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Fedimian Public House

Fedimian Public House

- You can move to [Fedimian Public House] by entering the Fedimian Public House next to the [Teliavelis] NPC in Fedimian.

- You can use the [Fedimian Public House Balloting] function via [Owner] NPC.

- Obtain items by chance by consuming Nucle Powder x700.

- Fedimian Public House Balloting can be used at all times.

- You can enter the number of trials when using the Fedimian Public House Balloting.

- When using [Master Card Card Album], you can receive one of the master cards that was once sold in the Mercenary Badge Shop. Master Cards currently on sale at Mercenary Badge Shop will be excluded.

- [Contents Points +10] item will be given when you don't receive any reward items at Fedimian Public House Balloting. You can receive 10 Contents Points by using the [Contents Points +10] item.

※ [Contents Points +10] item can only be moved to Team Storage.

※ Contents Points obtained by using [Contents Points +10] will be excluded from the weekly acquisition limit of Contents Point.



[Boruta Seal Fragment]

- It can be obtained by low chance from the Fedimian Public House Balloting.

- Collect 10 Boruta Seal Fragment and use it to obtain one of the following items by chance.
Boruta Seal - Swordsman
Boruta Seal - Wizard
Boruta Seal - Cleric
Boruta Seal - Archer
Boruta Seal - Scout





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