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Res Sacrae

Res Sacrae

- Res Sacrae is a Goddess Rank equipment, which is one rank above Legend.
- It is given as a reward when clearing Episode 13 [What Giltine Left Behind] (Lv.458) quest and becomes stronger according to the player's gameplay. (Can be obtained once per character


- This item increases all stats of the character. The value of the stat increasing becomes larger when higher the level of the item is.


- Res Sacrae Liberation is automatically learned when equipping Res Sacrae, which allows the saviors to boost up their power temporarily when using it.

- During Res Sacrae Liberation, the appearance and the effect of the weapon equipped changes according to the Res Sacrae level and constantly consumes Res Sacrae Point (RP)


- RP does not recover naturally and requires ‘Ectonite’ to charge.

- You can automatically charge RP by the ON/OFF of 'Res Sacrae(RP) Auto Charge' function in the system option.

- When activating the Res Sacrae(RP) Auto Charge function, you can charge RP until its maximum by consuming the unlocked [Ectonite] in the inventory when moving to towns.

- Auto Charge only consumes [Ectonite].


※ Charging RP is restricted in Joint Strike Raid or Guild Territory Wars.

- When using Res Sacrae Liberation in Joint Strike Raid, RP will be limited for 10 minutes.

- When using Res Sacrae Liberation in Guild Mission, RP will be limited for 1 hour.

- This buff limiting the charge of RP applied in Blockade Battle will be removed when there is no progressing guild quest in the zone entered.


Developing Res Sacrae

- Res Sacrae can be equipped with Res Sacrae gems, and Res Sacrae and Res Sacrae gems can increase levels through their respective growth.

  > 10 all stat value increases per 1 [Res Sacrae] level and expands the level of Res Sacrae gem that can be equipped.

  > Level of [Giltine's Crown of Thorns] is shared by the team.

  > By Leveling up [Res Sacrae Gem], the effect per level will increase according to the effect of each item.


- By using [Purified Breath of Power], you can get the EXP required to increase the level of Res Sacrae. (50 EXP increases per one item)
- Right-click [Breath of Power] to purify the item, and ingredients and silver are required to purify. 

  > [Breath of Power] can be obtained from Res Sacrae quest and dungeon.

  > 10 [Breath of Power], 1,000,000 Silver, and additional ingredients are required to make 1 [Purified Breath of Power]. 
  ※ The number of required additional ingredients varies according to the selected item.

Item Amount Consumed per 1 Purification
Mystic Tome Page 2
Practonium 2
Magic Stone 2
Blessed Shard 20
Goddesses' Blessed Gem 2
Scorched Valuable of Tel Harsha 1
Refined Heart of Glacia 1
Refined Moth Talc Powder 1


Res Sacrae Gem

- There are 3 types of [Res Sacrae Gem]: Cyan Gem, Magenta Gem, and Black Gem, which can be equipped in exclusive sockets of Res Sacrae.
※ 20,000 Silver is consumed when equipping or removing Res Sacrae Gem.


-  [Res Sacrae Gem] is sorted into Legend Rank and Goddess Rank. Each rank can be obtained in different contents.

Grade Gem Type Obtainable Content
Combine Res Sacrae Gem, Res Sacrae Dungeon, Demonic Sanctuary: Legend, Guild Mission: Demonic Sanctuary (Both normal and Blockade Battle), Weekly Boss Raid
Cyan Demonic Sanctuary: Legend
※ Cannot obtain in Demonic Sanctuary: Legend Auto Match
Black Weekly Boss Raid


- You can adjust the Res Sacrae Gem by using the [Develop Res Sacrae Gem] at Pyromancer Master's Lab in Klaipeda. There are 4 functions to Develop Res Sacrae Gem: [Enhance], [Combine], [Transfer], and [Dismantle].


- Increase the level of Res Sacrae Gem by enhancing from the [Enhance] function. 
- Requires [Silver], [Blessed Gem], and [Prism Coal] that can be obtained from Res Sacrae Dungeon.
- Enhancement succeeds or fails by chance, and increases 1 level when it succeeds. Nothing changes when it fails.


- Consume Prism Coal from the [Combine] function and obtain a random Lv.1 Legend Grade Res Sacrae Gem.
- Requires [Silver], [Blessed Gem], and [Prism Coal] to combine.
- All ingredients are consumed at the attempt and succeed or fail by chance. 

- Transfer the level of Res Sacrae Gem without level loss by using the [Transfer] function.
- Only Res Sacrae Gem with LV.2 or more can use this function.


- Obtain [Prism Coal] by dismantling LV.1 Res Sacrae Gem by [Dismantle] function.
- Silver is consumed when dismantling, and a minimum of 400 to a maximum of 800 [Prism Coal] can be obtained.
- Twice the number of [Prism Coal] can be obtained when dismantling Goddess Grade Res Sacrae Gem.

- You can use [Res Sacrae Liberation] by consuming [RP] when equipping Cyan Gem/Magenta Gem on [Res Sacrae].

- You can charge [RP] by consuming [Ectonite]. (Charge 10 RP per 1 Ectonite)
- When using [Res Sacrae Liberation] skill, the appearance of the equipped weapon will change into [Giltine Weapon] and effect activates according to the type of Res Sacrae Gem equipped.


Res Sacrae Quest

- You can obtain [Breath of Power] required to level up Res Sacrae by completing Res Sacrae Quest.

Category Details
How to Proceed


- Res Sacrae Quest consists of [Daily] Quest and [Weekly] Quest and you can obtain the reward of the category when completing a certain number of quests in each category of quests.


- Check the information of each quest by hovering the mouse over the Res Sacrae list in the Quest window. You can check the progress by hovering the mouse over the Progress Rate(%).
- You can obtain [Breath of Power] when completing the quest.


Reset Schedule - The reset schedule of the Res Sacrae Quest are as follows
Daily Quest: 6 AM every day
Weekly Quest, Category Quest: 6 AM every Monday

- Res Sacrae Quest renews aperiodically.
- Each Res Sacrae Quest resets only when the reward is obtained.

※ The progress does not reset as the [Weekly] quest of Reputation quest.
ex1) When the progress of [Daily] Defeat Monsters is 100% and the reward is not received on Monday, the corresponding quest won't reset on Tuesday at 6 am.
ex2) When the progress of [Daily] Defeat Monsters is 90% on Monday, the corresponding quest won't reset on Tuesday at 6 am.



Res Sacrae Raid: Auto Match

- Obtain [Breath of Power] and Res Sacrae Gem Cube which is required for developing Res Sacrae equipment by clearing Res Sacrae Raid, a 5 member instanced dungeon.

Category Details
How to Enter

- Enter via Contents Status Board(F10) - Raid tab.
- You can enter by Auto Match in towns and fields.

※ Up to 2 party members can be matched together in Auto Match.
※ Cannot 'Match 2 to 4 Players'.

Entry Level Character Lv. 458 or above
Entry Count

- 2 times per team weekly

※ Additional entry vouchers can be purchased in Mercenary Badge Shop and 1 entry count increases when consuming the voucher.
※ Entry count resets at 6 AM every Monday.

How to Proceed

- Party buff and Individual buff can be selected when entering the dungeon, and specific patterns activate in the dungeon.
- Clear the dungeon by defeating every monster in 30 minutes with a total of 5 members, which fails when time is over.

※ Pattern and map changes at every Monday 6 AM.

- In Res Sacrae Raid: Auto Match, equipped equipment cannot be removed when entering the dungeon.
- Buff can be selected when entering the Auto Match. Both Party buff and Individual buff can be selected via UI.

※ Party will share the buff selected by the majority.
※ Individual buff can be selected again when re-entering.


- Basic Reward: Breath of Power x10, Res Sacrae Gem Cube x4

- Additional Reward: 'Recipe- Res Sacrae Raid: Party (Hard) One Entry Voucher' by chance

Important - When entering the raid you cannot move to other locations by using Token Travel / Quest Shortcut / Warp Scroll / Klaipeda Warpstone.
- When entering the dungeon, the equipment cannot be changed. (Does not allow automatic weapon swap.)
- Res Sacrae: Auto Match - Specific skill use is limited. (Equal to the existing raid's skill limitation)
- Res Sacrae: Auto Match - Skill Scroll cannot be used.
- Damage increase effect and damage received decrease effect caused by Glacia Legenda activates in Res Sacrae Dungeon.


- You can enter Res Sacrae Raid when the following conditions are met.

Category Auto Match
Main Weapon Legend Lv.440 10 ENH 8 TRA
Fixed Ichor Vaivora Lv.1
Sub-weapon Legend Lv.440 10 ENH 8 TRA
Fixed Ichor Lv.380
Armor Legend Lv.440 10 ENH 8 TRA
Fixed Ichor Lv.430
Accessory Legend Lv.350
(Can't be substituted with Botanic Accessories)
Seal Boruta Seal Lv.1
Ark Quest/Crafted Ark Lv.5
Res Sacrae Equip Res Sacrae
Set Item Possess Set Item
High Attribute Not limited


- Contents Point/Class Point is stacked when Clearing Res Sacrae Raid.

Category Point
Contents Point 20
Class Point 20


Res Sacrae Raid: Party (Hard)

Category Details
How to Enter - You can enter via Content Status Board (F10) - Raid tab.
- Can be entered in party from towns and fields.
※ Match with the members you wish by 'Auto Match with Party'.
※ 'Match 2 to 4 Players' is unavailable.
Entry Level Character lv.458 or above
Entry Count - Does not provide the weekly basic entry count
- 1 additional entry count increases by consuming Res Sacrae Raid: Party (Hard) One Entry Voucher (Max. 2 times)
Procedure - [Res Sacrae Raid: Auto Match] and [Res Sacrae Raid: Party (Hard)] do not share the entry count.
- It is cleared when defeating all monsters within 15 minutes by entering with 5 users maximum, and fails when time is over.
- You can select and receive Individual buffs when entering the Dungeon. Specific pattern activates in the Dungeon.
※ Pattern, map, and entry count changes every Monday at 6 AM.

- Breath of Power x75
- Res Sacrae Gem Cube x8
- Breath of Power Purifier x8
※ Breath of Power Purifier: Can be used as a material of purifying Breath of Power, 1 purifier is needed to purify 1 Breath of Power

- Following item can be received additionally by each chance when clearing Party (Hard).
▶ Item you can get: Res Sacrae Gem Cube x5, Legend Black Gem Cube, Legend Cyan Gem Cube, Legend Magenta Gem Cube, Goddess Magenta Gem Cube

Important - Cannot move area by using Token Travel/Quest Shortcut/Warp Scroll/Klaipeda Warpstone when entering the Dungeon.
- Unable to change equipped equipment when entering the Dungeon. (Able to auto swap.)
- Specific skills cannot be used. (Equal to existing raid's Skill Limitation)
- Unable to use Skill Scroll.
- Effect that increases the damage and decreases damage received by Glacia Legenda equipment is applied.


- Following conditions need to be met in order to enter Res Sacrae Raid: Party (Hard).

Category Auto Match (Hard)
Main Weapon Legend Lv.440 11 ENH 10 TRA
Fixed Ichor Vaivora Lv.1
Subweapon Legend Lv.440 11 ENH 10 TRA
Fixed Ichor Lv.380
Armor Glacia Legenda Armor
Legend Lv.440 11 ENH 10 TRA
Goddess'/Demon God's Fixed Ichor
Accessory Legend Lv.430
Seal Boruta Seal Lv.3
Ark Crafted Ark Lv.6
Res Sacrae Equip Res Sacrae
Set Item Possess Set Item
Enhanced Attribute     Enhanced Attribute LV.20 x3 or more


- Contents Point/Class Change Points accumulate when clearing the Res Sacrae Raid: Party (Hard).

Category Auto Match (Hard)
Contents Point 30
Class Change Points 30


※ Items needed for crafting [Res Sacrae Raid: Party (Hard) One Entry Voucher] are as follows.

> Recipe - Res Sacrae Raid: Party (Hard) One Entry Voucher x1 + Raid Portal Stone x50



※ The content above may change due to updates and modifications.