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Badge/Token Shop

Badge/Token Shop

- By clicking the [Shop] UI, you can enter the [Mercenary Badge Shop] and [Goddess Token (Gabija) Shop].
- You can not enter [Mercenary Badge Shop] and [Goddess Token (Gabija) Shop] in certain areas.

Mercenary Badge Shop

- From the Mercenary Badge Shop, you can exchange Mercenary Badge with useful items.
- You can obtain the Mercenary Badge by hunting field monsters and completing contents.
- To use the Mercenary Badge and Mercenary Badge Voucher given to the inventory, right-click the item and change it to points.
- The purchase limit of the Mercenary Badge Shop is reset every Saturday at 6 AM.
- Mercenary Badge can be obtained as much as the Weekly Acquisition Limit which resets every Monday 6 AM.

- Some items sold at the Mercenary Badge Shop have a limit in purchase count.
- Some items can be purchased more than the basic purchase count provided. However, the price of the items increases every 1 additional time purchasing the item.
- Price increased per additional purchase varies between the items.

Goddess Token (Gabija) Shop

- You can obtain Goddess Token(Gabija) by hunting monsters in the field or by clearing contents.


- You can change silver into Goddess Token(Gabija) point by the ‘Change Points’ function at the Goddess Token (Gabija) Shop.
- 1,000 silver will be exchanged for 1 Goddess Token (Gabija).



※ The above information may be subject to change with future updates.