Just getting started? : Developing Your Character

Equipment Repair

1. How to Repair

-By using the town's Blacksmith NPC or the TP shop's Urgent Repair Kit, you can repair your equipment.

-Shops opened by Squires using the Repair skill can also be utilized to repair equipment.

-Items requiring repair will be selected or after clicking [Select All] all equipment can be repaired.

2. Durability

-When an item's durability decreases below a certain level, a notice will appear in both the chat box and at the top of the screen.

-When the durability is below 10% it will be indicated in green, and when the durability reaches 0 it will be indicated in red. 

-When the item's durability is 0, you will not benefit from its effects and will have to repair it in order to restore durability.

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