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Unique Raid Dungeon

-Unique Raid Dungeons are open to characters of Lv. 330 and above.
-Unique Raid Dungeons do not have an entry limit, but you are required to have 'Raid Portal Stones' to enter.
-Raid Portal Stones will be consumed when you obtain the rewards for clearing the Unique Raid Dungeon.
-With subsequent re-entry, the number of Raid Portal Stones required to enter will increase by +1.
-The Raid Portal Stone requirement is reset every morning at 6 AM server time.
-Raid Portal Stones can be obtained as a reward by completing Challenge Mode.
-You can enter the Unique Raid Dungeon by pressing the Space Bar in front of the entrance in Norbeer Forest.
-You cannot earn EXP or silver while doing the Unique Raid Dungeon.
-Entry reset vouchers, Multiply Mode and Instance Clear Vouchers cannot be used with Unique Raid Dungeons.
-Upon first time entry, you are required to have 4 Raid Portal Stones.
-You will receive a cube for clearing the dungeon by defeating the dungeon's boss.
-You will be able to obtain powerful recipes and other items by opening the reward cubes