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Field Boss

-Field Bosses are powerful Boss-level monsters.
-Field Bosses can be defeated for cubes that contain various recipes and ingredients.
-Field Bosses appear in a set area.

Regular Field Bosses

-Regular Field Bosses can be defeated in relatively small groups.
-Regular Field Bosses appear in the 2 hour intervals.
-Players will be ranked on the damage dealt and those in the ranks 1-5 will receive the cubes dropped by the defeated boss.

[Regular Field Boss Spawn Areas]
Bleak Chapparition (Lv. 68): Novaha Institute
Glackuman (Lv. 78): King's Plateau
Alluring Succubus (Lv. 88): Feretory Hills
Hungry Velnia Monkey (Lv. 92): Tenants' Farm
Noisy Mineloader (Lv. 133): Pilgrim Path
Blasphemous Deathweaver (Lv. 163): Demon Prison District 4
Burning Fire Lord (Lv. 163): Mage Tower 5F
Forest Keeper Ferret Marauder (Lv. 169): Uskis Arable Land
Starving Ellaganos (Lv. 196): Verkti Square
Violent Cerberus (Lv. 197): Mokusul Chamber
Wrathful Harpeia (Lv. 232): Nahash Forest
Prison Manager Prison Cutter (Lv. 272): Investigation Room
Frantic Molich (Lv. 301): Tevhrin Stalactite Cave Section 5

Superior Field Bosses

-Superior Field Bosses are even more powerful than a Regular Field Boss.
-Superior Field Bosses appear at random times in set locations.
-The appearance of a Superior Field Boss will be announced throughout the whole server 10 minutes before boss spawn.
-Reviving with a Soul Crystal near a Superior Field Boss won't grant you invulnerability.
-All players fighting a Superior Field Boss will be given, for just one time, invulnerability and 15% HP recovery per second when their HP falls below 10%.
-Defeating a Superior Field Boss will get you either a 'Demon Lord Cube' or a 'Shining Demon Lord Cube'.
-All cubes contain Practonium and Recipe - Ominous Spirit Crystal.
-Demon Lord Cubes contain from 5 pieces of Ominous Spirit Pieces.
-Shining Demon Lord Cubes contain 2-3 Ominous Spirit Shard pieces.

[Demon Lord Field Boss Spawn Areas]
-Demon Lord Marnox, Demon Lord Helga Sercle, Demon Lord Mirtis, Demon Lord Rexipher will appear in:
-City Wall District 8
-Inner Wall District 8
-Inner Wall District 9
-Outer Wall District 9
-Jeromel Park
-Jonael Memorial
-Demon Lord Blut, Demon Lord Nuaele, Demon Lord Zaura will appear in:
-Emmet Forest
-Mishekan Forest
-Pystis Forest
-Syla Forest

How to Obtain Demon Lord Cubes

-There are a total of three categories for rewards: Damage, First Blow and Last Blow.
-To receive rewards, the player must be within viewing distance of the boss monster when it dies.
-Your contribution level may be reset if you change parties during the fight.
-Noone can receive more than one reward within a particular cateogry and the maximum number of cubes a player can receive is 3.

[Party Damage Rank]
-Top 5 parties that dealt the most damage to the boss will receive cubes as rewards.
-Parties are ranked using the participating party's total damage dealt during the fight.
-All members of the party that dealt the most damage will receive a 'Shining Demon Lord Cube'.
-All members of parties between ranks 2-5 will receive a 'Demon Lord Cube' each.
-Note that players must hit the boss mosnter at least once to be eligible to receive a Party Damange Rank reward.
-When you are alone in a party, you will still be awarded the same if you have dealt enough damage.

[First Blow Reward]
-First Blow Reward is given to the player who has first spotted and attacked the Field Boss.
-A 'Demon Lord Cube' will be rewarded to the player as a First Blow Reward.
-The player to attack the boss first will receive a First Blow buff that lasts until the boss is defeated.
-The buff will be removed if you move between Zones or log out.
-First Blow Rewards are not given to the whole party but only one player.

[Last Blow Reward]
-Last Blow Reward is given to the player who has last-hit the boss.
-A 'Shining Demon Lord Cube' will be rewarded to the player as a Last Blow Reward.
-Last Blow Rewards are not given to the whole party but only one player.