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Weapon Type Change

Weapon Type Change


Type of the item can be changed by using 'Weapon Type Change Tome' and 'Accessory Type Change Tome'.


Change Lv.440 Level Legend Rank weapon



- [Lv.440] Weapon Type Change Tome item can be exchanged from Wings of Vaivora Coin Shop via Wings of Vaivora NPC.

- Type of Lv.440 Legend rank weapon (Savinose Dysnai, Glacia Legenda) with 0 potential can be changed via [Naujoves] NPC in Fedimian.

※ Unable to cross-change. (EX. unable to change Savinose Dysnai ↔ Glacia Legenda)
※ Excludes the event equipment.


- Only items in the same group can be changed, and Trinket's weapon type can't be changed.

   > One-handed Weapon: One-handed Sword, One-handed Spear, One-handed Blunt, Rapier, Rod, Crossbow

   > Two-handed Weapon: Two-handed Sword, Two-handed Spear, Two-handed Blunt, Bow, Cannon, Musket, Staff

   > Sub-weapon: Dagger, Pistol, Shield


- All Awakening, Enchant stats, Enhance, Transcend, Set stats, Socket, equipped Gem info will be transferred, and random stat will also be transferred in case of Savinose Dysnai.

- For the Shield item, the Awakening stat info is deleted when changing the weapon type or when it is the target of type change.


Change Luciferie Accessory

You can change Luciferie Accessory by using [Lv.450] Accessory Type Change Tome.

 (location: Abreh Melinn NPC in Pyromancer Master's Lab)

- [Lv.450] Accessory Type Change Tome can be exchanged with 40 coins in [Wings of Vaivora Coin Shop].


Type Exchangable Item Consumable
Necklace [Luciferie Necklace]
- Juoda, Isgarinti, Kantribe, Pyktis, Triukas, Prideti
[Lv.450] Accessory Type Change Tome x2
Bracelet [Luciferie Bracelet]
- Juoda, Isgarinti, Kantribe, Pyktis, Triukas, Prideti
[Lv.450] Accessory Type Change Tome x1


- Only items with 0 potential can be changed and can be exchanged into the same group.

EX. Luciferie Juoda Necklace (Necklace) -> Luciferie Isgarinti Necklace (Necklace) O

EX. Luciferie Juoda Necklace (Necklace) -> Luciferie Isgarinti Bracelet (Bracelet) X


※ The content above may change due to updates and modifications.