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Borutos Kapas

1. Borutos Kapas


Borutos Kapas


Talk to the Kupole Kaze NPC in Vedas Plateau

Entry Requirement

- Character Lv. 360
- Must complete the quest [Dragon Boruta]

Item Consumed

Urbas Seal x1
* Urbas Seals can be earned by either completing the quest [Dragon Boruta] or defeating monsters of Lv. 330 or above in the fields.
* Urbas Seals can be traded on the Market.


2. Boruta


- Boruta’s HP is displayed as a percentage.

- Boruta will self-heal every 20 minutes.

- Boruta will be available for battle in the following time schedule:


Mon ~ Fri

Sat ~ Sun

7 PM - 1 AM (6 hours) per day

2 PM - 3 AM (13 hours) per day


- When defeated, Boruta will rise again every Monday at 6 AM.
- Boruta will appear in Sulivinas Lair as Fatigued Boruta after he has been defeated and players will not be able to PvP during this time.

- All members of the guild that has made the greatest contribution in defeating Boruta will receive the Mark: Borutos Kapas debuff.

- Mark: Borutos Kapas is a debuff that lasts 2 weeks and those with the debuff will be under the following effects when entering Sulivinas Lair for combat:



Debuff Effect

1st Week

Damage received increased by 50% when hit

2nd Week

Damage received increased by 30% when hit


- In order to battle Boruta, players must first complete the quest [Dragon Boruta], which is given by Kupole Kaze NPC.

- Completing the quest will award the player with the following items:






Urbas Seal

Item required to enter Sulivinas Lair.


Ancient Affairs: Concerning Boruta

A book detailing the historical account of Boruta.


Kaze Seal - Swordsman

- Item that can be equipped into the new Seal equipment slot.

- Players can obtain 1 seal per class upon completing the quest.

Kaze Seal - Wizard

Kaze Seal - Cleric

Kaze Seal - Archer

Kaze Seal - Scout


※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications.


3. Sulivinas Lair


- Players can enter Sulivinas Lair by interacting with the Kupole Kaze NPC located in the Abandoned Mine Entrance in Vedas Plateau.



- You can interact with the Kupole Kaze NPC to use the following functions:

1) Use the Urbas Seal

2) Enter Sulivinas Lair

3) Check Individual/Guild Contribution Rankings

4) Check Guild Rewards

5) Check Individual Rewards


[Sulivinas Lair Rules]


- You can enter Sulivinas Lair when in a party.

* You will not be able to enter when a non-member of a Guild is in a party.

** Players without Guild membership can only enter when not in a party.


- You can also enter Sulivinas Lair alone, then join/create a party.

* You will not be able to invite non-Guild members into the party.

** You cannot send party invites to players outside of Sulivinas Lair

*** You cannot leave the guild while in a party in Sulivinas Lair


- PvP will be enabled between your Guild and other Guilds once you have entered Sulivinas Lair.

- Sulivinas Lair can be entered alone. It is also open to players who do not belong in a Guild.

- Players without Guilds will be open to PvP against all other players in the area.


※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications.


4. Rewards


- Participating in the fight against Boruta earns the player Contribution points.

- Players are rewarded on the basis of their contribution ranks as follows:



Guild Rewards

Individual Rewards

Participation Rewards


Available to Guilds that rank in the top 3 for Guild Contribution Rank

Available to players that rank in the top 30 for Individual Contribution Rank

All players in the top 70% Contribution Rank (limited to 1,000 players)


1st Place

- Shining Boruta Cube x30

- Boruta Seals x12 (random)


2nd Place

- Shining Boruta Cube x10

- Boruta Seal x5 (random)


3rd Place

- Shining Boruta Cube x5

- Boruta Seal x3 (random)

1st - 30th Place

- Boruta Cube x1

- Medal of Honor: Boruta x5

- Medal of Honor: Boruta x3

- Blessed Shard x45


[How to Earn Contribution Points in Borutos Kapas]

※ The details below may be changed with subsequent updates.




Dealing damage to Boruta


Surviving in Sulivinas Lair


Being under certain gimmick effects in the area


Defeating other players in PvP


Having dealt the last blow to Boruta


Having equipped or used a specific item


Additional earnings proportionate to the number of Guild members in the area




- Royal Supply Officer Malfredas will be added to the Guild Hangout, through which players will be able to trade [Medal of Honor: Boruta] for special items.



Required Medals

Tucan Egg


White Guinea Pig Egg


Recipe - Drakonas Lynnki Sit Necklace


Recipe - Drakonas Kite Moor Necklace


Recipe - Drakonas Pasiutes Necklace


Recipe - Drakonas Frieno Necklace


Drakonas Lynnki Sit Bracelet


Drakonas Kite Moor Bracelet


Drakonas Pasiutes Bracelet


Drakonas Frieno Bracelet


Magic Stone


Boruta’s Pouch



※ The details below may be changed with subsequent updates.