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Regional Guild Battle

1. What are Guild Battles?

-Guild Battles are a type of PVP play that sets guilds of different servers against each other to compete for victory. They will be available twice a day and the overall guild ranking will be determined based on ELO rules.

▲ The name of each guild is displayed along with its corresponding server.

-The competing guilds must attack each other’s Guild Towers, located in their respective team headquarters, with the first guild to destroy its opponent’s Guild Tower within the time limit being declared the winner. Analyzing the enemy’s strategies and developing defensive strategies for your own guild will be major decisive factors for victory.

▲ The first guild to destroy its opponent’s tower wins.

-If neither guild manages to destroy the opponent’s tower within the time limit, victory will be awarded to the guild with the highest kill count. In the event of an even number of kills, the title goes to the guild with the most accumulated damage. This means that guilds will need to consider offensive tactics as well as defensive strategies in order to win Guild Battles,.

-Gathering the guild members to strategize and discuss different control methods before entering the Guild Battles will also be crucial in gaining an advantage.

2. Participating in a Guild Battle via the Auto-Matching System

-To participate in a Guild Battle, the guild master should go to Battle League > Guild Tower Battle and click the ‘Join’ button to initiate auto-matching.

▲ Determining an opponent via auto-matching

-The guild masters will be moved to the battle area once an opponent is found, and preparation for the Guild Battle will begin upon entering the battlefield.

▲ Remaining preparation time for the Guild Battle

-Guild members will be able to enter the battlefield during the preparation period but will not be able to do so once the Guild Battle begins, so please make sure to enter during the preparation period.

3. The Battle Begins

-Each guild will be assigned a random headquarters out of the 8 available areas.

▲ Guild Battle Battlefield

-The battle will begin immediately after the preparation period.

▲ Victory Condition

-Locating the enemy’s tower is an important part of the battle as it is one of the main victory conditions. Use every strategy that your guild has at your disposal to search and destroy the enemy’s tower within the 30 minute time limit. Having your Guild Tower’s location discovered first can lead to an unfavorable battle.

-Another good tactic is to have fast-attacking classes target the enemy tower while the others focus on preventing the opponent from interfering since Guild Towers in the Guild Battles only receive 1 damage per hit just like regular Guild Towers.

▲ Defensive headquarter entrance

-The entrance to each guild’s headquarters is rather narrow and can create a bottleneck making it risky if you decide to go for an all-out attack.

▲ Players can spectate while waiting to resurrect.

-There will be resurrection countdown if your character falls during a Guild Battle. You will be able to spectate other guild members during this time, allowing you to plan ahead and decide where you will be needed the most.

▲ The ‘Results’ window shows the victors as well as individual kills, deaths and score points.

-You will be able to confirm the victors of the battle through the ‘Results’ window. Make sure to strategize and implement tactics that will give your guild every edge possible since, as mentioned earlier, a guild must destroy its opponent’s tower or have the higher kill count to win.

4. Ranking and Rewards

-You will be able to check your guild’s ranking across all servers through the ‘Guild Battle Rank’ window which will be reset every Sunday after 11:59:59PM.

-Guilds will be rewarded in accordance to their rank while the server that is home to the weekly 1st place guild will become the winning server, increasing the bonus TP limit to 8TP for all users on that server. We hope this will encourage guilds of all servers to keep competing for the top spot.

[Ranking and reward items]

Rank Reward items
1 60x 100TP Chests
2 40x 100TP Chests
3 30x 100TP Chests
4 20x 100TP Chests
5 5x 100TP Chests
6 5x 100TP Chests
7 5x 100TP Chests
8 5x 100TP Chests
9 5x 100TP Chests
10 5x 100TP Chests

-Reward items won via the Guild Battle ranking can be claimed by clicking the ‘Reward’ button on the ‘Guild Battle Rank’ window. The items will then be transferred to the corresponding guild’s common storage, where the guild master can distribute (transfer) them to other guild members.

-Those items can be received through the personal message box of individual guild members, which will then be bound to the guild member once obtained.

-This is as much as we can say about the Guild Battle system for now and we will make future announcements in order to keep you updated on the implementation schedule.