [Assister Card Album : Select] and all 5 cards can be obtained by using [Assister Card Album]
- Assister Card Album can be exchanged with Mercenary Badges and can be additionally obtained from Assister Dungeons
- Maximum of 30 Assisters can be registered.
- Assisters in the Assister Cabinet can be deleted by the [Remove] button.



Using Assister​


- The Assister has to be registered in a slot to be used. Right-click the Assister in the cabinet to register.
- Assisters have a cost according to the grade and the evolution grade. The cost is accumulated when Assisters are registered in slot, and cannot be registered when the cost is exceeded.
- The cost according to the grade and evolution level are the following:


Normal Magic Unique Legend
1 2 3 4
★★ 2 4 6 8
★★★ 3 6 9 12


- The cost provided at the beginning is 21, and it increases when clearing a certain stage in Assister Dungeon.



Assister Function


- An additional effect is applied when the Assister is registered in the slot. The effect is applied to the character and the summoned Assister. The passive effect contains Original Passive and Combination Passive.



- Original Passive is an effect that every Assisters have. The type and value of effect vary according to each Assisters. Only the passive effect of the Assister registered in the first slot is applied, and is enhanced by the evolution grade and level of the Assister.
- Combination Effect is an effect applied according to the combination of the Assisters registered. Combination is applied when two Assisters of the same type, property, or grade are registered. When there are more than two Assisters of the same property, two Assisters are selected by Grade>Evolution Grade>Level. The combination effect increases by the level, grade, and evolution grade of the combined Assisters.
- Assister can fight alongside the savior when summoned in Casual Raids, Remnants of Bernice Dungeon, and Weekly Boss Raid. Only the Assister in the first slot is summoned.
- Assister only skill is provided to summon and control the Assisters and is added to the [Common] tab after clearing the Assister quest.




Growing Assister​


- There are 3 ways to grow the assister: [Level Up], [Evolution], and [Combine].
- [Level Up] The Assister in slot gains EXP when the character gains EXP. When there are more than 2 Assisters in the slot, the EXP is shared between them. The maximum level of Assister is 450.
- [Evolution] Evolve Assisters by consuming 3 equal Assisters. Evolution can only be done with Assisters of the same grade, and 1 grade will increase upon evolution. The assister level after evolution follows the highest level of the Assister used in evolution. 
- By consuming 3 Assisters of the same grade, a random Assister of the same grade can be obtained. The Assister obtained can be 1 grade higher by a certain chance.




Assister Dungeon


- Assister Dungeon is a content where monsters can only be defeated by using the Assisters in possession. 
- 5 stages are considered as 1 area in the Dungeon and reward will be given on the first clear of each stage. Participation rewards are given when defeating the Boss once daily. Stage Rewards are reset every Monday at 6 AM Server time.


Entrance NPC
[Klaipeda] Oracle Master
Entrance Limit Possess 1 or more Assisters
Clear Condition - Defeat all monsters
Fail Condition - Death of all Assisters
- Exceed time limit
Time Limit 3 minutes per Stage