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Adventure Journal

Adventure Journal

- You can check your achievement status of in-game contents.

- Press F4 or click the book icon on the bottom side of the screen to open the Adventure Journal.

- Adventure Journal score is accumulated by team.

- Open the Adventure Journal by pressing [F4] button or via [Wings of Vaivora] NPC in Klaipeda/Orsha to see the score for each category and rankings.

- From the menu on the right and left of the Adventure Journal UI, you can see the detailed score for each category, and ranking for Adventure Journal and Team Battle League.

- The score for Monsters, Items, Crafting, Life, Dungeons reset every 1st of the month.

※ Growth and Exploration do not reset.

- Items that can be obtained via events are not registered in the Adventure Journal.

- Please refer to the Reward category for the Adventure Journal rewards.


Adventure Journal Category

1. Monsters

- Points accumulate every time you defeat a certain amount of regular or boss monsters.

- When the number of defeats fills up, a new count will start.

ex. When you complete the number of defeating the monsters for stage 1, the number of defeat does not reset but accumulates and move on to the next stage.

- The Monster tab includes details about monsters such as types, properties, defense types, dropped items, etc.

- You can search for item names or areas in the search bar to look up related monsters. 

2. Items

-  Item-related points are accumulated the same way as Monsters category. 

- You can use the search function to look up items by type.
- Event items, items obtained via trade, market, or so are not included in the Adventure Journal score.

3. Crafting

- You can score by crafting an item.

- When you craft an item listed in the Crafting category, it will be registered in the Adventure Journal. The score can be earned only once per item.



4. Life

- Life category is divided into Personal Shop and Fishing.

- Shop points are earned through Weapon Maintenance, Armor Maintenance, Repair, Appraiser, Spell Shop, Switch Gender, Gem Roasting and Enchant Armor.

- Fishing points are earned only when you catch fish.

5. Dungeons

- Points are earned by completing dungeons including Instanced Dungeons, Mercenary Post missions, Saalus Convent missions, Fantasy Library, and Earth Tower.


6. Growth

- Displays info about your characters and companions.

- The right side shows your characters' classes and the Class you have shines. Hover the cursor on a class to display related information.

- Score differs by team level. Additional 50 points can be earned per 1 class. (Additional points per class cannot be overlapped)

- When you delete a character, the points earned by that character will be deducted and the class icon no longer shines.

- Even when the Adventure Journal Growth point deducts, the reward per stage can be received only once.

7. Exploration


A. Map Exploration

- You can see the overall Map Exploration.

- Score can be earned according to the Exploration rate.

B. Quest/Achievement

- Every quest that can be proceeded appears. When you click the quest, a list of characters who've cleared the quest will appear.

- Tou can earn a score by completing the quest.

- You can see the information about achievement on the right side of the page, and earn scores according to the completed achievement.

- Up to 5 achievements can be checked and the recently cleared achievement will appear on the top.


C. Collection

- You can see collection info and earn scores according to the number of registered items and completion rate of the collection.

- Reward will be given according to the ranking every 1st of the month. The 1st ranker will receive Title - First-rate Adventurer(7 Days), and the 1st ranker who consumed the most items will receive Title: Thrifty Savior (7 Days).


Ranking Reward

[Ranking Rewrad]


- You can receive it via [Wings of Vaivora] NPC on the 1st~10th of every month.

- Companion Voucher can be exchanged for a Companion via [Wings of Vaivora] NPC.

※ 20 Companion Voucher is needed for the exchange.
- Companions to exchange will be changed occasionality.

Rank Reward
1st ~ 10th Companion Voucher x12
500,000 Silver
x4 EXP Tome x3
Instanced Dungeon Multiply Token x3
Attribute Points: 1,000 x2
11th ~ 100th Companion Voucher x7
300,000 Silver
x4 EXP Tome x3
Instanced Dungeon Multiply Token x3
Attribute Points: 1,000 x1
101th ~ 200th Companion Voucher x5
200,000 Silver
x4 EXP Tome x2
Instanced Dungeon Multiply Token x2
Attribute Points: 500 x1
201th ~ 300th Companion Voucher x4
100,000 Silver
x4 EXP Tome x1
Attribute Points: 100 x3


Reward for Growth, Exploration

- Reward for Growth and Exploration can be received according to the level.
- Reward for Growth and Exploration can be received by clicking on the Treasure Chest after talking to the [Wings of Vaivora NPC].
- You cannot receive the reward by pressing [F4] to open the Adventure Journal.

[Growth Reward]

Level Reward
Lv.1 Soul Crystal x10
Warp Scroll x5
Lv.2 EXP Tome x3
Token: 7 Days [Event]
Lv.3 Attribute Points: 100 x1
Lv.4 Instanced Dungeon Multiply Token x2
Lv.5 Skill Reset Potion x1
Lv.6 Explorer's Red Flower Headgear x1
Enchant Scroll x3
Lv.7 Skill Reset Potion x1
Lv.8 Team Storage Expansion Voucher +1 x1
Lv.9 Enchant Scroll x10
Lv.10 Attribute Points: 500 x1
Lv.11 Stat Reset Potion x1
Lv.12 Enhancement Coupon: 100,000 Silver x10
Lv.13 Class Change Voucher Lv.4 x1
Title: Steady Savior
Lv.14 Attribute Points: 1000 x1
Lv.15 Team Storage Expansion Voucher +2 x1
Lv.16 Enhancement Coupon: 100,000 Silver x15
Lv.17 Title: Sturdy Savior

[Exploration Reward]

Level Reward
Lv.1 Warp Scroll x10
Lv.2 Soul Crystal x10
Lv.3 Goddess Sculpture x3
Lv.4 Miracle Seeds x5
Lv.5 Instanced Dungeon Multiply Token x2
Lv.6 Token: 7 Days [Event] x1
Lv.7 Attribute Points: 100 x2
Lv.8 5-Star Gem Abrasive x5
Lv.9 Team Storage Expansion Voucher +1 x1
Lv.10 Enhancement Coupon: 100,000 Silver x5
Lv.11 Golden Anvil x1
Lv.12 Attribute Points: 500 x1
Lv.13 Team Storage Expansion Voucher +1 x1
Lv.14 Attribute Points: 1000 x1
Lv.15 Team Storage Expansion Voucher +1 x1
Golden Anvil x1
Lv.16 Enhancement Coupon: 100,000 Silver x10
Lv.17 Explorer's Rosa Rugosa x1
Title: Journal Recordist
Lv.18 Golden Anvil x1
Team Storage Expansion Voucher +1 x1
Lv.19 Attribute Points: 1000 x2
Bamboo Fishing Rod x1
Lv.20 Explorer's Fedora x1
Title: Outstanding Recordist


※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications.