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Item Repair

Item Repair


- When the character receives damage, the durability of the equipment also decreases.

- You can recover the equipment's durability via Blacksmith NPC in towns, Personal Repair Shop of other users, and Repair Kit.


1. Durability


- When the durability decreases by a certain value, a message will pop up and can be checked via Inventory.

- If the Durability is below 10%, it will be colored yellow, and when the durability becomes 0, it will appear red.

- If the durability becomes 0, the effect of each equipment won't be applied. You need to repair the items to recover their durability.


2. How to Repair


A. Blacksmith NPC


- You can repair your equipment by paying silver to the Blacksmith NPC in each town.


B. Personal Repair Shop


-Shops opened by Squires using the Repair skill can also be utilized to repair equipment.

- You can select the items to repair or click either [Select All] or [Select Equipped Item] to repair.

- Cost for repairing the item differs by item.


- Following effects will be applied for 30 minutes when using the personal repair shop of a user who learned specific Arts.

[Arts] Cloth Mastery: Sewing Master

[Cloth Mastery: Magic] effect -Decrease damage received by 15%

[Arts] Leather Mastery: Master Craftsman

[Leather Mastery: Dexterity] effect - Increases Physical, Magic damage by 15%, Critical Chance by 20%

(Max. Critical Rate is increased by 10% but does not stack with other effects that increase Max Critical Rate)

[Arts] Plate Mastery: Smelting Master

[Plate Mastery: Defense] effect - Decreases damage received by 15%


C. Repair Kit


- You can recover the durability by using Urgent Repair Kit and Superior Urgent Repair Kit.

- Urgent Repair Kit can be purchased via [TP Trader Leticia] in each towns, or by pressing  icon next to the minimap.

- [Lv.460] Urgent Repair Kit x100 can be purchased from Exchange Shop.

- Durability can be recovered by using A~C methods.



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