Just getting started? : Developing Your Character

Rest Mode/Item Crafting

1. Rest Mode

- You can change the quick slot to rest mode by clicking the [Insert] key. 

Number Menu Description
A Bonfire Building a fire will increase the speed of HP recovery.
S Item Crafting Can [Craft Items].
D Gem Enhancement Use [Gem Enhancement] to increase the power of gems.
F Card Enhancement Use [Card Enhancement] to increase the power of cards.
G Combine Badges Use [Combine Badges] to level up Hethran Badges.


2. Campfire Setup


- In order to set up a campfire, you need an item [Firewood] sold by the [Item Merchant] NPC in town.


- You can decide where you would like to set up your campfire by clicking the [A] key, then selecting a number. You can recover a little faster around your campfire.


3. Item Crafting

(1) Main UI

- Enter the [Item Crafting] UI by clicking the [S] button.

- Bought or acquired recipes will automatically be added to the crafting list. 

Number Description
1  Item cannot be crafted because there is not enough material.
2  There is sufficient enough material to craft the item.
3  View only the items that can be crafted. 


- The details of these recipes can also be reviewed from your inventory. 


(2) How to Craft Items 

- By clicking the shortcut in Rest Mode, the item crafting list will appear.

- After collecting the necessary materials, add them by selecting the item. 

- Click the [+] button to add the crafting materials.

- While crafting an item, you cannot change your equipment.


- Unlike the ingredient items, you can attach your name and memo on the Armor, Weapon, and Hair Costume crafted and create your own personalized items.



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