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Joint Strike Raid

Joint Strike Raid


- [Joint Strike Raid] is content that characters with lv.460 or above can play.

- Participate in the Instance Dungeon with parties and receive reward according to the ranking of accumulated damage to the boss for a designated amount of time.

- You can enter when 6 parts of Goddess Rank Equipment are equipped.



1. Entry


Number of players  Maximum 5 players can enter
Entry Requirement  Character with Lv.440 or above
Entry Time  12:00, 22:00 every day(Total 2 times)
 ※ You can enter for 5 minutes from the entrance time.
How to enter   Enter via [Contents Status Board(F10) - Joint Strike Raid] tab
 ※ You can only enter in town, and you can enter after the party leader enters.

※ You will be informed via world message 10 minutes before the Joint Strike Raid entry time.

※ 4 kinds of Spell Shop buff applied to the character will be removed when entering the Joint Strike Raid.



2. Combat


- 30 seconds of waiting time will be given when entering the Joint Strike Raid.

- Boss monster appears after the waiting time, and the combat begins.

- Combat time is 7 minutes, and it ends if all characters die or when the time is up.

- Skill scroll cannot be used and no limits on using Soul Crystal.

- Effect of Glacia Legenda Armor won't be applied.

- Buff that limits the RP charge will be applied for 10 minutes when using the Res Sacrae Liberation in Joint Strike Raid.



[Boss Monster and Pattern]

- Boss Monster and the pattern changes every Monday.

- Property, type, defense type of the Boss Monster changes every day.

- [Strength] buff is applied to the boss monster.

※ Check the information and pattern of the boss via [Joint Strike] tab every Monday.




3. Ranking


- Rank is based on 1)whether the boss monster is defeated, 2)clear time, and 3)the total damage.
 > When the boss monster is defeated, the party who has cleared faster gets the higher rank.
 > When you fail on defeating the boss monster, the rank is based on the total damage the party members have given, and will be in the lower rank than the party who has defeated the boss monster.
 > If the record is equal, the party who defeated the boss monster earlier gets the higher rank.

- The rank will be counted 30 seconds after the [Goddess' Grace] ends.
 > After the Goddess' Grace ends, you can check the rank on the [Joint Strike Raid].
 > Won't be registered in the rank when the total damage of the party is under 100 million.

 - Clear time of Joint Strike Raid will be recorded only when defeating the boss.
 - When you re-enter the ongoing [Joint Strike Raid], the total damage count does not reset but counts in the previously recorded total damage.

 - If you create or join another party after recording the total damage during the admission time, the total damage from the previous party will be removed, and the ranking will be counted based on the party that completed the Joint Strike Raid.




4. Reward


- Reward will be given according to the ranking, 30 seconds after the [Goddess' Grace].


[Dividend of Goddess' Grace]

 - The Goddess' Grace event starts13 minutes 30 seconds after the entry time of Joint Strike Raid.
 - The offering fee will be divided according to the Joint Strike Rank from the 1st to 20th. (Max. 20 party)
 - Some of the silver earned from [Goddess' Grace] will be given, and the offering cost given to the party will be equally divided according to the number of party members.

[Joint Strike Raid Medal]

- [Joint Strike Raid Medal] is given to the 1st~ 10th rank parties of Joint Strike Raid. (Max. 10 party, up to 5 can be given per party)
※ [Joint Strike Raid Medal] can be moved to Team Storage only.
- You can use [Joint Strike Raid Medal Shop] via 'Commander Uska' NPC in Klaipeda. You can exchange special items with [Joint Strike Raid Medal].
- The number of [Joint Strike Raid Medal] needed for item exchange is as follows.

Item Name

Medal Count

Adversary Costume Set


Title - Heart of a lion


Title - Reckless Daredevil


Title - Raging Imperator


Title - Raid Veteran


Title - Eternal Warrior


Joint Strike Raid Unique Armor Box - First Strike


Joint Strike Raid Unique Armor Box - Imperturbable


Joint Strike Raid Unique Armor Box - Thaw


Joint Strike Raid Unique Armor Box - Stability


Joint Strike Raid Unique Armor Box - Courage


Joint Strike Raid Unique Armor Box - Wisdom


※ ‘Adversary Costume Set’ item and the contents can only be moved to the Team Storage. Adversary Costume and halmet are given when using Adversary Costume Set.
※ 5 titles from the shop cannot be traded.
※ You can receive Glacia/Wonderous Armor (Top, Bottom, Gloves, Shoes) by right-clicking on the ‘Joint Strike Raid Unique Armor Box’. Box item can only be moved to the Team Storage, and contents can be traded.




5. Goddess' Grace


[Goddess' Grace: How to participate]

- You can participate in [Goddess' Grace] in Klaipeda, Orsha, and Fedimian, even you haven't participated in the Joint Strike Raid.

- Press the [Goddess' Grace] icon on the bottom left side of the mini-map in each town, and click [Offering]. 50,000 silver will be consumed and one item from the list can be obtained by chance.

- If you want to offer continuously, enter the number you want to offer and click [Continuous Offering]. Offering stops when clicking Stop.


- You can participate in [Offering] until the [Goddess' Grace] ends.


Reward Item


Gabija's First Authority

Gabija's Second Authority

Gabija's Third Authority


Fedimian Public House Balloting 1 Time Free Voucher x300

Goddess' Grace Ore Box III

[Lv.460] Sandra's Magnifier Box

Goddess Grace Res Sacrae Growth Box


Practonium Magic Stone Bundle

[Lv.460] Sandra's Magnifier 

[Lv.460] Sandra's Detailed Magnifier x3

Res Sacrae Growth Bundle


Hero Potion Selection Box

Blessed Shard

Enhancement Coupon: 100,000 Silver x2

Raid Portal Stone x2

- Gabija's First Authority/Gabija's Second Authority/Gabija's Third Authority: Team Storage O, Market Trade O
- When using [Goddess' Grace Ore Box III], Dark Red Soul Stone Piece x2, Complete Piece of Divine Power x2, Brikynite x5 will be given.
- When using [Lv.460] Sandra's Magnifier Box, [Lv.460] Sandra's Magnifier x10, [Lv.460] Sandra's Detailed Magnifier Box x10 will be given.
- [Lv.460] Sandra's Detailed Magnifier x3: Team Storage O, Market O

- [Goddess' Grace] items may change.

- 3 [Legend Rank] items appear at once, one of the items appears by chance.

- Only 1 user can receive each [Legend Rank] item. It will be given to the [Market Retrieve] tab.

- Unique ~ Normal Rank item will be given directly to the [Inventory].


- Gabija's First Authority/Gabija's Second Authority/Gabija's Third Authority is collection only item.
- When you complete the collection by collecting all of the items, Physical ATK, Magic ATK of every character in the team will increase by 2000.



[Goddess' Grace: Reward you can get after the event]

- After the [Goddess' Grace] event, silver will be given to the parties from 1st to 20th rank of Joint Strike Raid.

- Some of the silver earned from [Goddess' Grace] will be given, and the offering cost given to the party will be equally divided according to the number of party members.




※ The content above is subject to updates and modifications.