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Uphill Defense Mission

1. Basic Introduction


-Uphill Defense Mission is a mission where you must protect the Divine Torches from the monsters invading Segale Slope.

-It is available for characters of level 120 and above.

-You won't gain EXP points during an Uphill Defense Mission.

-Talk to Sister Lhasa in the Saalus Convent area to start the mission.

-Automatching function is disabled for the Uphill Defense Mission, you must enter with a premade party.

2. How to Play


-Upon entry, you must defend the Divine Torches from invading monsters.

-Monsters that spawn during the mission will have their levels matched to the highest-level character in the participating party.

-During the mission, you will find Fire Crystals scattered around the mission area.

-These Fire Crystals can be collected and used at the Essence Purifier for beneficial effects.

-There are a total of 30 stages that make up an Uphill Defense Mission.

-Boss monsters will be spawned at random stages in each of the missions' sections:
  Section 1: Stage 1-9
  Section 2: Stage 10-18
  Section 3: Stage 19-27

-Starting at Stage 16, every stage will also generate gimmick monsters.

-The number and the type of gimmick monsters generated is random:
   MONSTER 1) Lapflammer: wide range attacks, high damage, attacks characters and the torch.
   MONSTER 2) Lapemiter: self-destructs when in contact with the torch, deals damage equal to 10% of the torch's max. HP.
   MONSTER 3) Lapezard: restores the HP of nearby monsters by 10% every 4 seconds.


3. Rewards

-For every stage you reach, a treasure chest containing useful items will be spawned on the bottom right corner of the defense area.

-Uphill Defense Shops can be reached through your Adventure Journal's 'Uphill Defense' menu or through Sister Lhasa in the Saalus Convent area.

-You can spend your Uphill Defense points at the shop to exchange for various useful items.

-Be cautious when exchanging your Uphill Defense points at the shop as there is a limit to how many of each item you can purchase per day.


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