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Team Battle League

1. What is the 'Team Battle League'?

-The 'Team Battle League' is PVP content where you can enjoy combating players that are from the same regional servers. You will not be able to battle players from different regions.


[NEW Team Battle League]
- Replaced previous system with unified 3:3 match system.
- Waiting time before matches reduced to 20 sec.
- Round duration reduced to 3 min.
- Level adjustment changed to level 330.
- Expanded field of vision inside TBL (controlled via mouse wheel scroll).
- Added damage font scale settings.
- Added display of tile skills inside TBL. Ally and enemy tiles will display in different colors.
- League opens twice per day at 16:00-18:00 and 22:00-24:00 (according to the time zone of the region where each server is located; see below for server time schedule).
- League resets every Monday at 06:00.
- In-game titles awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places (resets every week).
- Added new Team Battle League participation rewards.
- The 'TBL Reward Box' drops one of the following prizes: Enchant Scroll, Enhancement Card: 300, Attribute Points: 100, Attribute Points: 500, Attribute Points: 1,000.
- Removed the original reward point system and its rewards. Points previously earned will be converted to Uphill points.
- Point system changed to add points for victories and subtract points for defeats.
- Points added or subtracted are influenced by the adversary team (ex. winning over an opponent with a score higher than yours earns you more points).
- NOTE: An error is currently causing Uphill points to appear as 0 and you will not be able to use them until the issue is fixed. Points earned are still being correctly added, however. The correct amount will appear again after the error is fixed.
- The Uphill Point Shop is located at the Uphill Defense Mission NPC in Saalus Convent.
- We expect to further modify the current ranking system and add new rewards in the future.


TBL Schedule (Server Time)
- [NA] Klaipeda and [NA] Orsha / 16:00-18:00 and 22:00-24:00 (server time)
- [SA] Silute / 15:00-17:00 and 21:00-23:00 (server time)
- [EU] Fedimian / 10:00-12:00 and 16:00-18:00 (server time)
- [SEA] Telsiai and [SEA] Varena / 04:00-06:00 and 10:00-12:00 (server time)


TBL Rebalancing (only applies inside TBL)
- Movement speed effects increased 50% for Cataphract [Trot] and Chronomancer [Haste]; reduced 50% for Murmillo [Cassis Crista].
- Buff durations 1/3 for Sage [Missile Hole], Plague Doctor [Bloodletting] and [Beak Mask], Oracle [Counter Spell], and Chronomancer [Haste].
- Attacks received with Sage [Missile Hole] now apply as 3 hits.
- Skill can no longer be used during the waiting time before the match.
- Mass control effects now reduce over time when the same effect is applied continuously (ex.: If a character is frozen by [Ice Bolt], then by [Ice Pike], the latter skill's freezing effects decrease by 50%.)
- Weapon enhancement and transcendence effects reduced by 50% (does not apply to armor or accessories).
- Consumable items allowed: Shop potions, Antidotes, Alchemist recovery potions, Companion food, items required for skills. All other consumables can no longer be used during matches.
- HP recovery effects from skills reduced by 50%.
- Changed the duration penalty of "mass control" effects from 50% to 30%.
- [Dark Sight] duration fixed at 30 seconds.
- [Heal] cooltime applied as 50 seconds.
- Kabbalist [Ein Sof] maximum HP increase reduced by 50%.
- Kabbalist [Ein Sof: Stacked Healing] effects reduced by 30%.
- [Revenged Sevenfold] duration changed to 7 seconds.
- Templar [Forge] and [Shield Charger] duration reduced to 30 sec.
- Removed the effect reduction applied to Gravity Pole, Dark Theurge and Pole of Agony.
- The cooldown of [Cloaking] now applies starting from the team member that breaks it.
- The [Cloaking] skill cannot be used when a cloaking buff is already active.
- Corsair [Iron Hook] maximum duration set to 10 seconds.
- Damage inflicted on other players reduced by 30% compared to usual damage (also applies to other PvP situations besides TBL).

-Please note that the rankings are reset every Monday at midnight (EDT).

-You will be able to check any 'Team Battle League' related contents by pressing the icon indicated in the image below.


※ The contents above may be changed as results of patches.

2. How to Participate

-The 'Team Battle League' icon will appear next to the minimap when a new session is about to begin.


-You will automatically be moved to the 'Team Battle League' zone once the opponents are decided and all of the combatants are ready.

-The battle will begin as soon as the [Battle Start] notice appears.

-Please remember that you will not be able to use crafted scrolls.

※ The contents above may be changed as results of patches.

3. Checking Results

-The 'Team Battle League' operates on a best of three system.

-Your team will receive a yellow orb located next to the round number for each victory.

-Everyone will be moved to Klaipeda after the rounds are over.

4. Checking Ranks

-You will be able to check your records and rankings after participating.

-Your 'Team Battle League' score will always be marked on the Adventure Journal rankings. Top tier players will have rankings assigned to them and different icons will be added in front of their Team names.

-You can also check 'Team Battle League' information from the 'Team Battle League' NPC named Valis who can be located in Klaipeda .

※ The contents above may be changed as results of patches.

5. Team Battle League's Specatation or Specatation Mode

-You will be able to watch battles in real-time without participating by [Spectating].

-You will also be able to [Spectate another player] if you are knocked down during combat.

-You will be able to chat anonymously while you spectate, but players in the arena will not be able to see it.

-However, please note that you cannot use any skills when you are spectating.

-You are able to select characters you wish to spectate from by clicking on them.

-There is no limit on how often you can switch, so you will be able to learn from the plays of others.

-You will be able to stop spectating at any time by pressing [Exit Spectator Mode] or wait until the battle is over to be automatically disconnected.

※ The contents above may be changed as results of patches.