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Gemstone Feud

-Gemstone Feud is a new PvP game mode available for characters of level 350 and over.
-You will compete with other players for points, which you can exchange for useful items.
-Gemstone Feud can only be entered solo and not as a party.
-The Gemstone Feud can be played only two times a day 21:00-21:15 and 21:20-21:35 (adjusted to each server's region time zone).

1. How to Play


-The entrance to Gemstone Feud can be found near the entrance to the Crystal Mine in the Miners' Village.

-Upon entering, your character will be randomly assigned to one of two camps.
-Your goal inside is to collect as many Gemstones as possible and exchange them for points at the NPC located in the map's starting point.


-To collect Gemstones, you can either defeat monsters or destroy crystal stones.
-You can also defeat players or the NPC of the opposing camp to steal their Gemstones.
-With every kill, you will gain a beneficial buff which stacks everytime you get a kill up to 50 times.
-When you are respawned after having been killed, you will gain a temporary buff that prevents you from losing your collected Gemstones.


-A boss monster will be spawned in the middle of the map 10 minutes into the game.
-Killing the boss monster will reward the whole team for 50 points.


-The Gemstone Feud scoreboard displays the remaining time, the points each team has and the number of players in each team.
-Your personal score will also be displayed below the minimap and show your current Gemstone points and your total kill count.
-Gemstone Feud will end after 15 minutes and the camp with higher points becomes the winner.
-MVP's will be selected at the end of each session, each for users with the highest score and highest kill from both teams.


2. Rewards

-Players will be rewarded with Mercenary Badges after the session has ended.
-The number of badges received by the player will be 3x that of the player's collected points (maximum of 1,500 Mercenary Badges).
-The players of the winning team will additionally receive 1,500 Mercenary Badges and those in the losing team will receive 300 Mercenary Badges.
-Score MVP's will receive an addition of 900 badges while Kill MVP's will receive an addition of 450 badges.
-Below is a list of the items available and their price in Mercenary Badges.
    - [200 Badges] Attribute Points: 100
    - [100 Badges] Looting Chance Potion (14 Days)
    - [850 Badges] Hero's Retribution Potion: Demon / Mutant / Insect / Plant / Beast
    - [450 Badges] Hero's Aegis Potion: Demon / Mutant / Insect / Plant / Beast
    - [2,000 Badges] Goddess' Blessed Gem (one purchase per day)


3. PVP Rules

Just like in Team Battle League, your character will be under PvP rules during Gemstone Feud sessions.
-Cataphract’s Impaler duration limited to 6 seconds.
-Corsair’s Iron Hook duration reduced in half.
-Lancer’s Joust Silence duration reduced in half.
-Wizard’s Sleep limited to 1 hit.
-Psychokino’s Telekinesis duration reduced in half.
-Psychokino’s Raise duration reduced in half (but no target limit reduction).
-Chronomancer’s Stop duration reduced in half.
-Quarrel Shooter’s Stone Shot duration reduced in half.
-Movement speed increasing/reducing effects (skills/attributes) reduced in half.


※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications.