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Heroic Tale


- Heroic Tale is casual content that does not require a condition other than character level. The stages must be cleared within the time limit of 30 minutes.

- You can proceed with the Heroic Tale Tutorial from the NPC [Mysterious Storyteller] in Klaipeda to check the content process.

▶  Heroic Tale can be proceeded regardless of the tutorial process.

- When one or more condition below is met, additional party members can not enter and re-entering is unavailable.

1) 5 minutes after the party member first entered the stage

2) After starting Stage 1


How to Enter


- Entry Level: Character Lv.450 or above

- You can enter from the Contents Status Board [F10] after purchasing the entry voucher from the Mercenary Badge Shop. (Can be purchased 3 times a week per team)

- When you exchange [Heroic Tale One Entry Voucher] from Mercenary Badge Shop, the entry voucher is not given to the inventory, but the number of entry count increases. (When the number of entry count is 1 or more, the entry voucher cannot be exchanged.

- Entry Count of the Heroic Tale is deducted after clearing and receiving the reward.

- You can check the main monster information and map information (mission, map pattern) from the Contents Status Board.

- Select either Auto Match, Party Match, or Enter Now to enter Heroic Tale.

- Difficulty will be adjusted according to the number of people in each stage. (Buff applied according to the changed party member on the next stage, if a member leaves during mid-way)


Applied Effect

Obtains '[Heroic Tale] Heroic Power' buff (Damage received -10% per stack)
▶ Number of stacks = 5 - Number of players

Bonus life x1 is given when proceeding with the content by solo

Maximum HP of the monsters increases by (number of party members*100%)

※ Cannot enter when the ranking is calculated: every Saturday from 0 ~ 6 AM.


How to Proceed


- In Heroic Tale, you must clear a total of 5 stages, one by one, after the preparation stage.

※ You will resurrect on the spot after a certain period of time when becomes incapable of battle.

- Upon entering Heroic Tale, the equipment of the character is disarmed and the Title/Card effect/Enhance Attribute(Enhanced Upgrade Arts, Common Attribute included) is deactivated.

- 5% additional damage is applied in Heroic Tale.- When leaving the Heroic Tale area, exclusive item/buff/point will be removed and reset.

- Upon entering Heroic Tale, [Heroic Tale] Recovery Drink x1 and [Heroic Tale] Equipment Summon Voucher x2 are given.
- [Heroic Tale] Recovery Drink recovers 20% of HP and 40% of SP instantly and 1% of HP와 SP per second for 10 seconds.
※ These items can only be used during the Heroic Stage and item is retrieved when leaving the area.
- You can not equip normal equipment in Heroic Stage. You must purchase the exclusive equipments from NPC [Lost Story] in preparation stage by using [Heroic Tale] Equipment Summon Voucher.
▶ Main/Sub Weapon: 1 each

▶ Necklace: 3

- 3 [Heroic Tale] Equipment Summon Voucher is given additionally before starting Stage 3.

- After 3 [Heroic Tale] Equipment Summon Voucher is given additionally, the items sold in the shop changes to necklace. (Weapon purchase unavailable).


- During [Preparation Stage], you can prepare the character by changing property, enhancing equipment, purchasing and upgrading buff with the heroic points.

- You can obtain the points used in the Heroic Tale by the following.



Upon Entering

10,000 points

Hunting monster

min.120 points

max.140 points

Clear Stage


Clear Boss Stage

15,000 points

Mission Clear

5,000 points

※ Points acquired by hunting monster varies according to the area of the Heroic Tale.


- Stage begins 30 seconds after the majority of the character entering is ready, and starts right away when every character is ready.

- Monster with 1 of either Bless, Nature, and Corruptive property spawns when the stage starts. Enhance buff is applied randomly to the monsters and stat, buff, pattern of the monster changes according to the stage.


1~2 Stage

Monster with 1 of 3 properties spawn randomly
Random 1 stage buff

3~4 Stage

Monster with 1 of 3 properties spawn randomly
Increases monster's basic stats
Random 2 stage buffs
1 map pattern

5 Stage

Monster with 1 of 3 properties spawn randomly
Increases monster's basic stats
Random 3 stage buffs
2 map patterns


- 1 mission proceeds per each stage.

- The objective of the mission is written on the right, and this changes according to the area. 5,000 points are given when clearing the mission.


- The type, property, and defense type outside is not applied to the monsters in Heroic Tale. The Compatibility is decided according to the property and enhance buff of Heroic Tale.

- You can check the property and enhance buff of the monster at the start of the stage.

- You can check the current status of the Stage and Property/Compatibility/Enhance Info. of the monster at the bottom of the window.


- The property and buff of the boss monster is equal to the monsters of that stage, and you can check the location of the boss monster from the mini map.

- However, the property of the last boss monster of Stage 5 is always 'Chaos'.

- Special monster that specializes in the pattern of each map spawns according to the map. (Equal Property of the monsters in the stage)

- 1 of the following reward will be given by each chance when hunting 'Golden Monster' during the stage. The reward is given to all characters but it may differ by character.

▶ 5,000 points / 10,000 points / 20,000 points / Random Hidden buff / Chaos property

※ 'Golden Monster' spawns once per total stage.


Preparation stage (Property/Enhancement/Buff/Point Coupon)


- Preparation stage is given when clearing 1 Heroic Tale Stage.

- You can change character property/purchase buff/enhance equipment during the preparation stage.



- You can select the property of the monster upon entering Heroic Tale. The first selection is free but 3,000 points are consumed when changing property afterwards.
- UI appears when clicking [Property], and you can select and change to either Bless, Nature, and Corruptive property by clicking the icon.
- The compatibilty applied in Heroic Tale is as follows.


- Compatibilty is applied according to the property of the monster.
※ Number of party members (Max. 5)




Final Damage +15% * Number of party members with the same property
Critical Rate +15% * Number of party members with the same property

Reverse Compatibilty

Final Damage -12% * Number of party members with the same property * 3
Critical Rate -12% * Number of party members with the same property * 3
Accuracy -2 + Number of party members with the same property * 3
Block Penetration -2 + Number of party members with the same property * 3





- During preparation stage, you can enhance the exclusive equipment by using points. (Maximum 2 per equipment)


- UI appears when clicking [Enhance]. Click the 'Add' button ()at the bottom of the equipment to add a random stat to the equipment. (Does not change to a stat equal to previous stat.)

- There are unique(70%), legend(25%), and goddess(5%) rank in the random stats, and it is applied according to each chance.

- 2,500 points are consumed when adding stats to the equipment and 5,000 points are consumed when adding a second stat.

- The random stats applied to the equipment can be changed by clicking 'Reset'(), and 5,000 points are consumed to do so.





- Purchase the buffs prepared to deal with the monsters specialized for the Heroic Tale.

- You can set the buff to apply from the check box, and can change the buff applied from the UI at the left-above even when it is not preparation stage.

※ However, a duration of 10 seconds are applied when changing buffs.

- Click the buff button in the UI to enhance buff by purchasing, combining and upgrading the buff.


▶ Purchase Buff

- Enter the buff shop by clicking the shop button and purchase the buff you wish by clicking the buff from the list.

- The purchased buff can be checked from the Current Buff list. When you have purchased 3 buffs, you can not purchase any more.


▶ Buff Combination

- You can combine buffs by registering the buff you wish from the buff list and the Current Buff list. Right-click to register buff.

- When combining buff, the points for each buff used as an ingredient is added and consumed. 0 points are consumed when combining buff you have already purchased.

- Click the ‘Combination Formula’ to check the Combination Formula.

- Place the mouse over to check the price consumed for the combination.

- Combined buff is moved instantly to the current buff, and can not combine any longer when there are 3 current buffs.

- 'Hidden Buff' is added in the buff shop by a low chance when combining buffs.


▶Buff Upgrade

- Click the "" button to upgrade the buff.

- 1,000 points are consumed to upgrade buff and can be upgraded up to 5 times.

- Hidden and certain buffs can not be upgraded.

▶Sell Buff

- You can sell the buff by pressing button next to the buff you have at the Buff Shop.

- Can not sell buffs currently in use. Please uncheck the buff from the list to sell.

- 20% of the buff cost will be given when selling the buff. If the buff sold is a combination buff, 20% of the combined price of buffs used in the combination will be given.

[Point Coupon]

- Use a coupon that doubles the point obtained from the [Point Coupon] UI.

- Point Coupon can be used after clearing Stage 1.

- There are 4 types (1,000/5,000/10,000/ALL IN) of Point Coupons. Obtains x2 the points used at success and loses the points used at failure.

- ALL IN coupon can be used only once during the total stages.

- Point Coupon can only be used during the preparation stage.




- Ranking is calculated according to the clear time of the Heroic Tale Stages. (Minimum 100 score)

▶ Ranking score + (((Time Limit(ms) - Time Cleared(ms)))^1.5)/1000 + remaining point ranking bonus

- The Time Cleared per each stage is added and you can check the time cleared/total time of the stage by system message at the end of each stage.

- Bonus score is given in the order of the remaining points in the party at the end of the Heroic Tale.


5 score


4 score


3 score


2 score


1 score


- Check the ranking and reward per ranking from the Contents Status Board [F10].

※ Preparation Stage is not included in the time cleared.

※ Ranking is not registered when failing to clear the final stage.

※ Ranking is only registered when entering by Auto Match.




▶ Clear Reward

- All of the following items are given when clearing Heroic Tale.

→ Goddess Token (Gabija): 10,000 x1, Attribute Points 1,000 x1, Mystic Tome x2

▶ Ranking Reward

- Reward is given according to the Ranking


Hero's Memory (7 Days)
Goddess Token (Gabija): 10,000 x4


Goddess Token (Gabija): 10,000 x2


Goddess Token (Gabija): 10,000 x1

※ You can not use Hero's Memory (7 Days) in PvP areas or while moving.

※ Hero's Memory (7 Days) will be given to the inventory. It is a buff item that can be registered in the Shortcut and is not consumed at use.

※ Apply [Hero's Memory] buff to you and your party members by right-clicking the item.

▶ Damage received from monster -10% (Duration: 10 minutes)


Achievement and Title


Achievement and Title will be given according to the number of Heroic Tale cleared.


Heroic Tale Cleared once

Nameless Hero

Heroic Tale Cleared 150 times

※ Only Image title for 150 times clear reward