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- You can exchange the relic obtained by Archaeology for items such as Arcanum Brewing materials.



Entry Level

Character with level 470 or above


- You can start Archaeology via Geraldas Sibling NPC in each town.

- 5 [Neutralizer] is consumed for receiving Archaeology mission, 3 areas that you can excavate will be activated.

- You can check the area at the upper side of the World Map (N).

- You can excavate up to 3 relics per area, and [Detector] is needed when detecting the relic.

- You can receive [Detector] from the following.

▶ Item Merchant in each town: Basic Detector (100,000 silver)

▶ Exchange Shop: Detector

※ Detector has a wider detecting range than the Basic Detector.

- You can excavate the relic by pressing basic attack key or sub attack key after equipping the Detector.

- You can approximately check the distance with the relic by using the Detector, and Pile of Soil will be created when you find the exact location.

- You can receive relic by interacting with the Pile of Soil, and the less detection you do, the more and higher level of relic can be received.

- However, if you exceed a certain number of detection (50 times) while excavating one relic, you fail on Archaeology mission and can no longer excavate the relic.

- When you fail on the mission, you need to receive the mission again via Geraldas Sibling NPC.

※ Number of detection resets when you succeed in detecting the relic.

※ The number of detection won't reset even when you move the area.


- You can receive relic by excavating the relic, and [Fire Flame Earring Fragment]x1 can be received by a low chance.

- Relic you can get is as follows.

[Lv.470] Flawless Golden Goddess Statue (receive Statue Piece x3 by right-clicking on it)

[Lv.470] Cracked Golden Goddess Statue (receive Statue Piece x2 by right-clicking on it)

[Lv.470] Broken Golden Goddess Statue (receive Statue Piece x1 by right-clicking on it)

[Lv.470] Gold Goddess Statue Piece

- You can right-click on the Goddess Statue item to exchange it for 'Gold Goddess Statue Piece', and the number of pieces differs by the rank of the Goddess Statue.

- You can use [Relic Shop] via Geraldas Sibling NPC. You can exchange [Lv.470] Gold Goddess Statue Piece with multiple items at [Relic Shop].


- You can clear Achievements according to the Relic excavation success count.



Get 50 [Lv.470] Gold Goddess Statue Piece

[Achievement] Attribute Points 10,000 x1

Goddess Token (Gabija): 10,000 x1

Get 200 [Lv.470] Gold Goddess Statue Piece

[Achievement] Attribute Points 10,000 x2

Goddess Token (Gabija): 10,000 x2

Get 1000 [Lv.470] Gold Goddess Statue Piece

[Achievement] Attribute Points 10,000 x3

Goddess Token (Gabija): 10,000 x3

Get 5000 [Lv.470] Gold Goddess Statue Piece

[Achievement] Attribute Points 10,000 x4

Goddess Token (Gabija): 10,000 x4




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