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Looting Chance

Looting Chance

Looting Chance is a stat that increases the drop rate of unidentified items and Legend ingredients.

Items Where Looting Chance is Applied

Q. On which items are Looting Chance applied?

Looting Chance is applied to unidentified equipment and Legend ingredients.
Looting Chance is also applied to Nucle and Sierra Powder obtained from Challenge Mode, as these items are given instead of the unidentified equipment.
Looting Chance is also applied to items obtained from ‘Challenge Mode: Division Singularity’ by 20% of the current Looting Chance value.
(ex; Stone Debris of Divine Power, Transmutor, Dark Red Soul Stone Fragment, Dark Red Soul Stone Piece etc)
When you can not remember the details, hover the mouse over the Looting Chance stat at the Character Info.

[Legend Ingredients] does not signify ‘Legend Rank Ingredients’.

They are items that are stated as [Legend Ingredient] in the tooltip of the item, such as [Planium] and [Brikynite Fragment].


Q. Is the drop rate of Vaivora items affected by Looting Chance as well?

Looting Chance is not applied to Vaivora items as it is only applied to unidentified equipment.

Q. The number of ingredients obtained from ‘Challenge Mode: Division Sigularity’ did not change even when I increased the Looting Chance. Isn’t the Looting Chance applied to the ingredients obtained from Division Singularity?

Looting Chance is only applied to items such as [Planium] and [Brikynite Fragment], which are stated as [Legend Ingredient] in the tooltip of the item. 
This means that Looting Chance is applied to every item dropped from ‘Challenge Mode: Division Singularity’. 
However, please take note that Looting Chance does not affect the number of items dropped but
increases the Drop Chance.

How Looting Chance is Applied during Party

Q. How is Looting Chance applied when I’m playing Challenge Mode as a party? Is it only applied to the monster that I dealt the final strike?

Silver and the unidentified item is given to all party member when clearing Challenge Mode regardless of the final strike dealt.
However, items will be additionally given per character according to their Looting Chance.
This indicates that the condition of obtaining an item is equal between all party members, but additional rewards are given according to your character’s Looting Chance.

Q. How many unidentified items will you get when a party of ‘Character A : Looting Chance 1000’, ‘Character B : Looting Chance 4000’ clears the Challenge Mode?

B, with the Looting Chance 4000, have the chance to receive more additional items since you get more of them with higher Looting Chance stat.


Q. Is the Looting Chance also applied to Healers who do not directly participate in hunting monsters?

There is no difference between directly hunting the monsters or indirectly helping the party member to hunt the monsters because rewards are additionally given according to each character’s Looting Chance after completing the Challenge Mode.
The Healer character also receives additional rewards according to their Looting Chance.

Other Information Regarding Looting Chance

Q. Exactly when is the Looting Chance applied? Do I have to use the Looting Chance Potion before entering the Challenge Mode to receive the effect? Or can I use it at any moment before receiving the reward?
Looting Chance is applied in real-time. The final value is applied as the average of the Looting Chance at the moment of hunting monsters.


Q. Is the Looting Chance applied when I don’t hunt the elite monster that spawns in the Challenge Mode? For example, is it applied in a situation where the monster disappears after the Boss spawns?

Item is only dropped from the monster you hunted. It is not applied to monsters not hunted.

How to increase Looting Chance

1. Use Looting Chance Potion

The most simple way is to use the Looting Chance Potion.

You can obtain the Looting Chance potion from the following:
 1) Participate in the event and receive it as a reward
 2) Purchase at Reputation Shop
 3) Exchange with PP points
!Looting Chance Potion is NOT stacked! Use one Looting Chance Potion at a time!
2. Use skills that increase Looting Chance
Some class has buffs that increase Looting Chance!
Try to recruit them to your party!

(1) Hunter - Hounding

The companion finds the hidden target nearby when using Hunter’s Hounding skill and the caster’s Looting Chance increases. 1000 Looting Chance increases at Houding skill level 5.

(2) Thaumaturge - Swell Brain

By using Thaumaturge’s Swell Brain the head of you and your party members and Looting Chance increases for a moment. However, if the caster leaves the party or logs out, the buff is removed after a 20~30 seconds delay without another caster casting the buff!
500 Looting Chance increases when Swell Brain level is 5. (Duration: 30 minutes)

3. Item Stat

You can increase Looting Chance from the stats of the equipment.
If you wish to change the random stat of the current equipment to Looting Chance, go to the NPC ‘Blacksmith’ in each town and re-identify the stat or use the magnifier item!


4. Make a wish at the Etching 1st Place Statue

You can receive a Looting Chance Buff by giving a certain amount of silver to the Etching 1st Place Statue at the left of the Northern Fishing Spot of Klaipeda.

!The buff does not stack even if you pray to the Etching 1st Place Statue again and only the buff duration is reset to 30 minutes.!



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