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Klaipeda's Mercenary Post

Klaipeda's Mercenary Post

- Klaipeda's Mercenary Post is where you can receive requests to have rewards. It is located on the Northside of Klaipeda.

- You can receive separate requests from Receptionist Ramda, Receptionist Donnes, and Receptionist Liam NPC.


Receptionist Ramda

- You can receive quests for Episode 12 area (Lv. 421~446) via [Receptionist Ramda] NPC in Klaipeda's Mercenary Post.

- Quests are to defeat monsters appearing in each area.

- Each character can proceed with the quest 10 times.


Receptionist Donnes

- When you become Lv.100, you can receive daily quest via Receptionist Donnes NPC in Klaipeda.
- Daily quest can be done 2 times per day. (resets every 12 AM)
- Class Change Points (10 points) will be given when succeeding in the daily quest.

※ When you accept the daily request today and complete it tomorrow, you can only accept the daily quest once tomorrow.

(ex. When you accept the daily request on Friday and complete it on Saturday, you can only accept the daily quest once on Saturday.)

- When you accept the request, daily quest info will be displayed on the right side of the screen.

- You can receive a reward from Receptionist Donnes NPC after clearing the quest.

Monday - Thursday Character Level x 400 silvers
Friday - Sunday Lv.100 - Lv.299 : Attribute Points 100 x1
Lv.300 - Lv.360 : Attribute Points 100 x2

When the character is Lv.360, an additional Attribute Point 100 x1 will be given. 

※ Reward for Mercenary Post will be given based on the day of receiving the request.

(ex. Attribute Points will be given if you accepted the request on Sunday, and completed on Monday)