Got the basics down? : Useful Functions For Everyone

Party Matching

1. Create Party


-Press the [F6] key or party icon on the bottom of the screen to open the Party window.

- Press Create button below to create a party.


- You can change the party name and description after creating the party.

- Enter the party name and description you want to change and press Save for a change.




2. Invite to Party


-You can invite other players to your party by inserting a [Party Invite Tag] in a chat message.


-You can also right-click another character to invite them to your party.

※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications.




3. Party Settings


- You can change party settings by pressing [F6] - [Settings] tab.


[Party Settings] 

1. Item Distribution

① Individual: Each player gets the items dropped from the hunted monsters.

② Round Robin: The first dropped item goes to player 1, the second dropped item goes to player 2, and so on.

③ Random: Each dropped item goes to a random player.


2. EXP Distribution


① Individual EXP: Each player gets only the EXP obtained from hunting the monsters themselves.

② Round Robin: EXp is distributed evenly between all the party members, and nearby party members can level up even if they don't hunt.

③ Random: EXP is distributed in order by the level of each character. This method is used to boost low-level characters.


3. Quest Sharing


This function allows you to share quests with your party members. When this function is not being used, each character will simply have their own individual quests.

When this function is active, your party members' quests will display in the map information and you will be able to play them.


※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications.