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Gear Score/Attribute Point Score

Gear Score/Attribute Point Score

Gear Score and Attribute Point Score can be checked via Character Info window [F1].


1. Gear Score


- Gear Score is a system that calculates the entry level score of the contents and is calculated differently per item.
- You can check the Gear Core of each character from the Character Info window[F1].




(0.5 * ( (4*TRA value) + (3*ENH value)) + ( (30*Item Rank) + (1.66*Equipment level) )*0.5 )* (total penalty)

- Equipment level: Average of (Fixed Ichor level+ Random Ichor level+(Legend/Goddess rank) item level)

- When there is no random ichors (ex; Savinose), (Legend/Goddess rank)item level is calculated as 'Random Ichor level'

- Penalty is applied to some set stats. (Not applied on Dysnai).

▶ Velcoffer: 0.91, Varna: 0.93

- Gear Score does not increase for PvP set stats.

- Gear Score is corrected even when there is no weapon item and set stat equipped in the second slot from Dual Slot.

- A maximum of 5% penalty is applied according to the number and value of random stat that has reached maximum.

EX. Penalty is not applied when there's 4 random stats and all stat value is at its maximum.

EX. 5% penalty is applied when there are no random stats.

- Gem score is reflected in weapons.

▶ Color Gem: 1 per level

▶ Aether Gem: level * 0.15

- A maximum of 5% penalty is applied according to how close they are to maximum.

EX. 5% penalty is applied when there is no enchant stat.


0.5 * ( (4*TRA value) + (3*ENH value)) + ( (30* Item Rank) + (1.66*Equipment level) )*0.5


( (0.7 *(100*Seal level) )+( (1000*Item Rank)+(1*Equipment level) ) * 0.3)*0.26


(0.2*(50*Ark level)+((100*Item Rank)+(1*Equipment level)) * 0.8)*0.6

- 5% penalty is applied to the final value of the quest Ark.



- Gear Score for contents is as follows.


Gear Score

LV400 Challenge Mode (Solo)


LV440 Challenge Mode (Solo)


LV440 Challenge Mode (Party)


Division Singularity


Lepidoptera Junction: (Auto Match)


White Witch’s Forest: Auto Match


Demonic Sanctuary: (Auto Match)


Demonic Sanctuary (Party)


Res Sacrae Raid (Normal)


Res Sacrae Raid (Hard)


Saint's Sacellum (Auto Match)


Saint's Sacellum (Party)





2. Attribute Point Score

- Attribute Point Score is the amount of attribute points needed for entering the contents.

- Attribute Point Score is calculated based on the total Attribute Points used for the character's currently learned attribute. 

▶ Only attribute that fulfills the activation condition (Ex. skill lv.1 or above) will be calculated as an attribute point value.

- Attribute Point Score is shown as Achievement Rate, and the total Attribute Point differs based on the advanced class.

Achievement Rate(%) = Learned Attribute Points / Total Attribute Points (changes per class tree) * 100%

- Calculation of total Attribute Points for each class tree is as follows.
EX. when the class advancement is [Basic Class (Cleric) - Dealer (Inquisitor) - Dealer (Zealot) - Healer (Priest)],
Achievement Rate becomes 100% when fulfilling the required amount by 80,000 + 600,000 + 600,000 + 200,000= 1,480,000.


Total Attribute Points

Basic Class

(Swordsman, Archer, Cleric, Scout, Wizard)


Dealer Class


Healer Class

(Priest, Dievdirbys, Oracle, Pardoner, Paladin, Kabbalist)



- Required amount of Attribute Point can meet the total required amount in a specific class.
EX. Basic Class (Cleric) - Dealer(Inquisitor) - Dealer (Zealot) - Healer (Priest) = Attribute Points required 1,480,000
▶ When the character above exceeds the Attribute Points by 1,480,000 only in the Dealer (Inquisitor) class, the Attribute Achievement Rate meets 100%.


※ The contents may change due to the update.