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Weapon Type Change

Weapon Type Change


Type of the weapon can be changed by using Weapon Type Change Tome



- [Lv.440] Weapon Type Change Tome item can be exchanged from Wings of Vaivora Coin Shop via Wings of Vaivora NPC.

- Type of Lv.440 Legend rank weapon (Savinose Dysnai, Glacia Legenda) with 0 potential can be changed via [Naujoves] NPC in Fedimian.

※ Unable to cross change. (EX. unable to change Savinose Dysnai ↔ Glacia Legenda)
※ Excludes the event equipment.


- Only items in the same group can be changed, and Trinket's weapon type can't be changed.

   > One-handed Weapon: One-handed Sword, One-handed Spear, One-handed Blunt, Rapier, Rod, Crossbow

   > Two-handed Weapon: Two-handed Sword, Two-handed Spear, Two-handed Blunt, Bow, Cannon, Musket, Staff

   > Sub-weapon: Dagger, Pistol, Shield


- All Awakening, Enchant stats, Enhance, Transcend, Set stats, Socket, equipped Gem info will be transferred, and random stat will also be transferred in case of Savinose Dysnai.

- For the Shield item, the Awakening stat info is deleted when changing the weapon type or when it is the target of type change.



※ The content above may change due to updates and modifications.