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Gems and Sockets

Gems and Sockets

- You can equip gems in the socket of the equipment.

- Effect differs by gem, and you can become stronger by equipping the gem that suits your character.


1. Gems

- Gems are items that, can be attached to equipment to provide an effect.

- A gem's effects differ based on the type of gem and the equipment.

- Gem can be obtained by paying silver or Ancient Golden Coin to the [Kedora Alliance] NPC.




- Gems can be inserted into item sockets to give additional effects.

- If the item doesn't have a socket, you can ask the Blacksmith NPC to add sockets for you.

- Adding sockets will not only cost a fee but will also reduce the item's potential by 1.


[Types of Gems]

Normal Gems: 1. You can obtain these gems from fighting monsters in dungeons. They can give additional items effects when equipped.

Monster Gems: You can obtain monster gems by defeating monsters. They have the effect of increasing certain skill levels when attached to equipment.

[Types of Monster Gems]

Gem Skill Info
Black Ridimed Gem Aggress
Goblin Charger Gem (Sprinkle HP Potion
Goblin Magician Gem Modafinil
Mine Fire Mage Gem Leghold Trap
Nuo Gem Instant Acceleration
Earth Hallowventer Gem Stone Skin
Ducky Gem Spring Trap
Deadborn Scap Archer Gem Omikuji 
Denden Gem Sprinkle SP
Rubblem Gem Oblique Fire
Lemur Gem Prominence
Lichenclops Gem Visible Talent
Varv Gem Howling
Bite Gem Advanced Orders
Bat Gem Tomahawk 
Banshee Gem Fire Claw
Boowook Gem Bear
Red Meduja Gem Block and Shoot
Red Infro Hoglan Gem Insurance
Red Zigri Gem Behead
Vikaras Mage Gem Hard Shield
Siaulamb Lagoon Gem Quicken
Socket Mage Gem Bully
Shredded Gem Raise Skull Mage
Corrupt Velfiggy Gem Time Forward
Wendigo Archer Gem Paraclitus
Wendigo Magician Gem Rune of Rock
Wendigo Searcher Gem Helm Chopper
Infrorocktor Gem Turn Undead 
Infroburk Gem Sharp Spear
Yonazolem Gem Double Attack 
Shaman Doll Gem Swell Hands
Zinutekas Gem Concentration
Green Corpse Flower Gem Dragon Fear
Chupacabra Gem Smite
Corylus Gem Knife Throwing
Cronewt Gem Flying Colors
Tontulia Gem Raiton no Jutsu
Truffle Gem Dagger Slash
Tini Archer Gem Binatio
Tini Magician Gem Elemental Essence
Pokubu Gem Rampage
High Vubbe Archer Gem Free Step
Hogma Shaman Gem Enchant Gloves
Hohen Mage Gem Divine Might


2. Gem Enhancement

- Click the [Insert] key to enter Rest Mode, then click the [D] key or Quickslot's Gem Enhancement and the Gem Enhancement menu will appear.

- Through gem enhancement, a gem's level can increase by filling its EXP.

[How to Enhance a Gem]

1. Drag the gem from your inventory to the Gem Enhancement menu and a section for item materials will appear. 

2. Right-click on the item to register as a enhancement material from your inventory.

※ Items except for quest items can be used as material for enhancing a gem.

3. Click [Enhance] and the gem's EXP will increase.


3. Equip Gems

- Gems can be attached to the following 6 items: weapons, subweapons, top, bottom, shoes, and gloves.

Category Gem
Weapon, Subweapon Color Gem
(Top, Bottom, Shoes, Gloves)
Skill Gem
(No limits on parts)

- However, they can only be attached to items that have sockets.

- Right-click on the gem in the inventory to select the item you wish to attach the gem to.

- Gems can only be attached to items that have the same shape of sockets.

- You can check the attached gem in the item tooltip.

- Please be aware that right after selecting the item, the gem will be attached. 

※ Gem effects differ according to the type of gem and the type of item the gem is attached to.


4. Gem Extraction/Consumption

- You can extract the gems by talking to Blacksmith NPC - [Socket Management].

- Place the equipment you wish to extract the gem, and click [Extract Gem] to extract the gem from the equipment.

※ Please be aware that the level of the gem will decrease instantly when extracting the gem.

- Lv.1 Gem will be destroyed when extracting it from the equipment. (same applies to the Monster Gem)


5. Socket Management

- You can apply gem by adding a socket to your equipment.

- Additional stat will be applied according to Gem's stat.


- Talk with the Blacksmith NPC to add sockets.  

※ Keep in mind that depending on the item, sockets may not be added and the maximum amount of sockets may be different.

※ Adding sockets will reduce the item's potential by 1.


- Drag the item to the [Socket Management] UI, and click the [Add Socket] button to add a socket.


Geraldasia Gem Draw

- You can have 1 free Gem draw via [Geraldasia] NPC in Klaipeda.

- Following item can be obtained by chance.

8-Star Gem Abrasive
Skill Gem
7-Star Gem Abrasive
6-Star Gem Abrasive
5-Star Gem Abrasive
Colored Gem Selection Box
4-Star Gem Abrasive
3-Star Gem Abrasive

※ Use Colored Gem Selection Box to select 1 of Lv.1 gem among Red Gem/ Blue Gem/ Green Gem/ Yellow Gem/ White Gem. 

※ Gem Abrasive and Colored Gem Selection Box can be transferred only to Team Storage.


Combine Skill Gem

- You can combine Skill Gem via [Naujoves] NPC in Fedimian.
- You can combine by consuming 5 Skill Gems among any kind of skill gem, and 1 Skill Gem and Skill Gem Fragment can be obtained according to the result.

- The chance to have a certain Class skill gem increases according to the number of that certain Class skill gem used as a combining material. (increases by 20% per inserted Class skill gem)

※ Chance to receive a skill gem in the type is equal.

▼ EX. Register 3 Swordsman Class Skill Gem + 2 Wizard Class Skill Gem

(Chance to get class skill gem can be checked via Combine Skill Gem UI.)


- Collect 10 Skill Gem Fragment and exchange it for 'Skill Gem Selection Box'.

- You can select 1 of skill gems by using Skill Gem Selection Box.

▶ Upon using the Selection Box, you can select the Class -Skill in the Selection UI.


※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications.