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Monster Card/Legend Card


- Monster Card is a system to receive the card's effect by equipping Monster Cards.

- The effect increases according to the number of equipped cards and level.


Equip Card


- You can equip the cards to the [Monster Card] slot in the character inventory.

- You can use 12 slots.

- You can use the cards to combine the cards to have various effects, equip only same cards to focus on specific stats, etc.


- Right-click on the card, or drag&drop the card to the slot.


- You can check the effects of equipped Monster Cards.


Unequip Monster Card


- You can unequip the card by right-clicking the registered card.

- The level of the card decreases by 1 when you click [Unequip].

- The level of the card won't decrease when you click [Unequip card without the level decrease]. (2,000 silver per card level)

- The level of the Lv.1 Card (★) won't decrease.


Card Synthesis


-Target cards can be synthesized with other cards for more EXP and higher levels (★).

-Depending on the card's level (★) and the number of cards equipped, the card's effects will increase.




Open the Card Synthesis Menu in rest mode (Insert Key).


Select the card you want to synthesize in the Inventory [Cards] Tab.


Select the card material.


Synthesize the card and the material by clicking the [Enhance] button.


Receive Card


- You can receive Monster Cards by defeating boss monsters appearing in Field, Instance Dungeon/Mission.

- Monster Cards cannot be received from quest boss monsters.

You can receive Monster Cards from Monster Card Album.


Card Stat


- Every Monster Cards is divided into 4 groups, Red, Blue, Green, and Purple.

- You can equip up to 3 Monster Cards per group.

- Some of Monster Cards' stat activates when the level of the card is over a certain level.

- Please refer to the detailed information of stats as follows. 

[Red Group]
Achat: Increases [★]% damage against Lightning property monsters
Archon: Increases [★]% damage against Fire property monsters
Bearkaras: Increases [★]% damage against Earth property monsters
Centaurus: AoE ratio +[★/5]
Chafer: Increases [★]% damage against Insect-type monsters
Chapparition: Magic attack +[★]% for 6 seconds when using SP potions
Clymen: Increases [★]% damage against Poison property monsters
Corrupted: Increases [★]% damage against Stationary-type monsters
Deadborn: Critical Attack +[★*20]
Devilglove: Increases [★]% damage against Mutant-type property monsters
Froster Lord: [★/2]% chance of inflicting Frost for 4 seconds on target
Giant Red Wood Goblin: Increases [★/2]% damage against Cloth-wearing enemies
Giant Wood Goblin: +[★]% damage against stunned enemies
Ginklas: Increases [★/2]% damage against Plate-wearing enemies
Glass Mole: Physical attack +[★]% for 6 seconds when using any type of SP potion
Gremlin: Attack +[★*7] when equipping Slash weapons
Grinender: Increases [★]% damage against Flying-type monsters
Helgasercle: Magic attack +[★*5]
Hydra: +[★]% damage against frozen enemies
Iltiswort: Increases [★]% damage against Plant-type monsters
Ironbaum: +[★]% damage against sleeping enemies
Kepa Chieftain: Increases [★/2]% damage against Large-sized monsters
Mandara: Increases [★]% damage against knocked-down enemies
Master Genie Card: Maximum secondary physical attack +[★*3]
Merge: Increases [★]% damage against Ice property monsters
Mirtis: Increases [★/2]% damage against Small-sized monsters
Moa: Increases [★]% damage against Devil-type monsters
Moldyhorn: +[★]% damage against petrified enemies
Mothstem: Magic attack +[★*7] when equipping Strike weapons
Moyabruka: Increases [★/2]% damage against Leather-wearing enemies
Plokste: Physical attack +[★*5]
Prison Cutter (NEW): +[★]% damage against bleeding enemies
Rajatoad: Attack +[★*7] when equipping Pierce weapons
Reaverpede: Increases [★/2]% damage against Medium-sized monsters
Red Vubbe Fighter: Attack +[★*7] when equipping Strike weapons
Rexipher: Magic amplification +[★*10]
Sparnas: Attack +[★*7] when equipping Missile weapons
Tomb Lord: Increases [★/2]% damage against Boss monsters
Unicorn: Increases [★]% damage against Dark property monsters
Velnia Monkey (NEW): +[★]% damage against poisoned enemies
Vubbe Fighter: Increases [★]% damage against Beast-type monsters

[Blue Group]
Armaos: 10% chance to shield [★*100] damage for the duration of 10 seconds when hit.
Bramble: Earth property resistance +[★*10]
Colimencia: Poison property resistance +[★*10]
Denoptic: Magic defense +[★*10]
Flammidus: Fire property resistance +[★*10]
Glackuman: [Slash] defense +[★*10]
Golem: Physical defense +[★]% for 10 seconds when using any type of HP potion
Gorgon: [Strike] defense +[★*10]
Gray Golem: Physical defense +[★*10]
Nuaele: Magic defense +[★]%
Progola: Magic defense +[★]% for 10 seconds when using any type of HP potion
Saltistter: Ice property resistance +[★*10]
Scorpio: [Pierce] defense +[★*10]
Sequoia: Physical defense +[★*5], magic defense +[★*5]
Shnayim: Lightning property resistance +[★*10]
Sparnasman: Dark property resistance +[★*10]
Woodspirit: 10% chance of recovering [★*70] HP when hit.
Yonazolem: Holy property resistance +[★*10]
Zaura (NEW): Physical defense +[★]%

[Green Group]
Abomination: DEX +[★/2], CON +[★/2]
Blut: CON +[★]
Ellaganos: DEX + [★]
Gorkas: Looting chance + [★*5] Kubas: INT + [★/2], SPR + [★/2]
Kubas Card: INT + [★/2], SPR + [★/2]
Lavenzard: Added SP recovery +[★*1.5] for 10 seconds when using SP potion.
Linkroller: SPR + [★]
Minotaur: DEX +[★/2], SPR +[★/2]
Mummyghast: STR +[★/2], DEX +[★/2]
Netherbovine: STR +[★]
Pyroego: INT +[★]
Rafene: +[★/3] to STR, HP, INT, SPR, DEX.
Simorph: STR +[★/2], CON +[★/2]
Stone Froster: Added HP recovery +[★*1.5] for 10 seconds when using HP potion.
Tantalizer Card: STR, CON +[★]
Templeshooter: STR +[★/2], SPR +[★/2]
Unknocker: SPR +[★/2], CON +[★/2]
Wood Houngan: INT +[★/2], CON +[★/2]
Pajauta Card: Every Stat +[★*0.4]
Skiaclipse Card: INT, CON +[★]

[Purple Group]
Basilisk: Critical resistance +[★*2]
Bebraspion: SP recovery +[★ * 6]
Biteregina: [★/3]% chance of attack inflicting Poison for 6 seconds
Canceril: [★]% chance of recovering 2% HP when hit by Medium-type monsters
Capria: Sleep state resistance +[★*2]%
Carapace: [★]% chance of recovering 5% SP after defeating Ice property monsters
Cerberus: [★]% chance of recovering 3% SP when hit by Medium-sized monsters
Crabil: Stun state resistance +[★ * 2]%
Cyclops: Stamina +[★]
Deathweaver: [★]% chance of recovering 3% HP when hit by Large-sized monsters
Dullahan: [★]% chance of resurrecting with 10% HP after becoming incapable of combat
Ferret Marauder (NEW): Provocation per attack +[★]%
Fire Lord: Fire property damage +[★*10]
Gaigalas: Earth property damage +[★*10]
Gazing Golem: [★]% chance of using Lv1 Pain Barrier upon being hit
Harpeia: [★]% chance of recovering 5% SP after defeating Lightning property monsters
Honeypin: Poison property damage +[★*10]
Kirmeleech: Block penetration +[★ * 1.5]
Lepus: Attack speed +[★] when equipping one-handed weapons
Lithorex: Lightning property damage +[★*10]
Magburk: [★]% chance of recovering 5% SP after defeating Mutant-type monsters
Mallet Wyvern: [★]% chance of recovering 3% SP when hit by Large-sized monsters
Manticen: Movement speed +[★/5] for 10 seconds after using Stamina potions
Marionette: [★/3]% chance of attack inflicting Slow for 3 seconds
Marnox (NEW): Critical attack +[★ * 1.5]
Merregina: Ice property damage +[★*10]
Mineloader: [★/3]% chance of attack inflicting Shock for 3 seconds
Misrus Card: Blind Resistance + [★], Max SP + [60 x ★]
Molich: Block +[★ * 2]
Moringponia Card: Freeze resistance + [★], Max HP + [100 x ★]
Mushcaria: SP recovery +[★ * 6]
Naktis: Accuracy +[★ * 2]
Necroventer: Dark property damage +[★*10]
Neop: HP potion effects +[★]%
Nepenthes: Maximum HP +[★*90], maximum SP +[★*15]
Nuodai: Stun state resistance +[★], Sleep state resistance +[★]
Poata: HP recovery +[★ * 30]
Rajapearl: [★/3]% chance of attack inflicting Bleeding for 6 seconds
Ravinepede: Stamina potion effects +[★]%
Rikaus: SP potion effects +[★]%
Riteris: Blind state resistance +[★*2]%
Rocktortuga: [★]% chance of recovering 5% SP after defeating Earth property monsters
Salamander: [★]% chance of recovering 5% SP after defeating Fire property monsters
Shadowgaler: Silence state resistance +[★*2]%
Specter Monarch: [★]% chance of recovering 5% SP after defeating Dark property monsters
Specter of Deceit: Maximum SP +[★ * 30]
Stone Whale: [★/3]% per attack of reducing damage by 10% for 5 seconds
Succubus: Provocation when attacking monsters reduced by [★]%.
Tetraox: Bleeding state resistance +[★*2]%
Throneweaver: [★]% chance of recovering 5% SP after defeating Poison property monsters
Tutu: Maximum carry weight +[★]%
Velnewt: [★]% chance of recovering 0.5% HP when hit by Small-type monsters
Velorchard: Evasion +[★ * 2]
Velpede: [★/3]% chance per attack of increasing movement speed +4 for 6 seconds
Werewolf: [★]% chance of attacks being registered as rear attacks
Yekub: Holy property damage +[★*10]
Yeti: Maximum HP +[★ * 180]


Monster Card Album


- Card Album is a consumable item that you can use it to summon Lv.330 boss monster.

- Monster Card Album: Red/Blue/Green/Purple can be received by defeating monsters in Lv.100 or above fields or dungeon.

- Card Album can be used in fields, and cannot be used near goddess statues or other boss monsters. You cannot summon more than 5 monsters in a field.

- When you defeat the summoned boss monster, Monster Card of the boss monster or Enhancement Card: 100 will be given by chance.

- Summoned boss monster disappears after 10 minutes.



[Monsters that appear in the Card]

Card Album Monster
Card Album: Red
Ginklas Rajatoad Bearkaras Vubbe Fighter
Red Vubbe Fighter Iltiswort Giant Redwood Chafer
Kepa Chieftain Hydra Corrupted Sparnas
Gremlin Master Genie Grinender Glass Mole
Deadborn Devilglove Reaverpede Mandara
Merge Mothstem Moa Moyabruka Card
Moldyhorn Velnia Monkey Ironbaum Archon
Achat Unicorn Giant Wood Goblin Chapparition
Centaurus Clymen Card Tomb Lord Prison Cutter
Plokste Froster Lord    


Card Album Monster
Card Album: Green
Pyroego Netherbovine Linkroller Mummyghast
Minotaur Card Simorph Abomination Unknocker
Ellaganos Card Wood Houngan Kubas Templeshooter
Ellaganos Rafene Lavenzard Lavenzard


Card Album Monster
Card Album: Blue
Golem Bramble Saltistter Scorpio
Sparnasman Progola Gorgon Glackuman
Denoptic Sequoia Shnayim Yonazolem
Colimencia Flammidus Gray Golem Woodspirit


Card Album Monster
Card Album: Purple
Gaigalas Ravinepede Rikaus Mallet Wyvern
Magburk Mushcaria Biteregina Yekub
Rajapearl Capria Nepenthes Naktis
Neop Tetraox Basilisk Velnewt
Velpede Lithorex Nuodai Marionette
Crabil Merregina Gazing Golem Necroventer
Deathweaver Dullahan Rocktortuga Lepus
Riteris Mineloader Manticen Molich
Bebraspion Velorchard Cyclops Salamander
Shadowgaler Stone Whale Specter Monarch Throneweaver
Yeti Werewolf Carapace Canceril
Cerberus Kirmeleech Tutu Fire Lord
Ferret Marauder Poata Harpeia Honeypin
Specter of Deceit Succubus    


Legend Card


- Legend Card can be received from various content such as advanced field boss, guild quest, and unique raid dungeon.


Equip Legend Card


- Legend Card slot is locked


- Only 1 Legend Card can be equipped.


- In order to unlock the slot, you need to clear the 'Unlock Legend Card Slot' quest.

- Quest can be cleared once per character, and only the character who has cleared the quest can unlock the Card Slot.

1. When the character reaches lv.100, the Unlock Legend Card Slot quest automatically activates.

2. Unlock Legend Card Slot quest can be cleared when 7 Revelation Quests are ll cleared.

▶ Subquest Conditions may appear differently according to the quest process status.

3. After clearing the quest, talk to the Statue of Goddess Ausrine and unlock the Legend Card Slot.


Enhance Legend Card


- Legend Card can be enhanced by Enhance Advanced Card system.

- Press the' Enhance Advanced Card' button or G key in rest mode (insert key) to enhance the card.

- Legend Card's Success/Fail/Destory is determined according to the level and grade of 4 material cards. 

- Up to 4 material cards can be registered (normal monster card, legend card, Legend Enhancement Card can be registered) and material item will be deleted regardless of the result.

▶ Registering 4 materials is not a must. 

※ Success rate can be checked via 'Enhance Advanced Card' UI.


[Legend Enhancement Card]

- When failing on enhancing Legend Card with 6 stars or above, Legend Enhancement Card will be given according to the destroyed Legend Card's level.

- Legend Enhancement Card has 5 times more efficient than a normal card, 0.5 times more than Legend Card when registering as a material card.

- Legend Enhancement Cards can be upgraded through regular cards.


▶ However, these cards can only be used to enhance Legend Cards. They cannot be equipped or used as fodder for regular cards.



- Number of Belorb needed for enhancing differs according to the level of Legend Card you register, and you can purchase the Belorb from Magic Association NPC in Klaipeda/Orsha.

- Material item and Belorb used for enhancing the Legend Card will be deleted regardless of the result.

▶ Number of Belorb needed for enhancing differs according to the level of Legend Card you register.

※ Item used for the material of enhancing Legend Card cannot be restored.


Unequip Legend Card


- When unequipping the Legend Card, the level of the card decreases.

- ‘Consume 10,000 silver unequip card without the level decrease' will prevent decreasing the level.


Type of Legend Card

Name Card Effect
Demon Lord Marnox Minimum Critical Rate: + [ x 2]%
Demon Lord Blut  [ x 3]% reduced damage taken in PVP
Demon Lord Zaura Physical Defense + [ x 10]% 
Demon Lord Nuaele  Magic Defense + [ x 10]%
Demon Lord Helgasercle Recover  [ x 20] SP per monster defeated
Demon Lord Rexipher  Movement Speed +[]
 Demon Lord Mirtis Attack property penalties - [ x 10]%
Prodigious Kugheri Balzermancer EXP Gain +[]%
Heretic Pantorex Increases damage against Beast-type monsters by [*7]%
Velcoffer Reduces damage received from monsters by [ * 3]%
Demon Lord Froster Lord Card Reduces the difference between the min. and max. attack of summons by [ * 10]%
Wastrel Card Maximum HP +[*500]
Ignas Card [*5]% chance per critical attack of entering stealth state for 6 seconds
Asiomage Card Critical Rate +[*15]
Boruta Card Increases damage against Boss monsters by [*5]%
Unbound Skiaclipse Card  ATK against Insect-type 750 * []
Enraged Misrus Card Additional 1,000 * [] damage against enemies with Shield
Demon Lord Moringponia Card Attack against Medium-sized enemies 300 * []
Demon Lord Tantalizer Card Fire, Ice, Poison, Lightning, Psychokinesis, Earth, Holy: + [ * 50] additional damage
Sorrowful Glacia Card ATK against Mutant-type 750 * []


- Special Summoning effect will be applied when using Summoning skill with Legend Card.

Category Normal Card Legend Card
Summon Effect Create Magic Circle Magic Circle and Additional Effect
Effect during Summon Blurry Shape
Black Effect
Clear Shape
Golden Effect
Summon Size x1 x1.15




※ The contents may change due to the update.