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Unique Raid Dungeon

Unique Raid Dungeon


- Press [F10] or enter ‘/indun’ on the chat window to see the instance dungeon window, and you can also check the details about the dungeon.

- Depending on the dungeon, only characters with level 330/380/400/420/440 or higher can enter the Unique Raid Dungeons.




[Entry requirements]


- There are no limits on the entry counts, but you must possess [Raid Portal Stone] to enter.


- [Raid Portal Stone] will be consumed when receiving the final reward of the dungeon, and the number of stones needed for entry increases per every additional entry.
- Number of portal stones needed for entry reset every 6 AM. 




- Silver and EXP cannot be obtained in the Unique Raid.

- Effect of [Instance Clear Voucher], [Instanced Dungeon Multiply Token], [Instanced Dungeon Reset Voucher] does not apply in the Unique Raid.

- Some skills are limited to be used in the Unique Raid. 




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Location of the Unique Raid Entry


- The location and entry requirements of each Unique Raid are as follows.


Name of Unique Raid Location Entry requirements Number of stone needed
Former Fantasy Library: Sausis Room 9 Zima Suecourt - Lv.330 or above 4
First Shelter Nobreer Forest - Lv.330 or above 2
Asiomage Testing Grounds Freenel Memorial - Lv.380 or above 4
Magic Research Facility Starry Town - Lv.380 or above 4
Astral Tower Closed Quarters Astral Tower 4F - Lv.380 or above 4
Tomb of the White Crow: Unique Rasvoy Lake  - Lv.400 or above
- Clear [From a Mistake to a Threat] quest
Lepidoptera Junction Stele Road - Lv.420 or above
- Clear [Unpredictable Movement] quest
White Witch's Forest Stogas Plateau - Lv.440 or above
- Clear [White Witch's Forest] quest



※ Starting location of Entry requirement 

Quest Name Location NPC
From a Mistake to a Threat Rasvoy Lake Eclipse Ubik
Unpredictable Movement Stele Road Lucid Winterspoon
White Witch's Forest Stogas Plateau Zofija Eleonora



- You can move to the Unique Raid you want via Contents Status Board (F10).



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Unique Raid: Solo Mode


- It is content with difficulty lower than the Original Unique Raid: party mode with 5 saviors and the reward is [Boss Spirit Fragment] of the corresponding Raid.


Difference with Original Unique Raid

- HP of a regular monster is 50% lower.

- The difficulty of Gimmick in each raid is adjusted to match the casual mode.

- Reward : 1 piece of Boss Spirit Fragment drops at each Unique Raid.

- Enter via [Unique Raid: Solo Mode].

- The item needed to enter [Unique Raid: Casual Mode] is equal to the regular mode, but the number needed halves and does not increase per every entry. (consumption number is fixed) 



[Goddess' Blessing] event starts when clearing the Unique Raid: Casual.


- 9,500 silver will be consumed when used, and cannot be used when there is a lack of silver.

- [Goddess’ Blessing] event lasts for 1 minute and it ends when the time is over or when you move the map.

- Items can be obtained by each chance from the Goddess’ Blessing event.


Dungeon Name Obtainable Item
First Shelter : Unique Spirit Fragment: Prodigious Kugheri Balzermancer x1
Spirit Fragment: Prodigious Kugheri Balzermancer x30
Prodigious Kugheri Balzermancer Card
Former Fantasy Library : Sausis Room 9: Unique Spirit Fragment: Froster Lord x1
Spirit Fragment: Froster Lord x60
Demon Lord Froster Card
Magic Research Facility : Unique Spirit Fragment: Wastrel x1
Spirit Fragment: Wastrel x60
Wastrel Card
Asiomage Testing Grounds : Unique Spirit Fragment: Asiomage x1
Spirit Fragment: Asiomage x60
Asiomage Card
Astral Tower Closed Quarters : Unique Spirit Fragment: Ignas x1
Spirit Fragment: Ignas x160
Ignas Card
Tomb of the White Crow : Unique Spirit Fragment: Skiaclipse x1
Spirit Fragment: Skiaclipse x150
Lepidoptera Junction : Unique Spirit Fragment: Moringponia x1
Spirit Fragment: Moringponia x60
Pyrmas Tantalizer Helmet Costume
Pyrmas Moringponia Helmet Costume
Antras Tantalizer Helmet Costume
Antras Moringponia Helmet Costume
White Witch's Forest : Unique Spirit Fragment : Glacia x1
Spirit Fragment : Glacia x150



- Ripped Attribute Point Ticket 1,000 and Practonium are added as common rewards in every dungeon.

- Collect 100 of Ripped Attribute Point Ticket 1,000 and use it to obtain Attribute Point: 1,000.

- World message appears when obtaining 30 or more of Spirit Fragment, Legend Card, Costume.




※ The contents above may change depending on the update.