Got the basics down? : Useful Functions For Everyone




- Fishing is a living content without level limit that anyone can enjoy.

1. Fishing Spot


- Fishing is available in Klaipeda, Orsha, Fedimian, and Cobalt Forest.

- 'Fishing Rod' and 'Bait' are needed for fishing.

- Purchase a fishing rod and bait from the Fishing Manager Joha in Klaipeda or Fising Shop NPC in Orsha and Fedimian.

-You can succeed or fail each fishing cycle depending on your chances of success.
-If you succeed, you will receive one random item in your Tackle Box. Failing will produce no visible effects.
-Fishing will end when:
    1) You have run out of bait
    2) You have a full Tackle Box
    3) Fished 10 items for the day (10 is the maximum number of items that can be fished per day)
    4) You have clicked the cancel button in the Tackle Box.
-The count for the number of items fished per day will be reset every morning at 6 AM server time.



2. Fishing Items


1. Fishing Rods
- You can buy a fishing rod from the Fishing Manager Joha in Klaipeda, or Fising Shop NPC in Orsha and Fedimian.
- Fishing rods can be used over and over again.

- When you are Lv 20 or above, you can obtain Basic Bait and a Basic Old Fishing Rod by clearing the Fishing Tutorial Quest available from Joha. (once per team)
- Various Fishing Rods can be obtained via Fishing Manager Joha or some events.

2. Bait
-Baits are consumable items required for fishing.
-Fishing will consume 1 bait every 20 seconds automatically from your inventory.
-The kind of bait you use will determine the chance and the type of items obtained during fishing.

 ① Worm, Shrimp, Octopus: Purchase from Fishing Manager NPC 

 ② Small Silver Fish: Obtained by fishing

 ③ [PP] Fancy Worms: Exchanged with Popo points at Popo Shop. 


3. Paste Bait
- Using a Paste Bait will give the user a buff that increases the fishing success rate for 10 minutes.
- The Paste Bait buff will be applied to the Fishing Spot closest to the user will be applied and affect other players fishing in the area as well.
- The Paste Bait buff will be displayed along with other buffs currently affecting the player.
-The Paste Bait can be purchased from Fishing Manager Joha in Klaipeda.

4. Fishing Bonfire

-Fishing Bonfire will reduce the time required for fishing when used near a Fishing Spot.
-Fishing time decreases by 5 seconds.
-Fishing Bonfires can be purchased from Fishing Manager Joha in Klaipeda, and the duration of Fishing Bonfire is 10 minutes.

5. Tackle Box
-The Tackle Box is an inventory that stores items acquired from fishing.
-The Tackle Box can be opened by pressing [Alt] + [F].
-The Tackle Box will be opened automatically when you start fishing and can also be opened by clicking the fish icon on the bottom right of the screen.
-The Tackle Box window can be freely repositioned anywhere on the screen.

- Fishing Cycles increases by up to 5 times per Tackle Box upgrade.

- Consumes TP when upgrading the Tackle Box.

[Before Upgrade]

[After Upgrade]


3. How to Fish


1. Open Inventory [F2] and right-click on the Fishing Rod.

2. Select the bait for fishing.

3. Wait until the fishing ends.

- 1 bait per 20 seconds will be consumed when fishing.

- Emote that suits the result (success/fail) will appear above the character.

- Items obtained from fishing can be checked from 'Tackle Box'.

- Fishing will end when:

  1) You press 'Stop Fishing' button.

  2) You have run out of bait

  3) You have a full Tackle Box

  4)  Fished all for the day 


※ Important

- Fishing is available only when you are logged in to the game, and the fishing cycles reset every 6 AM.


4. How to use items from Fishing


1. Small Silver Fish
-The Small Silver Fish can be used as bait.

2. Silver Fish
-The Silver Fish will give you a buff when used near a bonfire.
-The Silver Fish cannot be used as bait.

- You can use Silver Fish by right-clicking on it near Fishing Bonfire.

- When you eat the Silver Fish, buff that increases recovery of HP and SP will be applied.


5. Golden Fish

- When you catch a Golden Fish, it will give every savior in the server a 10-minute buff that increases HP by50%.
- After a Golden Fish is caught, the buff will not occur again on the server for 2 hours.
- The Golden Fish is not an item and you will only see its effects.


6. Rubbing

- Rubbing is the process of making a copy of your fish by applying ink to the fish and rubbing it on paper.
- You can make a rubbing via Fishing Manager Joha in Klaipeda.
- You can rub up to 100 times by using 'Rub several times' function.

- Rubbings will be ranked on the size of the fish and the rank will be displayed on the Fishing Spot Notice Board next to Joha.

- 1 Silver Fish is needed to make rubbings.


[Looting Chance]

- You can pay a small amount of silver to the Rubbing Rank 1 statue in Klaipeda to receive a looting chance buff.

- Looting Chance is a stat effect that increases the chance of unidentified items being dropped in the field.
- Receiving the buff again will not stack the buff but will renew the buff duration to 30 minutes.
- The user with the Rubbing Rank 1 statue can use the Golden Fish buff to increase the looting chance regardless of channel or area.

7. Ranking

- You can check the Fishing Spot Notice Board for fishing-related player rankings.

-The rankings are reset every Thursday at 6 AM server time.

- The Notice Board will display three rankings: 
 ① Fishing Points: Ranked on points earned by catching items through fishing.
 ② Golden Fish: Ranked on the number of times users caught the Golden Fish.
 ③ Rubbing: Ranked on the size of the rubbed fish.