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1. Introduction



- Arts are secret skills that have been passed down throughout the history of the Kingdom that has been restored into text.
- Different from regular skills and attributes, each Arts can only be learned by collecting [Mystic Tome Pages] to create a [Mystic Tome], which contains the instructions for one specific Art each.
- Learning an Art allows your Character to learn a new skill or attribute and using a Skill Reset or an Attribute Reset Potion will not reset the Arts you have obtained. (but will reset when using the Arts Reset Potion)
- Arts won't be activated when the condition to learn Arts is not met via the Attribute reset or Class reset, and you can activate the Arts when those conditions are met.

- Arts are divided into two categories: One with [Skill Change and Addition], and the [Advanced Enhancement] Arts that applies additionally to the existing Enhance Arts.

- You can learn the Art via Skills and Attributes [F3].

- [Mystic Tome] will be consumed automatically once you learn the Arts, and you cannot learn the Arts when the item is locked.

- 36,000 points will be given to the character's Attribute Points when using the [Attribute Point Voucher for Arts].




2. Obtaining Arts



Acquiring a Mystic Tome Page


- Players can have the chance to obtain a [Mystic Tome Page] instead of Attribute Point 1,000 when completing one of the following in-game contents.


Legend Raid

Uphill Defense

Sole Hunt Boss Gimmick


- You can also obtain [Mysic Tome Page] from the following Contents.

Weekly Boss Raid

Dimensional Collapse Point

Goddess’ Grace



Crafting a Mystic Tome


- [Mystic Tome] can be crafted by combining multiple [Mystic Tome Pages].
- Players can visit a Class Master NPC to combine the collected pages to create a [Mystic Encyclopedia].
- Crafting a [Mystic Encyclopedia] consumes [Mystic Tome Page] x2 and [Goddess' Blessed Gem] x5



Dismantling a Mystic Tome


- You can dismantle the [Mystic Tome] from each Master NPC.


Item to Dismantle

Items you can get

Mystic Tome

Mystic Tome Page


Goddess’ Blessed Gem

Mystic Tome Page

Sierra Powder





Learning the Arts

- The Arts contained in a [Mystic Tome] can be learned by consuming the [Mystic Tome] item and [Attribute Points].
- Each level of an [Advanced Enhancement] Arts increases the skill factor of the learned skill by 1.25% per attribute level.
- There is no additional skill factor increase when the [Advanced Enhancement] Art has reached the maximum level.



Attribute Points per Lv

Acquisition Condition

Skill Change/Addition


Level of corresponding Class= 45

(15 for basic class)

Enhanced Upgrade

(Lv. 1 ~ 20)


Corresponding Skill Enhance Attribute Lv. 65 

Enhanced Upgrade

(Lv. 21 ~ 30)





2. Arts Reset Potion


- Arts can be reset by using [Arts Reset Potion].


- The Arts Reset Potion differs by class. Every Arts will be reset regardless of Advancement upon use.

- You can check the current Arts by clicking the class you want from Advancement Info. (it appears on the bottom side)


- When you reset the Arts, the Attribute Points you've used for the Arts will be refunded, and 1 Mystic Tome per 1 level of Arts you've learned will be given to the inventory.

- You can obtain Arts Reset Potion from Wings of Vaivora Shop with 30 [Wings of Vaivora Coin], and can be