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Incapable of Combat Penalty

Incapable of Combat Penalty

- Character with 0 HP becomes 'Incapable of combat'.
- If a character becomes incapable of combat, the equipped equipment's durability decreases greatly.

- You can choose to resurrect when you become 'Incapable of Combat'.

① Respawn at the nearest Revival Point

- Revive at the starting location of the map. For dungeons, you will revive outside its entrance.

② Resurrect with the Soul Crystal

- Your character will resurrect at the exact location where it became incapable of combat. Using this option, 1 Soul Crystal will be used up from your inventory.


 ※ What is Soul Crystal?

It is an item that resurrects you. You can purchase it from the TP shop.



- You can also resurrect by the Priest class - Resurrection skill.




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