First time playing? : The Basics


1. Companion

-Companions are allies that follow your character, helping out in combat and gaining experience to level up.

-Companions can grow to a maximum of level 390.

The level of your companion(s) also counts towards your team level.


2. Bring Along

-Most characters can only be followed by one companion at a time.

-However, Falconer characters can, under the right circumstances, be accompanied by two companions, eg. Hawk and Hoglan, or Hawk and Velheider.

-※ Characters cannot be followed by two companions of the same kind.

-Only Hunter classes can perform attack skills while mounted on a companion.

-You can associate or disassociate companions and characters at the [Lodge].

-Only some classes can mount certain companions in battle.

-In the [Companion Info] window, click the O switch to let your current companion rest.

※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications.

3. Interacting

-Face your companion and press the Space key or Alt+shortcut key to interact with it.

-Travelling with a companion consumes its stamina, and the companion will start to move slower when all its stamina is depleted. 

-Stamina spent on companion activities can be restored by feeding the companion.

-Companion food can be purchased from Companion Traders in cities.

-Feeding the companion recovers all of its HP and a certain amount of stamina.

※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications.

4. Companion functions

(1) Auto attack ON/OFF

-Your companion will automatically attack monsters when auto attack is set to ON.

-With auto attack set to OFF, your companion will not attack monsters. For Hunter/Falconer classes, however, your companion(s) will always attack even when auto attack is OFF.

-To set the auto attack function, open the Companion Info window (F9) or type '/cpattack on' or '/cpattack off' in the chat window.

(2) Call companion

-"Type '/comeon' in the chat window to call the companion back to your character."

※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications.