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Remnants of Bernice

1. Overview

-Remnants of Bernice is a new solo dungeon where you can compete with other players on the weekly rankings.
-Only characters of level 300 or above can enter the dungeon.
-The dungeon can only be entered solo.
-There is no limit to the number of times the dungeon can be entered.
-Defeat all monsters that appear to progress to the next stage.
-Try to reach the highest stage possible within 15 minutes.
-Your rank will be determined by the highest stage you have reached for the week.

2. How to Enter

-Ask the Oracle Master in Klaipeda about the Other Dimension to enter the dungeon.
-Ask the Oracle Master about 'The people who have entered the Other Dimension' to check the ranking board.
-Ranks will be reset every Monday at 06:00 (server time).
-Players can receive the rewards for their rank of the previous week from the Oracle Master starting from Monday at 09:00 (server time).

3. Rewards

-Top 10 rankers will receive Dimensional Incense Burners.
-All participating players will receive Keistas Restoration Potion Lv 3.
-Using a Dimensional Incense Burner will apply a buff of increased Looting Chance, max. HP/SP and HP/SP recovery rates to the player and nearby characters.
-You must remain near the player who has used the Dimensional Incense Burner for 15 seconds to receive the buff.
-Dimensional Incense Burner is a timed item that is available for 7 days and can be used once per day in the cities of Klaipeda, Orsha and Fedimian.



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