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Uphill Defense Mission

Uphill Defense Mission


- Uphill Defense Mission is a mission where you must protect the Divine Torches from the monsters invading Segale Slope.

- There are 15 stages in Uphill Defense Mission.

- You can participate 4 times a week. (per team)

▶ Uphill Defense is available for characters of level 400 and above.

▶ You won't gain EXP points during an Uphill Defense Mission.

- You can check information for Uphill Defense via Instance Dungeon UI at the bottom right side.

- Instance Dungeon window pops up when pressing [F10] or entering /indun at chat window to check the details.

- You can check the location of the Uphill Defense by clicking the map.



1. Enter Uphill Defense Mission


- You can enter via Sister Lhasa NPC at Saalus Convent.


- Talk to Sister Lhasa in the Saalus Convent area to start the mission.


- You can enter the Uphill Mission by making a party with other characters.




2. How to Play


- Select a difficulty upon Normal/Hard/Very Hard.

- You can set the difficulty by the objects shown above.

- Only the leader of the party can select the difficulty, and the difficulty will be set as [Hard] once you don't select the difficulty within 1 minute.


- Upon entry, you must defend the Divine Torches from invading monsters.


- During the mission, you will find Fire Crystals scattered around the mission area.

- Press the Space key to the Fire Crystal to gain points. (points can be shared by party members)

- These Fire Crystals can be collected and used at the Essence Purifier for beneficial effects.


- [Hidden Stage] appears when you meet a certain condition while playing [Very Hard] difficulty.


 - [Hidden Stage] appears when clearing the [Very Hard] difficulty within 12 minutes.

[Clear Condition]

 - You can clear by defeating every monster from Hidden Stage.


 - Doubles the [Mercenary Badge] when clearing the [Very Hard] difficulty.

 - 4 [6-Star Gem Abrasive] can be obtained, which is 2 times the [Very Hard] reward.


- When you fail on defeating every monster within the time limit or when the Divine Torch is destroyed, it is judged as clearing the [Very Hard] difficulty, and the reward for the [Very Hard] will be given.

- When you clear up to 15 stages or when you fail during the stage, [Mercenary Badge] according to the stage you reach will be given.

- [Recipe - Raid Portal Stone] x2 will be given when clearing the Uphill Defense regardless of the difficulty and cleared stage.

- When you clear all 15 stages, you can receive an additional reward by talking to the Sister Lhasa NPC.

Difficulty Reward
Normal 5-Star Gem Abrasive x2
Hard 6-Star Gem Abrasive x1
Very Hard 6-Star Gem Abrasive x2


- You can use [Uphill Defense x3 Multiply Token] via Secret Cube Blue created in the area when you clear Uphill Defense Normal stage 15/Hard stage 15/Very Hard stage 15.

- When you use [Uphill Defense x3 Multiply Token], every party member receives up to 3 times more of the reward additionally. Party members with less than 3 entry count get the reward by that amount. (ex. character with 2 entry count gets reward x2.)


- You can exchange [Mercenary Badge] with an item via [Mercenary Badge Shop] that can be entered at towns.

▶ Please be noted that some of the items have a daily purchase limit.




3. Exchange Uphill Defense Point for Mercenary Badge


- You can exchange the Uphill Defense points into Mercenary Badge via Adventure Journal - Uphill Defense - point shop or by the Sister Lhasa NPC at Saalus Convent.

- Talk to the Sister Lhasa NPC and click [Exchange the Uphill Defense Point to the Mercenary Badge.



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