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Remnants of Bernice

Remnants of Bernice Dungeon


- Remnants of Bernice Dungeon is solo content that selects an entry stage and defeats the monsters appearing on the stage.

- You can play the content via Contents Status Board (F10).

▶ Only characters with lv.400 or above can play Remnants of Bernice Dungeon.



How to Enter




Entry Level

Character Lv.400 or above

How to Enter

- You can enter 1 time per team weekly, and you can select the stage to enter via Contents Status Board [F10].
※ You cannot enter the dungeon every Monday at 5 AM to 6 AM.
- You can select a stage 5 stages higher than the highest stage you have cleared.
※ For the first time, you can only choose stage 1~5.
- Even at the end of the season, the highest stage record will not reset. (A stage lower than the highest stage can also be selected.)
- Use [Remnants of Bernice Dungeon One Entry Voucher] to enter once more per week.
- [Remnants of Bernice Dungeon One Entry Voucher] can be obtained via Mercenary Badge Shop.

How to Progress

- Preparation time will be given upon entering the dungeon, and monster wave will start once the preparation time ends.

- Each wave process every 20 seconds and the next wave starts right away once there are no monsters left.

- Normal monsters are summoned in wave 1~7, and boss monster is summoned in wave 8.

- There are 4 Life Essence in the dungeon. 50% of HP will be recovered when you interact with Life Essence.

- Stage is cleared by killing all wave monsters within 3 minutes of time limit.

- Fails when the character becomes incapable of combat or exceeds the time limit.

- [Challenge Remnants of Bernice Dungeon] buff is applied for 15 minutes when entering the Remnants of Bernice Dungeon, and the buff removes when failing the dungeon or when it ends.

- When it ends abnormally, you can re-enter after [Challenge Remnants of Bernice Dungeon] duration ends.


Ranking is set based on the following criteria.

1 Rank) The higher the stage is cleared

2 Rank) The faster the stage is cleared

3 Rank) The faster you get into the ranking

Reward Item

- [Mercenary Badge] will be given according to the previous week's cleared stage when the season ends.

※ Season Resets every Monday at 6 AM, you can receive reward every Monday at 9 AM

- [Dimensional Incense Burner] will be given to the Top 3 saviors per each class as equal as before.

- When you clear the selected stage, you can enhance the Aether Gem via Kupole NPC. Aether Gem can be enhanced only when clearing the Remnants of Bernice Dungeon.

- Both equipped Aether Gem and Aether Gem stored in the inventory can be enhanced.


- Success rate of Enhancement is applied according to the level of Aether Gem and the cleared stage. Aether Gem can be enhanced up to 5 times, and there is no fee for enhancing.

- When enhancing, increases designated stat (STR, INT, DEX, SPR, CON) of Aether gem by 2 per 1 level.

※ Aether Gem can be obtained via Bounty Hunter.



Ranking and Reward


- Click [Rank/Reward Guide] to check the ranking board.


- You can increase your record every week in the record board, and up to 3rd rank per class will get the reward.

- You can receive ranking/participation reward by clicking [Claim Last Week's Rewards]

※ Even you are in various classes rank, you can only receive once. (the highest rank)

- Rank is set according to the stage you've reached. Season resets every Monday at 6 AM and you can receive a reward every Monday at 9 AM.

- You can exchange [Mercenary Badge] for useful items via [Mercenary Badge Shop] in the towns.

▶ Be aware that some of the items have daily purchase limits.


- You can see the total ranking that hasn't been reset by clicking [Overall Ranking] in the ranking board.

※ Reward won't be given for Overall ranking.



Exchange Remnants of Bernice Coin for Mercenary Badge


- You can exchange Remnants of Bernice Coin into Mercenary Badge by clicking [Exchange Coins].