Just getting started? : Developing Your Character

Class Advancement

1. Class Advancement


- There is a separate [Character Level] and a [Class Level] in Tree of Savior.


Character Level

Class Level

Unlocks more in-game content as the level increases
e.g. The different dungeons you can run are unlocked as your Character Level increases

- 1 stat point per 1 level
- Class advancement becomes available every 45 Class Levels. (However, the fiirst advancement is available when player reaches class level 15)
i.e. Lv 15 > 45 > 45> 45

- Advancements are available at base class level 15 and class level 45 for all other classes that player chooses to advance into.

- When a player can advance into a new class, the ‘Class Advancement’ button will be displayed below the minimap on the screen.

- Class Levels cannot be raised over 45 and advancing into a new class resets your class level to 1.


Reaching a New Class Advancement

- Players will have a maximum of 4 classes, which consists of 1 base class and 3 different classes that players can pick.


Picking a Class for Advancement





The player’s current class information is displayed


Players can earn points to use in changing into a different class


Displays the list of classes that are available for the player to advance into


The stat growth ratio for the chosen class is displayed


The detailed description for the chosen class is displayed


Clicking on the ‘Advance’ button will finalize the player’s choice in advancement.


※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications.


2. Class Change System


- Class can be changed by using class points.

- You can change your class by clicking the Advancement Info.

- Class Point is applied by character, and cannot be shared by the team.

- The maximum Class Change Points you can earn per week is limited to 1,000.

- Class Points can be accumulated up to 3,000 points.

- Class Points exceeding 3,000 points will be deleted.


[How to Earn Class Change Points]

- You can see how to earn the class points by clicking '?' next to the Change Class Tree UI.



Points Earned


Guild members and Token users will receive additional 5 points.



Successful catch

1 point per catch

Legend Raid

Successful completion (5 points per 5 levels completed for Earth Tower raids)


Level Dungeon

Successful completion


Daily Quest

Successful completion


Team Battle League

Regardless of Win or Loss


Res Sacrae Raid

Auto Match

Auto Match (Hard)



The acquisition limit of class points per week resets every Monday at 6:00 AM server time.


- You can change 1 class per 1,000 class points.

- Select a class and click the 'Advance' button.

- If the class needs to be unlocked, you must unlock the class for advancement. 

- The class costume will be deleted and a new class costume will be given when advancing.


- Following conditions must be met to change the class.

1) No items equipped. (including weapons and appearance items)

2) No Companions following.

3) Character must be in towns (Klaipeda, Orsha, Fedimian)

4) No Shop skills in use.

5) No crafting in progress.

[Class Points: Item]

- You can obtain class points by using Class Change Voucher.

- 1,000 points are needed when changing 1 class.

EX. Class Change Voucher Lv.1 x5 + Class Change Voucher Lv.2 x1 = Change 1 Class

- Class Change Voucher can be obtained at TP Shop, Exchange Shop, Wings of Vaivora Shop, Event, etc.

Item Name Image Points
Class Change Voucher Lv.1   100 points
Class Change Voucher Lv.2   500 points
Class Change Voucher Lv.3   1,000 points
Class Change Voucher Lv.4   3,000 points


※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications.