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Bounty Hunt


- Bounty Hunt is a solo content that requires you to reach the target area and defeat the Boss Monster within 30 minutes.



1. How to play



Entry Level

Character Lv.460 or above

How to Enter

- You can start the Bounty Hunt from the NPC [Wanted Board] in each town and a Written Order is required to start.

- Each Written Order can only be used in each town and this can be obtained by hunting monsters in a certain area. (Obtain when hunting evey monsters)
▶ Written Order Acquisition Area: Ashaq Underground Prison 1F, Ashaq Underground Prison 2F, Ashaq Underground Prison Containment Area
▶ Type of Written Order: [Lv.460] Written Order - Klaipeda, [Lv.460] Written Order - Orsha, [Lv.460] Written Order - Fedimian

※ Written Order can only be moved via Team Storage.
※ The level of monster the spawns in the Bounty Hunt is equal to the level of the Written Order, and the level of the character must be equal or above the level of the Written Order to proceed.

How to Proceed

- Bounty Hunt starts when using the Written Order, and the quest UI at the right changes to the Bounty Hunt UI.

- The Bounty Hunt area depends on the starting town.

Starting Town



Michmas Temple

Sunset Flag Forest

Mokusul Chamber

Demon Prison District 5

Khamadon Forest


Spring Light Woods

West Siauliai Woods

Sirdgela Forest

Septyni Glen

Nazarene Tower


Phamer Forest

Royal Mausoleum 5F

Spell Tome Town

Royal Mausoleum Storage

Neighport Church East Building


- During the Bounty Hunt, wanted monster appears nearby the character in the field. You cannot move to another city unless you defeat all the wanted monsters.


- You can check the remaining wanted monsters by the [Combating in Bounty Hunt] buff stacks.


- Once you reach the destination, wanted monsters do not appear but the Bounty Hunt Boss monster appears in a random location. (Location of the Boss monster does not show in the mini map.)


- 4 kinds of boss monsters are summoned.


- Other characters can see the summoned boss monster but they can not give damage or apply debuff.



- Time Limit stops when disconnecting during Bounty Hunt.

- You can leave the Bounty Hunt by right-clicking the buff in the left-above or clicking [X] at the Bounty Hunt Quest UI.

- Written Order consumed is not given back when leaving mid-way or failing.

- Swift Movement function is unavailable during Bounty Hunt and you must move to the destination by yourself.

▶ Limited: Warp Scroll, Warpstone, Token Travel, Moving by Contents Status Board, Sage’s Portal Shop, Moving by Quest Competition, Statue of Goddess Vakarine, Statue of Goddess in each town, Guild Master moving to Guild Member, Guild Master summoning Guild Member, Contents Auto Match, Entering Bernice Dungeon, Entering Field Challenge Mode, Moving to Guild Hangout, Moving to Personal Housing, Participating in Guild Mission



2. Reward


- You can obtain all of the rewards in each rank according to the chance per rank when defeating the boss monster.



- Goddess Token (Gabija) : 10,000 x3

- Breath of Power x200

- [Lv.460] Aether Gem Fragment x10

- [Lv.460] Aether Gem Socket Key x1


- Goddess Token (Gabija) : 10,000 x1

- Breath of Power x100

- [Lv.460] Aether Gem Fragment x5

- [Lv.460] Aether Gem Socket Key x1


- Goddess Token (Gabija) : 5,000 x1

- Breath of Power x50

- [Lv.460] Aether Gem Fragment x2


- Goddess Token (Gabija) : 1,000 x3

- Breath of Power x25

- [Lv.460] Aether Gem Fragment x1


※ By right-clicking 20 [Lv.460] Aether Gem Fragment, you can obtain 1 of the 5 types of Aether Gem by chance.

[Lv.460] Aether Gem - STR
[Lv.460] Aether Gem - INT
[Lv.460] Aether Gem - DEX
[Lv.460] Aether Gem - SPR
[Lv.460] Aether Gem - CON


- You can enhance the Aether Gem by clearing stages in [Remnants of Bernice Dungeon], and the fixed stat (STR, INT, AGI, SPR, CON) of the Aether Gem increases by 2 per level when enhanced.



3. Superior Bounty Hunt





Entry Level

Character with Gear score 480 or above

How to enter

- [Lv.460] Superior Written Order can be used at the designated towns, and can be obtained by killing monsters in a specific area by chance. (can be received by clearing any kind of monsters)



Ashaq Underground Prison 1F

Ashaq Underground Prison 2F

Ashaq Underground Prison Containment Area

Written Orders 

you can get

[Lv.460] Superior Written Order - Klaipeda [Lv.460] Superior Written Order - Orsha

[Lv.460] Superior Written Order - Fedimian

※ Written Order items can only be transferred to the Team Storage.

※ The level of monsters appearing from Bounty Hunt is equal to the Written Order's level. Bounty Hunt cannot be processed when the character's level is lower than the Written Order's level.

How to Proceed

- Area for Superior Bounty Hunt is equal to the original but powerful Wanted monster and 10 Superior Wanted monsters spawns per combat.

- When proceeding the Superior Bounty Hunt, [Demon Merchant] Encounter takes place by chance. (Demon Merchant appear once per 1 Written order)

- [Demon Merchant] encounter can be solved3 ways, and you cannot move outside area before you



- Use the item that Demon Merchant suggests and exchange it to [Lv.460] Aether Gem Catalyst].

- The item that Demon Merchant suggests does not change until the Superior Bounty Hunt ends, and the corresponding material item can be obtained after defeating the Superior Bounty Hunt Boss.




Darus Bantam's Tiny Savings

Darus Bantam

Popo Hibert Walker Schofieldu IV's Crown

Popo Hibert Walker Schofieldu IV

Nightmare Assailant Shoes

Nightmare Assailant

Suspicious Kupole's Leg Hair

Suspicious Kupole

- [Lv.460] Aether Gem Catalyst] can be used when clearing the Remnants of Bernice Dungeon. Maximum enhance count of [Aether Gem Enhancement] increases by 5 each time used.


※ The item that Demon Merchant gives for Barter is fixed to [Lv.460] Aether Gem Catalyst.

- You can succeed or fail in Barter by chance.

- When the barter is a success, you can resolve the Demon Merchant Encounter after receiving [Lv.460] Aether Gem Catalyst. But when the barter is a fail, [Fight/Just leave it] option appears. When selecting [Fight], you can receive [Lv.460] Aether Gem Catalyst] by a certain chance after defeating the Demon Merchant, and when selecting [Just leave it], the Demon Merchant disappears and the encounter will be resolved.



- [Lv.460] Aether Gem Catalyst] can be received by chance when defeating the Demon Marchat.

- When converted to combat mode, you cannot change the option since the combat status remains after re-logging in.



- When selecting [Persuade], 3 options appear. Each option has 50% chance to resolve the Demon Merchant encounter and 50% chance of combat.


- When you defeat the boss monster, you can receive all reward items in each grade by chance for each rank.




- Goddess Token (Gabija): 10,000 x9

- Breath of Power x600

- [Lv.460] Aether Gem Fragment x30

- [Lv.460] Aether Gem Socket Key x2


- Goddess Token (Gabija): 10,000 x3

- Breath of Power x300

- [Lv.460] Aether Gem Fragment 15

- [Lv.460] Aether Gem Socket Key x1


- Goddess Token (Gabija): 5,000 x3

- Breath of Power x150

- [Lv.460] Aether Gem Fragment x6


- Goddess Token (Gabija): 1,000 x9

- Breath of Power x75

- [Lv.460] Aether Gem Fragment x3

※ Collect 20 [Lv.460] Aether Gem Fragment and right-click on it to select and receive 1 of 5 Aether Gems.